Self-hypnotize to lose weight

HypnosisMany people try to lose weight but are unsuccessful because either they put themselves on a difficult diet or just succumb to their taste buds after a while. However, one of the best known methods is to self-hypnotize to lose weight by putting yourself into an altered consciousness state and giving your sub-consciousness suggestions to lose weight.

Though self-hypnosis has mixed reviews, it is a tried and tested method wherein no drugs or any invasive procedures are used but just your will power and mind over body control is strengthened to aid weight loss methods. Hypnosis helps to change your lifestyle and eating patterns and enhances your will power to stay on course of the suggested healthy diet and exercise regimen. Additionally, self-hypnosis can help you lower anxiety and discomfort as you modify your lifestyle and diet.

Starting with a strong commitment towards weight loss, you need to know and understand that you are doing this for your own health. With hypnosis, you can not only successfully lose weight but continue to keep it off as the reason to do it comes from within your own self. H self confidence pic 0

Write down your commitment in short crisp sentences. Use words like “I am eating healthy to reach my dream weight”, “I am losing the extra weight.” It is best to read them aloud and ensure that each of the resolutions end with the goal outlines.

Starting self hypnosis

Start with sitting comfortably in a chair with you feet firmly placed on the floor, rest your arms comfortably. Though some prefer lying down, you tend to end up asleep, so it is best to sit. Purposely relax each part of the body mentally asking your toes, feet, legs, torso and the rest of the body to loosen up. It is best to tighten the muscles in each part and then release them slowly.

Visualize a staircase and walk down the stairs while counting backwards and see the doors open at the end. You can visualize or imagine peaceful surroundings and beautiful colors that are relaxing. You need to mentally tell yourself that all you need to really do is go into that room and lose the extra weight. When you are there in the room, give yourself suggestions such as “I am healthy, I eat a balanced diet and shed the access weight as I exercise regularly”, “I love fruits and vegetables but junk food isn’t tasty anymore.”

After repeating these a few times, you can climb the staircase again and count yourself awake. You’ll feel more motivated to lose weight and fell healthy. But it is better if you can do a few sessions of weight loss with a hypnotist before you begin self-hypnotic sessions.

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