Facts on Hypnosis Mind Control

images5For some people the phrase “mind control” stirs-up memories of a TV program or a Hollywood movie. Too often, the idea of mind control has been used by script writers, producers and directors to create some type of scary, yet entertaining story.

Such scary stories have managed to confuse the public.  Actually, the actions performed by the hypnotist do not endanger the brain any more than the captivating words in a good book.

Trance- Is it intense concentration?

Think about want happens when you find yourself captivated by the story and characters in a great novel. At that point, the subconscious region of your brain is directing your thoughts. You are not paying much attention to what is happening around you. If you can recall such a moment, you will find it much easier to understand the facts that relate to the controlling of minds.

The hypnotist has learned how to capture the attention of the subconscious region of a subject’s brain. Normally, that area is used to help people handle simple everyday tasks, while each of them thinks consciously about a more serious issue. However, once a person has been hypnotized, the region that directs simple everyday tasks can begin to issue a different set of commands.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

HypnosisThat is why hypnotherapy has been used by psychologists and psychiatrists. It allows a psychologist or a psychiatrist to cancel any unhealthful or illogical commands, and to replace them with a better set of subconscious directions. For instance, a professional hypnotist can help a person to get rid of a terrible phobia, such as a fear of closed spaces.  By the same token, he or she can assist an individual who wants to be freed from a dependence on nicotine.

Note that in both cases, someone has chosen to exercise a controlling power over someone else’s thoughts. That power has not been exercised in a harmful manner; in fact, it has been used to re-shape some illogical thinking and some dangerous behavior. Moreover, that re-shaping process has taken place in very natural manner.

Some patients are told to take drugs, in order to treat a mental condition. That approach can prove more dangerous than any form of mind control. The hypnotist’s approach takes advantage of the ways in which bodies and minds operate naturally. It taps-into the power of the subconscious. An understanding of that fact is essential, if someone hopes to understand the basis of hypnosis.




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