How To Use Hypnotic Words In Hypnosis Session

The words you use in hypnosis session (language of induction) are very important part of the whole process. You must use hypnotic words in a such way that you could enter your subject into a trance or altered state of mind.

Hypnotic words help for absorbing attention, bypassing critical factors, communicating with unconscious and using unconscious responses.

Here are main components of using hypnotic words.

Synonyms. Use synonyms for reinforcement the desired state you want to describe. This will help to strengthen the hypnotic suggestions. For example, “You are feeling comfortable, relaxed, calm.”

Paraphrased suggestions. In this case, suggestions are repeated and paraphrased to make it easier to understand for the subject. For example, “feel relaxation in your muscles, feel relaxing every muscle in your body. . .”

Connective words. Connective words are used to maintain a steady flow of hypnosis session in order not to interrupt it. For example, the word “and” can be used as a connective word, like “And now you choose the beautiful foods and you eat the correct amount and. . .”

Time designations. These words help for specifying time – when the suggestion begins or ends and are used for stress and emphasis. For example, “now”, “in a few minutes”, “at the end of three hours” etc.

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