How to Hypnotize Yourself Right Now

So, here are the steps to hypnotize yourself now:

Step 1: Find a comfortable position and get relaxed. Get into a position that you will be able to maintain easily for the time you are going to hypnotize yourself. You should sit to prevent yourself from falling asleep. Also make sure you are not going to be disturbed for at least half an hour.

Step 2: Pick a goal. Why do you want to hypnotize yourself? Whether the goal is to stop smoking, weight loss or anything else, it must be present for the hypnosis to be focused and effective. So make a statement to yourself about the reason you want to hypnotize yourself. In this process, you allow your unconscious mind to work on an issue rather than giving suggestions throughout.

Step 3: Close your eyes and clear any fear, stress, anxiety or other negative feelings in your mind. Focus only on pure intentions and feelings.

Step 4: Recognize the tension in your body. Beginning from your toes, feel the tension in all the parts of your body. Imagine that you remove the tension from all the parts of your body. Visualize your body to get lighter and lighter. Relax each portion including your toes, shoulders, feet, calves, thighs, hips, stomach, face, head and others. Now you must be extremely relaxed.

Step 5: Imagine yourself at the top of the flight of 10 stairs which at the fifth step start to submerge into water. Tell yourself that you are going to descend the stairs, counting each step down, starting from 10. Imagine each number in your mind and start to descend the stairs. After each number you feel yourself drifting further into the deep relaxation. As you take each step, feel the step under your feet. When you are on the fifth step, feel the coolness of the water on your feet. Tell yourself that you are entering the oasis with the cleanliness. When you descend the last five steps, feel the water getting higher and higher up your body.

Step 6: At the bottom of the water, you should start to address your problems and decide what you want from the place you are. Now imagine three boxes under the water that you must swim to get to. Get and open each of the boxes. While opening each box, tell yourself that “this is my self-esteem that I will never lose”, “I’m strong and positive” or something related with your goal. Be sure to use only positive statements instead negative ones. Repeat your statements several times for a maximum effect.

Step 7: Once you are satisfied with what you have done swim back to the stairs and feel the water become lower and lower until you reach the fifth step. Pass the stairs and feel the steps under your feet. On the sixth step, you may feel heavier, so wait on this step for some seconds and continue again.

Step 8: When you are on tenth step wait some minutes before opening your eyes. Then out loud yourself “Wake away”, “wake away” and your mind will return to the conscious state and you will feel relaxed. Thus, you have successfully finished your first self hypnosis practice.

To Your Success,
Orkhan Ibad

P.S. If you want more professional sessions for your specific needs or problems, then you should visit the site below!

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114 thoughts on “How to Hypnotize Yourself Right Now

  1. I wish i can do that here in our house. My place is so noisy, loud music from our neighbors, dogs’ bark, motorcyles engine, kids playing lol. It sounds very relaxing when your done doing that. Have a great day.

    katherine’s last blog post..Scrollbars on Sidebar II

  2. Thanks Katherine,

    Yes, living in a noicy place will make it a bit difficult to get hypnotized. But if you use great imagination, you can easily enter a deep relaxation which will help to feel fine.

  3. That’s really really really the coolest post i have ever read. I mean, I’ve read a lot of posts, but this one is really cool. Just by reading this post, one could get hypnotized.

  4. I’m a very busy person and I’m living with my sisters who work from home, and even though I really want to try what’s written in here, i think I won’t have the time and quite place to do it. I really need to relax right now because I am so stressed out my head aches and my back is really in pain right now.

  5. i sorta went into the trance state thingy and some of my body felt the cold but not all of it. i really want to use hypnosis for good and figure things around my skool for the good but i want to be able to control convert hypnosis. can u please help me, i really think i can do good, and i would really aprreciated if u help me thruout my hypnosis learning path. thankyou so much for making this website

  6. AJ,

    Thanks for your kind words. It really motivates me to post more tips here.

    If you even felt cold on some parts of your body, it means that you could enter the water successfully. So, your imagination worked and you could hypnotize yourself. I congratulate you. You can do it again, especially in a calm place to get more results.

    I appreciate your intention to learn and use hypnosis for good purposes. You also have confidence which is fine and important. I don’t offer any personal training at this time, but I can guide you in your learning path and answer all of your questions. There is a contact form on the right upper side of the page. Feel free to contact me anytime and I will try to answer as fast as possible.

    Thanks again for your comment.

  7. i could go down to bottom & felt cold really, especially on feets. i addressed my goal when i was there.

    I never thought I could hypnotize myself. it was great exp-ce for me. thks for the wonderful guide.

  8. It is fine that you could hypnotize yourself using this technique. It is very poweful, especially if you address your problem in the water.

  9. does this actually work?..
    i would really love to be able to hypnotize myself into prospering at school work.. is it possible use self-hypnosis to be better at maths?..and can a child such as myself hypnotise myself into doing so?


  10. I have tried to hypnotize myself before several times…. but I just can’t seem to do it! Any tips? I tell myself “your muscles are relaxing in your legs and ect” but it just doesn’t work! I’ll try agian tonight…

  11. You should record your voice or buy professional hypnotic induction CD. Then listen to it. You must be focused when you are hypnotizing yourself.

    Then come here and let me know the results.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  12. I have always wanted to have an out of body experience, I had one when I was about 12 and it has effected me there afterwards. You can create an out of body type of experience through hypnotism so that is was I trying to do

  13. could you tell me what i should tell myself as I’m opening the boxes to get more focused on homework? because i can’t think of one that isn’t negative…

  14. Hi, not sure if you got the last post, but I cant seem to stay focused while doing this. I’m very willing for it to happen, and I have a extremely suitable and comfortable location, its just not working. Any help you could give me would be great.


  15. Ok, it seems you have problem with concentration and attention. You should improve your focus abilites or buy professional hypnosis CDs to get hypnotized easily.

  16. hi am trying to do it and nothings working for me my mind seem to be lock or something how do i lose my mind to see a better day with so much that has happen to me.the lose of a child a kid losing everything trying to have faith in god cant here from him 1 tell me how to lose my mind so good things can come to me.thanks rosetta

  17. This was really cool. I did feel my lower part of my body cool down. Also I felt really relaxed and during it it was like I was a sleep but aware of my surroundings. I was relaxed very much so afterwards but the coolest and most freakiest part about it all was it seemed like I was only out for a minute or two while concentrating but 26 mins past! Yes really 26 mins I was under. not knowing what’s real or not I do know this I was relaxed afterwards and 26 mins past! Where did they go?! Very cool thx

  18. will i be able to hypnotize my self if like i am scared about going out , my confidence and how i have verry low self esteem

  19. Hi. Um…I was wondering two things. you see, I have a disablity but I got better. problem is, my mind keeps wondering all over the place. Making it hard to focus on stuff like this. could you give me some advice?

    Also, I was wondering if you could hypnotize yourself to become mentally smart or physicaly stronger

  20. Hi Trevor,

    You can use concentration techniques including meditation to imrpove your focus. Hypnosis won’t make you smarter or physicaly stronger, but can help you to make smarter actions in your life.

    Orkhan Ibad

  21. Hey I was wondering if i could succesfully self hynotize myself,is there a possibility i might not be able to recover from the trance if by mistake i don’t take the correct steps for self inducing that trance?

  22. Hi i just mnaged to, i think, hypnotize myself, i felt cool on my feet and waist and my eyes were all droopy. it felt like i could hear everything but i was only half controlling my body, then when i said awake, it felt like the whole room flung in to reality and i was relaxed, is it fast progress to hypnotize yourself on the first go and thanks!!!

  23. I was wondering if this could help with this-
    There’s a boyI really like but he doesnt like me back. I feel really depressed about it.
    Could this help me feel less depressed?

  24. I have not tried it yet but just reading it i can feel as if im really doing it. I started to get a tingly feeling only reading it, and my imagination is very big which i hope helps. I think iv already hypnotised people without knowig or at least half knowing like telling a girl i could hypnotise and do magic and she BELIEVED ME!!!!

  25. hi i tried this and i think it sort of workd but i didnt get the results that i wanted and that is to devlop a photographic memory i recorded my self reading these and felt the coldness go up my body but still i havent got a photographic memory so can you please help me to do this i thanks

  26. Okay I just tried it and my body feels tingly. And my heart started beating so fast when I got to the water at step 3. When I was at the bottom in the water my heart was speeding. I got nervous so I told myself to wake up. What happened? Im still tingling, especially my legs.

  27. I actually managed to hypnotize myself once – but before i ever knew of this site. I was out for 1 hour.

    If you hypnotize yourself , don’t think you will be good at something the next day. You can induce your state of wanting to work more on something, and be much more eficient in something.

    Hipnotism works in different ways, and the best way would be for someone to hypmotize you(a pro). Just be sure that he will not be sending you other messages than the ones you want – i always bring a friend and tell him to be on guard, if the person hipnotizing me says something that should not be said, he will make sure that will not happene or that will be reversed.

    In order for you to succeed, you must train yourself sevceral months with meditation or self inducing exercise , even relaxation exercices. That’s how i manage now to de-stress myself in 5 to 10 seconds, and to become from a stressed guy, a very calm person.(except when somebody is messing with me and tries to fuck me up – on that i am still working, to forgive and be calm).

    Basically, watch out what you tell yourself when you hypnotize yourself. If you don’t have to much information about “stuff”, don’t do it, because it will fuck you up. A friend of mine couldn’t wake himself after inducing selfhipnosis, so somebody had to. Kinda dangerous if you are alone and your soup is boiling ;)).

    You should know one thing: most of the people that succed on their own, have their methods of autoinducing themselves with autohipnosis even if they don’t know what they are doing. the method consists of: always tell yourself somethign good about you and always forgive everyone else and yourself – that’s the hardest part – but only and only then you shall be free and you will be able to advance.

    – if ya need more, i will help if it will be the case.

    Good Luck.

  28. i think it worked because when i woke i felt kind of dissy and that i still have the habit that i wanted to quit.

  29. Oh my gosh that actually worked!!!! I’m always so busy so that REALLY relaxed me. I’ll just do that whenever I’m stressed. Thank you very much.

  30. Is it possible to use hypnosis to strengthen my synesthia ?I want to read letters in my colors, but I only deeply think of letters with their colors. It would really help me.

  31. Hiya
    So I have a Few questions before I try doing this:
    Could I use this to (my original goal) making my hair grow faster/ changing my coloring(Hair, eyes, ect)?
    Cam I use this to change my personality? (So that I’m more likable?)
    And also, would this work for 14 year olds?

    Thanks so up much if you can help!

  32. Hey orik I no people that say this is almost demonic, because clearing your mind can let bad things in. I have no idea wat to believe. What do u think

  33. That is so cool! ive beensick and this is awesome! When i got to the water i felt a tingly cold sensation and all i saw was white the entire time. At step six going up i felt super heavy and wen i said wake away my eyes snapped open! I didnt even try to open them!

  34. This really very cool! I just tryed it and I feel sooo relaxed. How long will it take to see results?

  35. I did it but then my leg started jerking and like vibrating kinda when I got to the fifth stair on the way up. Does that mean anything?

  36. Is there any chance that when you hypnotise yourself you could get permenantely stuck in your subconscious, it just I asked my friend about this and she told me not to try and hypnotise myself because I probably won’t be able to unhypnotise myself, and I will be stuck in my subconscious for the rest of my life. Is this true?

  37. wow. Does this really work? When can you summon the magic upon you? Does it just act when it likes or something?

  38. I was doing really well… got as far as the 5th step, but then slipped and ended up head first in the water…

    Great tips though, just not the best for weak swimmers 😀

  39. I tried it and I was done in like seven minutes. I could kinda feel the coldness but not a lot. Is there anything else I can do?


  40. Is it normal for when you are in the under water part, breathing becomes more difficult?

  41. i really wanted to know how you hypnotize your self, when if your reading this of the website how are you ment to close your eyes and read at the same time?????????????????? please answer asap!!! :DDDDDD thankyou if you do….

  42. Hi Kojo…

    Getting yourself out of trance is quite simple. Don’t worry, you can’t get ‘stuck’ in trance. Whenever you wish to come back to full consciousness, you usually will simply by wanting it. If you are worried about getting ‘stuck,’ use a guided recording which will gently wake you. Remember, though, that trance is not being unconscious, it’s simply being very deeply relaxed. Once you come out of trance, give yourself a little shake and drink some cold water or soda. This will bring your senses back to ‘now.’ Don’t drive until you feel fully awake and alert. Best of luck!

  43. Hi :)

    Okay so i want to do this but I’m just not sure. I want to do this so I’m not scared of the dark but I’m not sure what commands to say when i open the boxes? Is it possible to hypnotize someone else like this? So like you ask them to do the water and stairs bit then you tell them commands?

  44. Hi Jess…

    The boxes represent goals, so whatever your individual goals are, those are the commands you give yourself. Be sure to word them in a possitive manner. Instead of saying “I don’t want to smoke,” for example, a better statement would be something like “I choose a piece of gum every time I crave a cigarette.” Customize the phrases until they suit your needs perfectly and feel right for you. You can absolutely use this script on others, just walk them through each of the steps. Ask them beforehand what their goals are, so you can give them the proper ‘box’ commands. Good luck!

  45. Hey Orik

    What do you make of Derren Brown and his techniques, were he uses the power of suggestion and emotional/motivational triggers to induce states of pure feeling to achieve anything you want.
    I would love to learn how to this as effectively as he does to others, so I can improve the standard of my life and others around me. Make changes for good.


  46. Hi Costas…

    To answer your first question, I find Derren Brown fabulously entertaining and a great example of just how powerful hypnosis and mentalist techniques can be. I also love your attitude toward helping others!

    Accessing our emotions isn’t as difficult as most of us believe. I am not formally or personally familiar with Brown’s techniques, but many of the results he achieves are well within the reach of anybody willing to learn a bit about how the mind works. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is a field of study I would highly recommend you look into, as it deals (in part) with how we store and access emotions.

    This is a broad generalization, but essentially our emotions are stored in our subconscious. Think of the last movie you saw in the theater…when you left, you probably felt a bit sad, awed, amazed or some other powerful emotion, which quickly went away once you were back in ‘reality.’ In that theater, your conscious mind let go (to a point) and your emotions took over, allowing you to enjoy the movie. You probably felt like a kid again, swept up in the visuals, sounds and action onscreen. Accessing emotions is a bit like that – the conscious mind needs permission to let go in order for emotions to really flood our awareness. The subconscious responds very well to commands; it’s a bit like a computer in that regard. Therefore, when you bypass critical thinking and give the brain a simple command, such as an emotion, it responds readily.

    If you want to induce these feelings and emotions in yourself and others, study self-induction methods and traditional inductions. Move up to ‘instant’ inductions later. First, get very comfortable with placing yourself and others in trance and then suggesting your chosen feelings. Remember to be firm but gentle when implanting suggestions. You can also consider tying an emotion to a common trigger, such as seeing the sun or drinking a cup of coffee.

    This field is very broad, and I wish you the best in your journey. I’m sure you’ll find it extremely exciting and rewarding as you begin to improve your own life and spread joy to those around you. Best of luck!

  47. hey i have i few things i want to do can u tell me if they will work… i want to gain weight , get pro at basket ball become smarter and get facial hair…. and would u have to do this a few times for it to work or would it work on the first try? thanks!

  48. i tried it but when woke up my legs went numb and i couldn’t get up till 10 minutes later. is that normal??

  49. Hi Worried…

    There are varying opinions on what you’re asking, although I tend to think that the body can be commanded to do pretty much anything natural. However, if your body type is naturally slender and you’re just not ready, developmentally, to develop facial hair, it’s unlikely to work. I would focus more on weight-gaining exercises and patience for the facial hair. Basketball is a different story. While hypnosis is unlikely to help, you can work wonders with the power of your thoughts. Focus on succeeding every time you practice. See things going well, see the ball dropping through the net. Our subconscious pushes us toward what we focus on, so focus on success and you’re much more likely to achieve it. Best of luck!

  50. Hi Some…

    Great to hear you had such immediate results! I’ve never heard of a person’s legs going numb, however. I would see a doctor if this happens again. I suppose it could be due to how you were lying/sitting, but best to be sure. Best of luck!

  51. thanks for answering! but could you tell me if it could make me more determined to do things like succeeding in school and basketball?

  52. Hi Worried…

    Yes, hypnosis can absolutely help increase your determination. If you’re creating your own self-hypnosis recordings, you might try using statements which enforce these things. In addition, include some suggestions which warn against becoming discouraged. Regardless of your goals, they can be tackled through hypnosis as long as they’re within the realms of possibility. Flying to the moon under your own steam, for example, is not going to happen. Succeeding in school and sports, however, are very attainable goals! Keep your suggestions relevant, attainable and specific and you should begin to see improved determinatinn very quickly. Best of luck!

  53. When I got to step 3 on the staircase my heart was racing and beating loud. I Also had a tiny headache afterwards. So my question is how do I really know it worked

  54. Hi 13 Kid…

    It sounds to me as though you’re experiencing anxiety. This is rather common and nothing to worry about. The headache could also very well be a result of anxiety. You can deal with with in several ways. Obviously, therapy is an option, but only if your anxiety is affecting your life. If you’re only anxious about hypnosis, try to determine what you’re afraid of. Losing control? Getting ‘lost’ in trance? These are both common fears, but there are many others. Once you think you’ve discovered and worked through your issues, give it another go using a very gentle technique. You’ll most likely see very different (positive results). Luck to you!

    Update: You’ll know it worked when you can fully experience trance. This, for most people, is simply deep relaxation. You might feel as though you’re suspended right on the verge of sleep, but still aware, although each person experiences trance differently.

  55. Hi Panda…

    Yes, you could use hypnosis for these purposes. You can look online for recordings about sleeping better and more deeply. Waking is a bit tricker. Some people have great success by simply repeating “I will wake up at X” as they fall asleep. However, there are no guarantees. You might want to record a specialized session for this, tailoring it to your needs. Keep it simple, something like “I will sleep deeply and wake fully refreshed and ready for a great new day at X,” repeated as often as you feel necessary. Best of luck to you!

  56. few questions:
    how long does it take to get into trnce state?
    Can you get stuck in trance?
    Are the hypnosis suggestions permanent?
    Do you have to say the commands out loud?

    reply ASAP

  57. Hi Interested…

    To answer your questions, in order:

    Everybody responds differently to inductions, and inductions themselves vary in time. If I were to give an average time, using a traditional induction, it would be between ten and fifteen minutes.

    You can’t get stuck in trance. If your subject seems unwilling to come back to alert awareness, you can gently say their name or pat them on the shoulder. If you feel unable to come out of a trance, simply command yourself to wake up.

    Hypnosis suggestions can be permanent, depending on how they are worded, how often they’re repeated, the subject’s mind and the nature of the issue being dealt with. With so many variables, it’s hard to give a yes-or-no answer to this one. In general, since you never really know how readily a subject’s mind will accept a suggestion, use caution. For example, if you’re trying out a ‘parlor trick’ style of hypnosis and command your subject to imitate a chicken, be sure to implant a ‘kill switch’ which instructs the subject to respond normally to thier trigger after their first – and only – performance.

    When practicing self-hypnosis, it does help to say your commands out loud. If you have any trouble with this, try making a recording. This is also useful if you’re tackling a less-common issue, since there won’t be as many pre-recorded sessions available.

    Best of luck!

  58. can i hypnotise sum1 to fall inlove with me without that person knowing?? please help!!! this person will be happier with me

  59. Hi Leekyle…

    While you can use some techniques to create the illusion of an emotional bond with somebody, you can’t make them fall in love with you. Love is too complicated to be influenced by hypnosis. Best of luck.

  60. Do you like really physically see the stairs??!! I tried but I think I was too worried and there was too much noise: My mum was teaching downstairs, up upstairs I could hear roadworks, and the quietest place was my room and I could still hear the woks> I also didn’t feel very secure because our house makes noises sound like they’re inside so I feel unsafe like someone’s inside. I’m trying to tackle a school depression phobia so if anybody has any advice, please post.

  61. Hi Zorkalorp…

    Yes, if possible, it’s best to actually visualize the stairs. Visualization is hard for some people, so don’t worry about needing to practice. When it comes to noise, there are a few things you can try. If you have large over-the-ear headphones, use them to cancel out unwanted sounds. They can also serve a double purpose if you’re listening to a recording or using relaxing music. A white-noise machine can also filter out unwanted sounds. You can find models which produce true white noise, which is soft static, along with a wide variety of natural sounds like birdsong and ocean waves. Considering that you have a phobia, you most likely have a bit of anxiety as well. This makes it very difficult to relax. Try out every ‘trick’ you can, including aromatherapy, soothing music and dimmed lighting. If it helps, shut yourself in your room so you know that nobody can bother you and place an eyemask over your eyes – this can create a soothing ‘cocoon’ sensation. If nothing helps, you can try following some online relaxation videos. Breathing techniques can work wonders for anxiety!

    Without knowing more about your specific phobia, it’s hard to make precise suggestions. I do hope that you are or will seek professional help for the depression; hypnosis can be helpful but depression can be dangerous. It’s always best to get a medical opinion. Phobia work, in many cases, relies on desensitization. For example, you might visualize yourself approaching your school until that image is completely non-threatening. Next, you would visualize a step which triggers more anxiety, grow comfortable with that step, and proceed through your entire phobia. Keep in mind that true phobias can be stubborn, and often require many sessions. Best of luck to you!

  62. Yo I was wondering if I could use this to become good in schoolwork,sports and most of all become more confident.
    And thanks Orik for the tips.

  63. Hi He…

    Yes, you can use hypnosis for virtually any purpose. Keep in mind that certain things, such as schoolwork and sports, still require plenty of dedication and study. Inner qualities, however, such as confidence, can be enormously helped through hypnosis alone. Best of luck to you!

  64. Is it normal to see total darkness and like a mist spinning ? And do you have to see the stairs ? Another question would be is it easier to say the commands inyour head ?

    Plz reply asap

  65. Hi Hnic…

    what you see during trance varies widely and as long as it’s nothing frightening, I would not worry. Seeing the stair is considered optimal, however if you can’t visualize them, try to work through the exercise anyway and see how things turn out. Whether you say the commands in your head or out loud is also completely up to you; do whatever feels most natural. Best of luck to you!

  66. Good site you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find high-quality
    writing like yours these days. I honestly appreciate
    people like you! Take care!!
    Craig recently posted..Craig

  67. Hi Orik
    I was wondering whether I could use this to be more confident,suave and witty around girls.I’m way to shy to approach a beautiful girl and my friends keep laughing at me.
    Please reply ASAP cause I need to ask this girl out to a party.
    Thanks for the steps.

  68. Hi Sean…

    Well, the short answer is yes…you can use hypnosis to become all the things you mentioned. The important part is to work on one of them at a time, and to supplement your hypnosis with conscious visualization and, if possible, affirmations. Create some affirmations which focus on these aspects, and repeat them to yourself in front of a mirror, out loud, with a big smile on your face. Believe that they are true as you talk…this will embed the ideas in your subconscious and help your hypnosis efforts ‘take root.’ Visualize asking this girl out, down to the smallest detail, and make sure that your visualization is completely positive…don’t visualize any of your worries, such as being turned down. Best of luck to you!

  69. I have a fear of drowning. Is there a seperate technique I could use other than the stairs into the water?

  70. Hi Fireguy…

    Absolutely! One of the great things about inductions is that they can be created to suit each individual. Your stairs could lead down into a peaceful, secluded forest or any surroundings which you find relaxing. Luck to you!

  71. Hi Home…

    Sorry to hear this…you might try using different scenarios for your inductions. Everybody responds differently. Luck to you.

  72. Fortunately for me, my mind is exercised enough in the abstract that I can do this without the proper surrounding settings.

    Unfortunately, it has the same effects on me as dreaming. When I make a resolution during said state, it’s extremely powerful in my mind and I can’t see any good reason for it to not be true, but the instant I return to consciousness, it instantly defers itself to what’s been going on in reality (meaning the resolution is reasoned away), and I simply have to wonder why.

    In essence, I can only feel the effects during the unconscious state, but upon leaving it, the effects leave with it.

    Would you know of any way to make them stick?

  73. Hi Ryll…

    Sorry to hear you’re having this issue, it must be quite frustrating. My best advice would be to practice both conscious visualization and affirmations as often as you can. For whatever reason, your conscious mind is having a very difficult time seeing this scenario as a possibility. Visualizing it and using present-tense affirmations are often very helpful in this situation. Without knowing what you’re attempting to suggest I’m afraid I can’t think of more specific advice, but these options will give you something to try. Remember to word every affirmation as if it has already happened or is happening. Best of luck to you!

  74. Or could it be possible that my mind may be too chaotic? This is weird because no matter what I always here sounds in my head. Might i have hidden fears that fog my mind? I don’t want to go too deep with this, but what I am asking is probably something you cannot answer. Why can I not illude my own mind? Some people can just simply lie theirselves into belief. Why is this? And why are my questions turning into counter statements? And also, if i have a multi concious could this also be a reason why i cannot perform this? I am sorry for all of the questions,but please find an answer. Thank you for your time.

  75. Hi Home…

    While the brain is very rarely ‘locked’ into anything (it’s amazingly fluid, actually), its’ quite possible that you have some type of block. If that’s the case, I really can’t offer any advice other than to seek out a professional to help you discover what that block might be, why it’s there and how to overcome it. In the meantime, keep on practicing and you might just see a breakthrough! Luck to you!

  76. Is it safe to hypnotize yourself?
    I really want to learn hypnosis
    And how do you get out of hypnosis?
    Can you hypnotize to be better in history,Thai,and Maths?
    Please help me I’m a beginner in hypnosis

  77. Hi Kiddy…

    To answer your questions…

    It’s completely safe to hypnotize yourself – it’s actually a very healthy way to relax and create positive changes in your life.
    You can get yourself out of hypnosis by working through your induction method backward, such as going up a staircase instead of coming down. Or, you can simply command yourself to wake up.
    You can’t literally hypnotize yourself to be better in a certain subject, but you CAN hypnotize yourself to pay more attention when studying and retain more information. You might look up ‘good study habits’ online and incorporate some of their tips into your self-hypnosis script.

    Nothing wrong with being a beginner! Everybody is at some point. You sound like you’re ready to learn and that’s the most important thing. Read everything you can find (for free…don’t go paying for information when most of it is available for free), watch videos and practice. Best of luck to you!

  78. Self-hypnosis is a conscious act, meaning you need to want it. Someone who is “too busy” would like to create reasons it will not work for them. Although there are people in the house, they all sleep at one time or another and that is the time to use.

    I am a single mother of two and I say if you want to do it, why are you letting someone else tell you that you cannot? Take responsibility for your life or continue allowing others to control it. Self-hypnosis is one of the first steps to taking the control back, but ONLY when you are ready.

  79. If i hypnotised myself to be better at skating would i have to wake myself before skating or after?

  80. Hi Laura…

    You should never attempt to do anything…especially something potentially dangerous…while you’re in trance. Make absolutely sure you’re fully awake and alert before you try skating. Luck to you!

  81. Hi Some Kid…

    A person doesn’t necessarily feel different after being in trance. If you’re trying to work on a particular issue, remember that even professional hypnotherapists often require several sessions. I would keep at it, perhaps trying different techniques and inductions until you can ‘feel’ more or different results. Luck to you!

  82. can I possibly use this to help me “learn from my mistakes”?, an example would be you are trying to get better at something but you can’t find out what you are doing wrong because you are bad at noticing your mistakes so you use this to help you notice your mistakes more often. do you think hypnosis would help you accomplish that?

  83. Hi This Guy…

    Interesting question…I think you could definitely use self hypnosis in order to become more aware of your actions. Use a suggestion, in your own words, prompting you to be especially aware during the task/activity you’re having difficulty with. Luck to you!

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