9 Powerful Ways To Manipulate People

Have you ever thought of how to manipulate people and get unfair advantages of them? It is vital in achieving your goals. By the time you finish reading this post, you will discover 9 powerful ways to manipulate people.

Here are 9 strong tips on how to manipulate someone:

1. Consider the Weight of the Situation. It is always easy to alter a simple condition. What you just have to do is to project that you are a forward authority in any given matter. People always go for what has been proven right (especially by a reliable person). And if you are just simply good at that, you already have the world in your hands!

2. Unsolicited Helping or Rescuing. Help others even they do not request it, need it or want it. The goal is to make them owe you. The way this rule works is “if someone does you a favor, you owe him a favor in return”.

3. Sympathize With the Person. If you can trick people into thinking that you feel for them and that you stress the importance of their choice, it would be easy for you to modify the decision without them fully knowing that you are changing the whole scenario. You just have to be a good speaker and then everything comes right behind after.

4. Make People Insecure About Themselves. If the decision-maker starts his statement with “This will not work!” or “I’m bad at this!” you have all the chances to butt in your opinion that is supposed to stand above the one he currently holds. The goal is to be in the “after all I have done for you, and now you owe me” position.

5. Inspire People to Get Their Support. You have to make people believe that your opinion will matter and it will not put them in any trouble.

6. Shame, Scold, Blame Others. You will use this technique to collect for past favors and make someone responsible. Your goal is to be in the “it is all your fault” or “after all I have done for you and now you treat me like this” position.

7. Use Your Power Wisely. Use physical, verbal, intellectual power, threats etc. to put people into “one up, I am right and you are wrong” position.

8. Body Language. Politicians use body language widely in elections to manipulate people. You can do it, too. There are certain positions of head (bending it to the right side) and body which creates powerful manipulative effect. Don’t underestimate this.

9. Find Weak Points of People. Most manipulators use this technique to manipulate women to have sex with them without any resistance which is dishonest. Anyway, you can use this in other situations.

Recommended Course:

Manipulative Psychology 101 by Mr. X.

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5 thoughts on “9 Powerful Ways To Manipulate People

  1. ok, you are right about these manipulation tips. i also think it is helpful to learn how to manipulate people in order to prevent yourself to be manipulated by someone, because some poeple (weather men or women) manipulate others secretly which allows them to control people.

    nice blog, thanks.

  2. Sure, learning “how to manipulate others” techniques will help you to prevent yourself from manipulation.

  3. I have tried method:

    3. Sympathize With the Person.
    6. Shame, Scold, Blame Others.

    Honestly, i found them rather affective. It’s fun to try, and to learn from what you did wrong the first time.

    Great tips.

  4. All of these tips are effective including the ones you mentioned. And please be sure, don’t misuse them. You know what I mean.

  5. Yea,this really work.it is good for you to manipulate someone than you been manipulated by anybody in any way you think it right.

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