How to Hypnotize Yourself to Get Over Someone

images5Little children learn the story of Sleeping Beauty, in which the evil queen steps before a mirror each morning. She says, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest lady of all?”

Memories of that childhood story can help the person who hopes that self-hypnosis can be used as a means for getting over a lost lover.

If you want to hypnotize yourself, in order to get over someone who has left you, try standing before a mirror. Concentrate on those aspects of your visage that you could use to attract a member of the opposite sex. By concentrating on your best features, you should find it easier to picture yourself as someone is can become the locus of control. In other words, by viewing your reflection you must convince yourself that other people will not determine your future.

Self-hypnosis for enhancing self-esteem

There are numerous CDs and self-hypnosis scripts and audio that can be used to enhance your self-esteem. When you are rejected or there is a breakup in a relationship, your self-esteem plummets and it is essential to not take all the blame on yourself. It takes two hands to clap, so it cannot be just your fault. Therefore, you must learn how to keep your mind busy with what is known as self-talk. That self-talk should be of a positive nature; it should not involve the making of self-put-downs.

Psychologists, those men and women who know a great deal about hypnosis, have discovered that when a person listens to the self-talk that is playing in his or her mind he or she can enter a state similar to self-hypnosis. He or she can be persuaded to think, feel and behave in a certain manner which helps you get into a self-hypnotic trance to get over someone.

Using reinforcement techniques

Often, when someone has been forced to accept the end of a relationship, he or she feels depressed. He or she may feel like no other person could ever replace the man or woman who has been lost. The thinking and acting that is associated with such feelings can be altered through self-hypnosis.

That hypnotic procedure can be used to convince the subconscious mind that the world has not “come to an end.” In fact, the person who has used self-talk properly should be able to start feeling confident about the future. He or she should begin to work towards re-shaping that future.

Often, that process needs to be reinforced. Such reinforcement can come in the form of a reward. In other words, the person who hopes to get over a lost lover should think-up ways for rewarding those behaviors that demonstrate an effort to move-away from any measure of depression and to view the future in a positive fashion.



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