5 Simple Ways to Hypnotize a Chicken

How to Hypnotize a ChickenHow can you hypnotize a chicken? Learning chicken hypnosis is probably one of the easiest things in your hypnosis practice.

In the article below, I will show you simple ways of how you can hypnotize a chicken today. Best of all, you don’t need any special hypnosis skills to practice these techniques.

So, here are 5 step by step guides to hypnotize a chicken and enter it into a deep trance.

1. The Chalk Line Method

– Find a flat surface such as a sidewalk. Hold the chicken in one hand by both feet and place it down so that its breast is carrying its weight and rests on the sidewalk. Gently hold the head of the chicken near the ground, so that it is looking along the ground towards the horizon line.

– Take a stick, chalk or finger and wave the stick, chalk or finger in front of the chicken to get its attention.

– Draw a line outward from near the end of the chicken’s beak. This will make the chicken to focus on it and enter a hypnotic trance this way. Even if you touch it, it will not react.

2. The Mimic Method

– Hold the chicken and put its wing under its head.

– Rock the chicken right to left for some seconds.

And the chicken is yours.:) But be sure, don’t put its head under the wing after it is out of the hypnotic trance. This can harm the chicken.

3. The Sternum Stroke Method

– Gently put the chicken on its back. Don’t let it to roll on its side.

– Lightly massage the chicken’s breast bone while keeping the bird as still as possible. After some time, it will be into a hypnotic trance.

4. The Oscillating Finger Method

– Place the chicken on its side with its head flat on the surface below. Make sure, the wing is under its body.

– Move your finger backwards and forwards in a 10 centimeter line, parallel to the beak while taking care not to touch the beak itself. The bird will be hypnotized as this process will make it focus on your finger and enter a trance this way.

5. Lay The Chicken Down on Its Side

According to hypnoticworld.com, one of the best ways to hypnotize a chicken is to simply lay it on its side for around thirty seconds. It may struggle at first, but it will soon become still and enter a trance.

So, these are the techniques to hypnotize a chicken. Practice them to hypnotize a chicken today and feel free to share your ideas and experiences below. I will be happy to hear them and advise if there are any problems.

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