Make Me a Woman or Feminization Hypnosis

MixerToday, some surgeons hear this plea from a male patient: Make me a woman. There was a time when that request would have seemed outlandish, but that is no longer the case.

Today physicians understand that a man’s gender identity does not always match with the physiological aspects of his appearance. Too often, parents and relatives believe that a child’s behavior is wrong, if it fails to match with the physical traits that establish the child’s gender.

Strengthen the desire to be a woman

Fortunately, society no longer encourages the creation of sexual stereotypes. A classified page no longer lists male and female positions. Any job opening is considered one that should be made available to either a man or a woman. Today, a man encounters less pressure to act in a masculine fashion and a woman is not always forced to behave in a feminine fashion. Still, certain factors can have a profound influence on the subconscious region of the brain.

Over time, that influence may cause a person (typically a male) to feel uncomfortable. Hence, he may seek to break-free of the constraints that have forced him to adopt more masculine-type mannerisms. In the past, such men tended to become transsexuals. Today, however, a growing number of such men are undergoing sex change hypnosis to become a woman. The process of feminization ensures that your suppressed subconscious desire to be a woman is brought to the forefront and strengthen through hypnosis suggestions.

Hypnotherapy to become a woman

Hypnosis helps to complete the ‘make me a woman’ process easier. The process of feminization can only be completed by a trained hypnotherapist and it may involve not just one session, but numerous sessions over a few months might be needed. Feminization hypnosis process slowly changes the behavior, body language and voice of the transsexual, transvestite and cross-dresser to completely become feminine.

H purple flower IIIThe knowledge acquired through the process of feminization provided males with a way to become females. Each unhappy male who met with hypnotherapist learned what changes he had to make in his life, before undergoing the major sex-change hypnosis program. That male patient was instructed under hypnosis how he would need to dress and behave like a woman in every possible way.

Those steps were taken in an effort to strengthen the patient’s female-like thoughts. They provided the doctor with a means for discovering any patient who was not ready to change from a male into a female. Ideally, the person who undergoes feminization manages to reinforce, rather than cancel-out those attributes that tend to dominate in the patient’s subconscious mind.

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