What is Feminization Hypnosis?

Extremely in demand, feminization hypnosis is a process that helps the transgender, transsexual and transvestite become more feminine mentally and physically, over time. It helps a male feel more in tune with his feminine side and brings to the forefront the feminine aspects of their personality.

Though a male can undergo surgeries and psychological counseling, the process of feminization hypnosis helps him overcome the hindrances in his personality that are rooted in the traditional view that transgender behavior is not acceptable. With clinical hypnotist, the individual looking to undergo feminization hypnosis can get relaxed and become at ease before starting the process. To ensure that the process is a success, being relaxed and comfortable is importable.

Feminization hypnosis is a procedure under which the individual is able to bring to the forefront the suppressed feelings of being a female and learn to think and behave like one. It helps to releases the feminine personality that is rearing to come to the forefront and help the individual become their natural self. The main reason is the social stigma that is attached to being a transsexual and letting the female side overcome while being a male.

Though the man always felt like a woman, with the process of complete change over is not restricted to just surgical modifications and breast enhancement, but it goes deeper. The individual needs to learn and act like a woman but after years as a man, the behavior and body language needs to change to feel more like a woman. With the process of Feminization hypnosis, it is completely possible.

This process takes care of the emotional aspects and achieves positive results while re-learning to behave more like a woman. Though it is not possible to complete the process in one-session but it is done over a period of time, to be successful. Numerous sessions will be needed for a permanent impact and is highly beneficial for becoming feminine.

As a transvestite or a transsexual, if you are looking to become a woman without going through painful surgeries, you can benefit from feminization hypnosis. In addition, it deals with the psychology and emotional aspects unlike the surgical aspects which only deals with the physical part.

Through step-by-step process of feminization hypnosis, the hypnotist brings the feminine side to become the conscious personality and helps you learn the acts of behavior as a female. This technique works on the premise that it is the brain that sends out the signals according to which we act as a male or female. However, under hypnosis, you can be given commands and hormonal enhancements can be done by suggesting to the sub-conscious for looking more like a woman.


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