Instant Hypnosis – How to Hypnotize in Seconds

Can you hypnotize someone in 3-6 seconds? Yes, you can. And it is much easier than you might think. Below, I will show you how to hypnotize someone in seconds with instant hypnosis techniques.

Instant hypnotic induction is the newest induction technique. It is especially actual for stage, street and clinical hypnosis sessions. Instant hypnosis is very useful tool for hypnotists, because it creates a powerful effect in a short time.

The rising popularity of street hypnosis creates a need for doing immediate inductions. So celebrity hypnotist John Cerbone, with Richard Nongard have taken the term “instant” quite literally and have shaved induction time down to literally 3 to 6 seconds. Their amazing results are now known as “speed-trance” in the whole world.

Hypnotize Anyone Now in 3-6 Seconds

Now, follow the step by step process below to hypnotize anyone in some seconds.

Firstly, you must relax the person whom you are going to hypnotize. If your subject is not in a relaxed state or if she (he) has fear of something, then it will be difficult to hypnotize her. So your first task is to calm the hypnosis subject. When the person is in relaxed state, do the following actions.

1- Take one of her arms and ask her to look at your eyes.

2- At the same time, Look at her eyes deeply while putting your arm on his neck at least 6 seconds.

3- Suddenly cry “SLEEP” and move his head towards you. And you are DONE.

The moment you say “sleep”, you have to quickly slip your hand away from hers. This is very important action and must be done accurately.

Instant hypnosis is NOT a difficult task. Practice it a lot on your friends, parents, girls and you will be able to hypnotize anyone in seconds. Instant inductions are now widely used in stage show productions and clinical hypnosis. It is especially very important when you are doing street hypnosis.

Recommended Course:

Instant and Rapid Inductions 2-DVD Set by KC Johnson

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138 thoughts on “Instant Hypnosis – How to Hypnotize in Seconds

  1. I’ve been reading up on Instant and Rapid hypnosis for a week or so now, and have read about 13 articles and watched over 50 videos. I know how most of it works now, and read up on how the mind works.

    Should I try it on my first candidate yet?

  2. Why not? Sure, you will not succeed all the time. It needs practice, but starting your first experience will imporve your instant hypnosis success.

  3. 1st: Is there a certain way to posistion your hand, look into their eyes, etc.
    2nd: Would you be able to tell them exactly what you were going to do, then do it, effectively. I only ask because I would imagine you would need to put them into shock, and I have already the person I practice hypnosis on about this.

  4. 1- Sure, there are certain ways to do it. You should not distract your eyes from your subject’s eyes and so on. But I also recommend not to pay attention to this type of details.

    2- You can tell them, but be sure, you do not create resistance in your subject.

  5. Will this technique work on anyone? I find it hard to believe it actually works instead of just scaring the person but I guess it is possible.

  6. If you do it properly and with confidence (important), you can hypnotize anyone with instant hypnosis.

  7. But if I tell the client beforhand something like this ” when I say the word RELAX You will reach your peak of suggestability and enter state of hypnotic relaxation…” Would it still not work?

  8. 1. When you say sleep and let go of the person’s hand is it both hand & neck that you let go, or just the one hand? 2. Will the person know that you htpnotized them or “did something” after they “wake up”?

  9. How do we get the hypnotised person to follow our commands?Is it something like voice regconition?When they are hypnotised are they actually asleep?

  10. Orik,
    I don’t get it,
    did you mean to move your head towards him?
    If so does that mean that you should put your arm around the neck?

  11. This is not covert hypnosis. Here, your subject knows that you are hypnotizing him (her).

    Orkhan Ibad

  12. Orik,

    I am a novice at hypnosis and when ever I pull the head forward they yell WHOA!!! And keep there eyes open. How can I calm someone down enough to not have them preform the latter?


  13. You should improve your knowledge and experience. This will improve your confidence.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  14. You keep telling everyone to improve their knowledge, but how? All the websites I’ve been on say things like buy this course for just 99$ etc.
    1. I live in England so it would never get here
    2. It looks like bullshite

    Please help. How did you learn.
    P.S I have not tried this instant hypnosis trick yet but will very soon.

  15. If you want to learn if any product is scam or not, just contact me through the contact form on this site and I will tell you.

    Orkhan Ibad

  16. Dear Orik,

    i have just seen your site today and am interested in looking into that part of the unknown nevertheless I am also looking at schools that offer such teaching in case I am unable to acheive what you are guiding me to do.

    do you approve of any sites such as

    I will keep you posted as to what acheivement I get from your sayings


  17. Hi,

    The website you mention is owned by Cal Banyan which I respect too much. He is a professional, so I recommend his service.

    Orkhan Ibad

  18. It can happen. The main raison is probably you don’t have enough confidence or experience. When you hypnotize people from time to time, you will be confident to hypnotize anyone else.

    Orkhan Ibad

  19. Ok i’ve tried it on my sister who’s 3 years old and it didn’t work and plus i’m afraid to try it on my friends cause if it don’t work they’ll’ laugh at me :(

  20. I want to know if this will work on little kids from 3 to 7? If i followed all the steps shown above and it doesn’t work what could be the problem?

  21. The main factors of successful hypnosis is confidence, knowledge and experience. If you can’t hypnotize, then you should focus on improving these factors.

    It is hard to hypnotize 3-7 kids with these techniques.

    Orkhan Ibad

  22. I tried this over and over, and i still can’t make a person sleep and i don’t know really what confidence means!

  23. You will get confidence from time to time when you hypnotize people. Keep it learning, practicing and you will achieve results, soon.

    Orkhan Ibad

  24. “You will get confidence from time to time when you hypnotize people. Keep it learning, practicing and you will achieve results, soon.”

    Well i don’t think that i will ever get confidence cause i can’t hypnotize anyone even thought i tried,tried and tried.

  25. You hould think positively. Everyone starts like you, but those with the will and desire become master hypnotists. You should take home study courses and apply the techniques. This way, you will see how hypnotic you are.

    Orkhan Ibad

  26. Well i’m only 14 teen years old, i don’t have ways to pay for home study course so thats why i keep trying the same technique.

  27. i live in france so i don’t know if i translated it wrong or what but i don’t know how to gain confidence and i really want to know how to hypnotize someone with this technique you posted here!!

  28. You are trying to learn something that can give you the power and change your life in a positive way. So you should definitely invest into this sciencee. This is normal.

    Orkhan Ibad

  29. Yeah your right, thats why i keep trying cause i just want to change my life and plus i don’t have any ways to gain money nor do i know a french hypnotist so thats why i really want to know how to do this technique can you tell me how you do it please?

  30. hi i was wondering if this really works and also how can u easily slip ur hand away as u yell sleep. i cant get the timing rite

  31. can i hypnotize the same way as instant hypnosis while speaking to the other person?

    Yes, you do it while speaking.



    i was wondering if this really works and also how can u easily slip ur hand away as u yell sleep. i cant get the timing rite.

    The details are not that important. If you do practice it with confidence, then you will do it.


  32. Me to cause every time i try this it never works and i want to know why it works for other people even though i have practice practice and practice

  33. Hey my mom wont let me on my favorite website anymore can I use hypnotism to make her give it back

    If you use persuasion techniques, then you can do it.

    Orkhan Ibad

  34. I`ve read all of your entries but don`t have the confidence or experiance I mean willing test subjects don`t fall from the sky

  35. im only 12 and i wanna know how to hypnotize my mam dad and friends without paying how would i do that

  36. just a question, i tried the method on my bro and it didnt work!, i followed all the instructions to the letter, is there any thing wrong that im doing?

  37. just a question, i tried the method on my bro and it didnt work!, i followed all the instructions to the letter, is there any thing wrong that im doing?

    Yes, probably, you are doing something wrong, but no need to get discouraged. Learn, experience and you will do it.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  38. im only 12 and i wanna know how to hypnotize my mam dad and friends without paying how would i do that

    You should learn conversational hypnosis techniques, but it is hard to find someone to teach it you for free.

    Orkhan Ibad

  39. I need some ideas for some funny things to do to my friends at a sleepover tonight, beginner stuff, that will make then laugh.

  40. Hello my father tried it on me and it worked it made me think I was a dog when he said a word it really does work!
    But is there any side affects?Please Answer

  41. Can I Ask You One Thing Please Just Imagine If I Hypnotized Someone And It Really Worked Then How To Bring That Person In Normal State? Because If We Cant Bring Him Back To Original State Then There Will Be A Big Problem For Us! Please Reply Soon……… :)

  42. Eee It worked for me and I’m so excited, i didn’t really do anything, but the ppl said they could still hear me but they felt forced to do it. I’m so excited and I did so many techniques!!!

  43. 1.Where do you put your hand on there neck you suddenly pull there head towards yours? That’s what I think from the text at the top of the page

  44. I tried this on my brother and he went out for like 2 seconds and woke back up how could I prolong it. Also i tryed to do it to him again but it didn’t work

  45. Bimble, you need to keep talking in a calm voice. He may not have been in a full hypnotic trance after you said “sleep,” which is why he woke up.

  46. Bimble

    They will wake up quickly, before they do, keep talking to them like your reading a book with no full stops. ie: don’t pause between sentence’s. Say things like ” you’re going deeper and deeper, feeling more relaxed. Just practice.

  47. I can make him/her to do anything now is that corect or they will awake when they disagree to my oreder?

  48. 1.) Try making positive conversation before you attempt this to relax you’r target/subject/volunteer.
    2.) Try smiling and act with complete confidence that you know what you are doing and that you won’t harm the volunteer. (This could be a lie but shh, We won’t tell.)
    3.) It helps if you are dressed to inspire confidence.
    4.) Keep eye contact but make the person think of calming thoughts.
    5.) Don’t use this to harm people. That is rule one (for me and my friends) to only entertain.
    This may not of helped much but every bit helps.

  49. Hey Orik, if I say “You shall make my bed!” or whatever I command them to do, I was wondering if there was a certain way I was supposed to say it and if there was a limit to what I could command he/she to do.

  50. If it goes against someone’s moral or ethical standards you can’t get them to do what you are asking. “Go to bed with me, now!” for example is not going to work.

  51. Orik,
    1.Which hand do you slip away from him/her? The one on the back of the neck or the one on his/her arm?
    2. Also, is there any specific position to place your hand on his arm?
    3. f I wanna hypnotize a teacher into not letting me do any homework, how do I do it? Because, the person is going to remember being hypnotized, isn’t she?

  52. Also, last thing. As soon as I cry, ‘SLEEP!’ the person is supposed to directly fall into a trance, right?
    If he/she doesn’t, it directly means it failed, doesn’t it? And is confidence extremely important? If you have about 0 confidence, will the hypnosis 100% guaranteed fail?

  53. Hi, I live in France so obviously there arn’t a lot of English peaple and most of my friends are French, is it possible to translate the word “SLEEP” and “relax” and all that stuff?

    Ps I hope u reply, u seem very helpful :)

  54. Sir , I have a question ? I have read many books on hypnotism and practically try to hypnotize some kids.I asked the subject to tell me the examination paper which was to be held next day . I was surprised that the subject narrated the questions while in trance the next day. I check the examination paper the same questions were there which were disclosed to me a day before . What will you say in this regard and guide the further whether we can make the subject know the future in trance state. I humbly required your guidance in this subject .

    Jalandhar ,PUNJAB

  55. i really want learn about this amazing field…. can u pleas tell me a good book that i can start with…… considering that i am completely new to this feild

  56. To answer most people’s problems…

    If you feel nervous or unsure that it will work, you’re likely to make mistakes without knowing, (Confidence)

    Not knowing how/when to speak or making simple mistakes will cause it to fail (Knowledge)

    You put your hand on the back of the neck, and when you say sleep, you pull their neck towards you, and slip your hand from their hand

    SLEEP in french is ‘dors’ to give the command “You Sleep”

  57. Is this technique an covert hypnosis?
    Also, I never hypno tize someone and if i did, they willbe like
    Me hypnosis-trance-1 sec- awake.
    Is that also possible???
    I dont know if you could use this techniue qithout rhem knowing…
    sorry with my bad english or something like that. I was typing in the dark and the creen is my only light.

    Standing here and feeling completely desperate. Thanks!

  58. I am having a hard time getting people into a trance like hypnosis state. I do not know what I am doing wrong. These are the steps I follow
    1. Relax the person
    2. Do the scenario
    3. Say sleep and they are still awake.

  59. Hi Daryl…

    Sorry you’ve having problems. There are a few things which might be going wrong.

    If your subjects can’t relax due to anxiety or some outside worry, they can be extremely difficult to hypnotize. If they distrust you (nothing personal, just a general uneasiness of being hypnotizeed by a stranger), you’ll also have difficulty. In addition, certain medications including those for anxiety and epilepsy can interfere with hypnosis (do NOT suggest that anybody stop taking thier medication just so you can hypnotize them…just find another subject).

    Many people also have trouble perfecting the removal of their hand as they command “sleep.” This is the most crucial part of the process because it’s in that moment of confusion that the subconscious is ‘laid bare’ and most suggestible. Don’t tell them you’ll be removing your hand, and be sure to do it suddenly. Don’t physically jerk or move them, but make sure the action startles them a bit.

    Finally, just keep practicing. Some people are easier to hypnotize than others, and your rapport-building techniques will grow over time. Soon you’ll be able to pick the most suggestible person out of a crowd…it just takes patience, practice and careful use of communication skills. Good luck!

  60. Hi Arianna…

    This post is not covert hypnosis. Covert hypnosis is a method used without the subject’s knowledge; instant hypnosis is simply a very fast induction method. Your instant hypnosis subjects need to be aware that you’re attempting to put them into trance. Good luck!

  61. Instead of “Her” or “His” you should say “Theirs” please fix that please. Also what do you mean when you say ” arm on their neck” does that mean like strangling (hand) or like arm around their shoulder?

  62. Hi Jon…

    Definitely not a strangling motion…you can drape your arm loosely around their neck, or even just cup your hand around the back of the neck. The point is to be able to apply enough pressure to draw the subject’s head toward you during induction.

  63. so i,ve been trying it on my friends but nothing happens. i’m doing it right but how will i know when there hypnotized? how do i know it worked? what will happen to them after i say sleep?

  64. Hi Someone…

    Typically, a person in trance will have their eyes shut, but they are still responsive to questions. You might notice slower speech when you ask them questions. The room does not have to be silent – in fact, many hypnotherapists use nature sounds or classical music in the background to help a subject relax. Once you have a subject in trance, you can say anything you like. Having an agreed-upon goal is a good idea, such as an issue they want to tackle or simply a suggestion. Best of luck to you.

  65. so right after i say sleep and pull thier heads towards me, thier eyes shut and thier head goes down but then they immediatly wake up. i remeber to pull my hand away but somethings not working.

  66. Hi Diana…

    It sounds like you might need to spend more time with subjects before trance. You could also try working on your voice, making it as soothing as possible. Remember as well that hypnosis takes practice…don’t get discouraged and keep trying. If you’re really frustrated with instant methods, try a more traditional induction. These tend to have better success rates, especially for beginners. Best of luck!

  67. Hey, I’m only 13 but I’ve been watching so many videos about hypnosis and it really caught my eye. If I want to try this on my 12 year old little brother what are some suggestions you could give me. Also could I do a different induction. In your opinion what is the best induction because I really like the magnetic hands one. Please respond soon, Thank You.

  68. Hi Andrew…

    It’s hard to recommend an induction without knowing you or your brother. Generally, if an induction feels natural for you, it’s a good one to start with. As you progress, work up to more involved inductions. If you have difficulties with ‘instant’ induction methods, you might have better luck using a more traditional induction. Since these are slower and very relaxing, they generally have higher success rates, especially for beginners. Good luck!

  69. So, rather than just looking into the person’s eye, I see other hypnosis’ where they talk a lot and THEN they cry sleep. How exactly can I do that? (I can’t do the eye lock thing.. lately, I built a system of not looking at anyone’s eye but still listen attentively at what they’re saying.. thanks to chemistry class. haha)

    Also, when they’re in a trance, what can you do(or in this case, tell them to do) during those seconds? Like.. I want my friend to jump like a monkey for the next five minutes and grunt like an ape, then after waking up, my friend will do it? Thanks! 😀

  70. Hi Ananda…

    You can effectively hypnotize somebody without looking in their eyes. Check out videos of Derren Brown’s handshake induction for soem great ideas. Regarding suggestions to jump around like a monkey, there’s no reason why your friend wouldn’t do these things, as long as they don’t go against any deeply-held beliefs or values (that’s a fundamental of hypnosis). If she won’t be hurt or embarrassed, go ahead and have a bit of fun with your friend. Luck to you!

  71. Hello! Sorry if my English is not good, I’m not a Native English speaker(I’m Japanese). I was introduce to this website by Ananda. (she tried this on me, but it did not work. but i did feel a little bit tired, so I want to check this out!) I have a few question to ask you please! ^^

    1. After trance, how do you wake the person up?

    2. Can you do this again on the same person who did this before?

    3. is it possible to hypotise yourself? if so, how?

    Thank you very much!

  72. Hi Darren…

    First of all, you English is just fine. To answer your questions:

    1. Bringing a person out of trance is traditionally done by simply walking them backwards through an induction method. For example, using a simple staircase induction, you would walk the person down the staircase to induce trance and guide them back ‘upstairs’ to bring them back to alert wakefulness.

    2. Hypnosis doesn’t really have limits. You can hypnotize a person hundreds of times if there’s a need or desire to do so.

    3. Absolutely! Self-hypnosis is not only very relaxing, it has the power to help us in many ways. People use self-hypnosis for help with sleeping, to tackle specific issues such as self-confidence, and for just about every other reason you can think of. You can either create your own recordings or use any of the (free) videos available online. I highly recommend listening to a few of these while remaining alert, since there are many different styles out there. You want to use one which feels ‘right’ for you. Using recordings is much easier (for most people), especially beginners. There are other self-hypnosis methods, of course, but I like recordings because they take all the pressure off and let you explore different methods. Wishing you luck!

  73. I did this technique instantly. Be confident and relax ur subject. Use trailing conversation tht will increase their focus but at the same time increase their compliance such as talking about everyday situation and asking questions that anyone would answer yes automatically to.
    Shock is important. You have to remember the action such as dropping the arm is interupting an automatic process. Relax, don’t act, its as easy as u make it

  74. Hi Thatguy…

    I apologize for the confusion…in this technique, you’re actually grasping your subjects hand. Then, later in the induction, you take that hand away, creating a moment of confusion which opens a ‘window’ to the subconscious. Hope that clears things up, and good luck with your inductions!

  75. I’m a 13 year old boy from india, asia,
    i’m interested in hypnotism since 1 year ago. I want to hypnotise some of my friends and give them commands! But, they don’t take it seriously, they take it in funny way and laugh between my process…
    what can i do to make them serious during hypnosis? Can i(13yr old boy) really hypnotise anyone? I’m too sick of failing everytime, but, my friends found it interesting during hypnosis! My english is not so good but i wish, you can understand it!!
    Please reply me!! Sir

  76. Hi Shrey…

    Your English is just fine! And yes, you can hypnotize people at 13, but it takes practice at any age. Try to find a friend or relative who’s willing and supportive. Work with them until you feel you have a good understanding and mastery of some basic skills. Next, put this person into trance in front of those who are laughing at you. Once they see hypnosis in action, they’ll be much more likely to take you seriously. Luck to you!

  77. Hi Gummybear…

    In most cases, erasing a memory is a bad idea. It often sounds good in theory, but our memories are there for a reason. In addition, with the exception of traumatic brain injuries, the subconscious doesn’t ever truly forget anything. There has been some success in suppressing memories, but the results are often negative. The memories often return, or cause severe emotional distress. In short, attempting to erase a memory is a bad idea, and rarely works.

  78. Hi Kapil…

    Very sorry that I missed your question, and also sorry that I can’t seem to find it. If it’s not too much trouble, could you please post it again? Thanks very much.

  79. I recently got into hypnotizim and i have yet to try it but i am excited i told my girlfriend, that i started looking at this and she told me cause were in highschool and she taking psychology. And she believes if the person doesnt believe in hyponotizm it will not work is this true?

  80. Hi Kris…

    Your girlfriend is partially right. It actually depends on how firmly and why they believe hypnosis doesn’t work. If they are deeply afraid of it, or they feel it violates their core values, they’re not likely to be good candidates. If they simply don’t think it works, however, there’s still a chance for success. People who don’t think hypnosis works are generally more difficult to hypnotize, but with repeated sessions of extremely soothing, relaxing inductions, many have eventually been put into trance. Not all, but many. As with so many things, it depends on the individual and the practitioner. I do hope that you continue to learn about hypnosis and try it out very soon. Luck to you!

  81. hello sir….
    1.i wanna ask u that Is the subject demanded to press there hand over mine that we have been holding…i mean should there be a shocking or surprising movement while we slip hand???…
    2.will u plz tell me some methods of street hypnosis.?

  82. Hi Sac_C…

    Yes, when you pull your hand away you’re creating a startled response; this is the ‘window’ in which the subconscious becomes open to suggestion.

    Street hypnosis stunts include paper money and convincing strangers to willingly hand over things like their wallets and car keys. You can find many examples of these on YouTube, which illustrate them much more clearly than is possible here. However, please use some caution and common sense if you attempt these…use them on friends but don’t try them in public. You could end up getting arrested or beaten up for your efforts. Best of luck to you!

  83. So after step 3 and we move our hands away from their arm do we still keep our other hand on their neck the whole time?

  84. Hello N…

    The purpose of the hand on the neck is to pull their face toward yours. There are no hard-and-fast rules, but it’s generally a good idea to keep your hand/arm on their neck until they’ve settled someplace safe and comfortable. Use it to guide them into a chair, for example. Remember that people often ‘fall out’ quite dramatically during instant inductions, and the last thing you want is for your subject to hit the floor. Best of luck to you!

  85. A tip for everyone just starting – you may not want to work with instant hypnosis first. Try starting when the person is tired, and slowly induct them with a calm, clear voice suggesting sleeping. Heck, first time I did I it, I winged it, and my cousin ended up in an invisible straitjacket! Once you understand how hypnosis works, this instant hypnosis will become much easier.

  86. Hi Saad…

    To bring your subject back to alert awareness, simply command them to wake. If you’ve used a traditional induction, walk themm back through the induction (going up stairs, for example) to gently bring them back. Luck to you!

  87. I’ve been doing research for a while now, but I still can’t hypnotize someone. If you could go through some tips that I could use that would be a sure-ified way to hypnotize, that would be really helpful! Thanks!

  88. Hi Jaden…

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been having difficulties. I would recommend finding a very simple and traditional induction method to begin using. These are far easier and have much better success rates. Once you’ve become comfortable and had success with a traditional, relaxing induction, give instant methods another go. Best of luck to you!

  89. In the direction when you say,”The moment you say “sleep”, you have to quickly slip your hand away from hers. This is very important action and must be done accurately.” Which hand the one around the neck or the one on there arm?

  90. Hi Thalia…

    The hand on their arm is the one you need to slip away quickly. This creates a moment of confusion, giving you a brief ‘window’ into the subconscious. The arm on their neck should remain where it is, ready to steadily guide your subject down into a safe sitting position. Luck to you!

  91. This all sounds really cool, but I’m really freaked out that I’m A) going to end up mentally damage one of my friends or B) going to be unable to un-hypnotize them

  92. Hi Uncle…

    There’s no reason to be nervous regarding hypnosis. To directly address your concerns: Unless you have some less-than-friendly motive, there’s no way you can ‘damage’ your friend. The only way that happens is in cases of extreme manipulation, such as the big scandal years ago when some very unethical individuals implanted false memories in subjects. If your keep your goals oriented toward the greater good, you’re not going to damage anybody. In addition, it’s extremely rare for a person to become ‘stuck’ in trance. If you’re afraid a person has not fully come back to alert awareness after a session, simply stay with them until they have. If they appear to be asleep, they probably are – in this case you can gently tap them, say thier name or do anything you’d do to wake a person who was simply asleep. Luck to you!

  93. Dear Orik,

    I have been practising hypnosis and self hypnosis for 35 years. I have no problem
    hypnotising other people, but for some reason
    I have lost the ability to hypnotise myself
    and use positive self suggestion. Can you
    give me any ideas as to what has gone wrong?

  94. Hi Derek…

    First of all, I’m very sorry to hear of your difficulties. It can be extremely frustrating when we lose an ability we’ve had for years. As far as I know, there are a couple of different reasons why this may have happened.

    Has anything happened which weakened your belief in hypnosis? Did a session go badly or not deliver the desired results? These negative examples can, occasionally, shake our belief in hypnosis and make self-hypnosis much more difficult. If you think this may be the case, I would suggest that you start small. Instead of attempting even a full self-hypnosis session, try something ‘light’ such as whole-body relaxation. Once you feel that familliar, peaceful trance settle over you, your faith in hypnosis may begin to creep back in.

    Next, you may want to explore different methods of hypnosis. Like virtually anything, we can become ‘numb’ to hypnotic techniques. Have you been using the same induction, repeatedly, for years? If so, I would strongly suggest switching things up. Try an induction you’ve never attempted before. You may respond favorably to something new.

    In addition, I would recommend reading up on the subject. Even though I’m sure you do this already, try expanding your reading material. If you’ve never looked into astra projection, for example, pick up a book on the subject. Even if you never actually attempt it, simply reading about the amazing powers of the mind may help to ‘jump start’ your own enthusiasm for the subject. This, in turn, may help your mind become more open to self-hypnotic efforts. Wishing you the very best of luck!

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