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LearnHYpnsosTo Learn Hypnosis you’ll need some patience and a little help.

Not everyone understands hypnosis, and not everyone thinks it can help people tackle common psychological problems in life. The reason why hypnosis has received bad press is because the human mind is very complicated, and this makes it difficult to explain exactly how methods of hypnosis work, but work they do.  There is now a global industry of hypnotherapy, which is proven to help treat many different psychological and physical problems, such as addiction and depression. For example, hypnotherapy is also one of the most popular forms of treatment for obesity, and there are many people who will testify to how effective hypnosis can be to help promote weight loss. The mind is a very powerful thing after all, and if this power can be manipulated through hypnosis, then the results can be just as powerful.

You don’t need to go to a professional hypnotherapist to enjoy the results, as it is actually very easy to hypnotize yourself. This article will explain the most popular and effective forms of self-hypnosis, which we advise you should try yourself if you want to decrease levels of stress, or address an issue such as a phobia.

Preparations to Learn Hypnosis

Some people learn hypnosis purely for the relaxation, but others do it to help solve a specific problem. For these, extra preparations need to be made before the process of self-hypnosis begins, and this is because the issue in question needs to be the central focus of how to learn hypnosis. Preparation means simply sitting quietly and thinking about the goal you intend to achieve. A common example is quitting smoking, and a good preparation for this would be to think of a number of health benefits of quitting, and the more specific the better. If you have a specific object that relates to quitting then this would be great. Once you have spent a while thinking about it, the issue at hand and the goal you want to achieve will become a natural and subconscious part of the hypnosis.

Getting Relaxed

Firstly, a quiet and comfortable location needs to be found which is dimly lit. A comfy chair in a living room with a lamp on is perfect, and you should stay sitting upright to stop yourself from falling asleep. The first stage to learn hypnosis is putting you or your subject in a trance.

To do so, get relaxed, and feel what parts of your body are tense. Starting with your toes and working your way to your head, use the power of thought to remove the tension from your limbs, and imagine that you are getting lighter. Make sure you are thorough, and ensure you relax every part of your body. Once your feel completely relaxed, imagine that your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, until you cannot keep them open any longer. Once your eyes are closed, keep your eyes focused on your eyelids.

Falling into the trance

You should now imagine that you are at the top of a flight of stairs, 10 steps high. Begin to descend the steps in your mind, and as each step symbolizes a deeper state of relaxation, you will fall deeper and deeper into the trance. This process should be done slowly and rhythmically, and by the time you reach the bottom step, take a deep and slow breath, hold it for ten seconds, and then release slowly. At this point you should be in a suitable state of hypnosis, though if you wish you can repeat the step process to reach deeper states, and different people will find their right level individually. Once the right level has been reached, you will be in a hypnotic state, and here you can stay relaxed, and allow your subconscious mind to get to work in addressing any problems that you might have, or are trying to solve. Thinking about the positive thoughts mentioned earlier is a great idea, and telling yourself things such as ‘I am strong enough to overcome smoking’ or ‘I will achieve my weight loss program’ are the best ways to deal with problems directly.

Learn hypnosis tip to lift yourself out

Once you are satisfied with your trance you can now start coming back out of it. Visualize a new set of stairs which are five high. As you slowly make your way up the stairs, imagine that your eyelids are getting lighter, and by the last step you should wait a few minutes, and then tell yourself that you are awake and alert, and open your eyes. You will finish feeling refreshed and alert, and this will be the end of your self-hypnosis.


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