How to Hypnotize Myself to Not Get Headaches

hypnotize-sir-gulamhusainFor those individuals who have never suffered with chronic headaches and migraines, you should consider yourselves extremely lucky.  It is well documented that these are not only discomforting and painful, they are a critical interruption in an otherwise normal lifestyle.  The cause of chronic headaches and migraines can be attributed to a number of factors including the following:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • certain foods
  • changes in sleeping and waking patterns
  • environmental changes
  • medications
  • physical factors
  • sensory stimuli
  • stress
  • tension
  • women’s hormonal changes

According to various medical sources such as the Mayo Clinic, chronic headaches and migraines can disable a person for hours at a time.  Roughly 5% of the general population is affected by these types of headaches.  Although medication becomes necessary in most cases, clinical hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis have proven to be extremely effective for decreasing the frequency of these headaches and even eliminating them altogether.

Dentist Techniques to end headaches

Different self-hypnosis techniques enables the headache sufferer to relax, thereby relaxing the restricted blood vessels causing the discomfort and pain.  Certain hand-warming techniques are also used in hypnotherapy which also helps to open up blood vessels in order to relieve the pain.  The key is that hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis alike involves learning how to manage the pain and discomfort caused by chronic headaches or migraines while teaching you how to work through it at the same time.

 Self-hypnosis assists pain relief

Suggestions that you plant in your mind during your self-hypnosis sessions will help to alleviate other symptoms as well.  Not only do you learn how to manage the pain and work through it, you also learn how to alter your perception of the severity of that pain.  The reality is that hypnosis does involve a mind over matter mentality.  You can retrain your mind to tell your body how serious headache pain really is.  Basically, your mind informs your head that no pain exists.

 Chronic pain relief with hypnosis

When you are disabled by a chronic headache or migraine, your mind not only tells you that your head is pounding from the pain, it sends a message to your stomach that you are nauseous.  Self-hypnosis helps you to reverse the pain, so your brain sends out a message to confirm this and sends your stomach the message that you no longer have a reason to feel nauseous.

Just be aware that mind over matter techniques are very powerful and extremely effective at relieving and treating all types of pain. With hypnosis, not only can you live healthy but your pain management is not longer based on strong medication. The key is in your hands now.

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