Ten Simple Hypnotism Tricks

Perhaps you have been at a party where one guest hypnotized a second guest and got him or her to act like a chicken. That is one of the simplest of the tricks that can be done on a hypnotized subject. This article will offer a few details on ten more tricks. In addition, it will help you feel confident enough to carry out an act of hypnosis in front of a group of people.

Have the confidence

Confidence serves as the primary key to success, when performing any act of hypnotism, even one that involves a self-hypnosis. However, it is also necessary to have a cooperative subject. Your subject must be ready and willing to be hypnotized. By the same token, you and your subject should be placed in a comfortable and relaxing setting.

The hypnotic process should not be viewed as something that can be rushed. If you try to hurry it along, it will never succeed. Your subject to be hypnotized should be asked to close his/her eyes. Then that same individual must be placed in a trance.

That is done by having the subject listen to you, the hypnotist count backward, beginning with 100. You should tap the floor twice, after saying each number. On the numbers that contain a three or a seven, you should remind the subject that he or she is about to fall asleep.

By using the approach described above, you can hypnotize a cooperative subject. Once that subject has fallen under a hypnotic spell, you should be ready to initiate the performance of tricks.

Try these ten simple hypnotism tricks:

  • Touch your nose with your finger
  • Imagine that your body is floating in the clouds and that a cloud is lifting one of your arms. Then think of the same arm as being very heavy, and respond to that thought
  • Tell the subject to resist falling back into a chair
  • Hold a cup on the table, imagine that it is stuck to the table, and then try lifting it off of that same spot.
  • Reveal a secret that has not been shared with anyone
  • Behaves in a manner that is totally out-of-character (A shy subject becomes very talkative and a loquacious individual remains quiet for an extended period of time)
  • Tell them that it is snowing and the subject is feeling cold
  • Tell them that at precisely 15 minutes, they are going to hop like a chicken
  • Suggest that the next time they plan to have drink they will pour it over their head
  • Tell them they are stuck to the chair and ask them to get up

By viewing the hypnotist as an authority figure and responding to the hypnotist’s command and that gives the subject to allow the hypnotist to implant an idea in his or her mind. As a hypnotherapist, you can end the session by suggesting behavior, such as “In the future you will laugh when shaking hands.”

That last trick should be the final one done for the crowd. It should be followed with another round of counting. In this case that counting is used to bring the subject out of the trance.
Remember that the presence of confidence in you contributes greatly to the ability to put someone in a trance-like state. That fact ought to be kept in mind at a gathering or birthday party.

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