Stage hypnosis training course

If you are wondering about how to make money being a hypnotist, you can always try completing stage hypnosis training course and enjoy doing what you like. I will tell you more about stage hypnosis and the training courses that are available.

Basically, stage hypnosis is about doing hypnosis on stage in front of a large audience at clubs or in theaters. Though there is controversy over whether it is mass hypnotic trance, or due to a myriad of psychological factors such as compliance, ordinary suggestions, deception techniques and illusion. Most of the contemporary stage hypnosis has comedy as the baseline that demonstrative aspects and is done to impress the audience as it has high entertainment value. The modern stage hypnosis training courses include mood alerting hallucinations and persuasion techniques that enhance the popularity of mind power.

Secret of stage hypnosis

Think about Criss Angel and Derren Brown who uses the powers of mentalist to create a surreal picture in front of live audience. And after all that is a part and parcel of stage hypnotism. And the secret behind them is that they are able to instantly build ‘trust’ with the audience and only when they are willing to follow the suggestions given by the hypnotist that they can be hypnotized. Usually in a stage hypnosis demonstration, the hypnotist is careful in choosing the subjects and usually plans the suggestion that only those who are intelligent and open minded in thinking can be hypnotized. Usually 80% of the audience is already hypnotized by then. With such leading questions, demonstrations are conducted as it overcomes the natural apprehensions of dealing with strangers easily.

Selecting the right stage hypnosis program

Usually stage hypnotist, pick people for stage demonstrations who look extrovert and are ready to go with the show on stage. Starting with asking them to sit on a chair and then telling them they are stuck to feeling as if they are in a blizzard to making them sing and acting like a chicken, the list is endless.

If you are interested, there are numerous leading stage hypnotists that regularly run workshops, online programs and courses to nurture new talent. You can browse online and maybe schedule an appointment with a stage hypnotist near you to understand in detail the nuances of the art. There are many that hold workshops all over the country and even abroad.

You can look online, read books, and watch videos and home-study programs. To practice, you can always start in your living room with your family and then do it on a larger scale.  Some books that might help you are ‘The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism: Ormond McGill’, Little Black Book Of Stage Hypnosis Secrets by Michael Johns & Richard Nongard, and many more.





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