How To Sexually Manipulate Someone

H drinkAt a subconscious level, sex is used as a tool for manipulations in various levels and relationships. But you might be unaware that when sex is used as a weapon for manipulations, there aren’t any emotions connected with it directly.

Though there are various ways that men and women manipulate each other in a relationship, sexual abuse in a work environment or in a marriage, there is specific trend that is present in those people that sexually manipulate someone for their own advantage.

 Sexual Manipulation

Whether it is to get chores done or to buy a new dress, women manipulate husbands by withholding sex, which is emotional blackmail in another sense. Or maybe you need your guy to go shopping with you, but he refuses, so you just walk off mad and make him sleep on the couch later. Isn’t that sexual manipulation?

H verbal manipulation0In the office, the girl next to your desk is seen going out lately with the boss and flaunting new jewelry and soon you hear, your promotion to a back step while she took over the position that you wanted. Didn’t she sexually manipulate her promotion? Well, so how do you sexually manipulate someone?

It is not as difficult as it sounds. Start by giving more attention to your dress and makeup, if you are a woman and if you are a man, it is time to hit the guy. Physical attraction is the biggest sexual manipulator as it creates the first impression on the other person. Then you can use the ‘good guy approach’. Nobody would notice you as a sexual manipulator if you gain the trust of the other person. Appear considerate, charming and pleasant which will just throw off the caution when they are around you. They just won’t be able to associate you with any manipulative streak at all.

 Using trust, status and physical attraction

You can use your status. If you are the boss, you might be able to work that as a measure of integrity when it comes to manipulating people. If you see a girl or a guy looking for a chance, you can easily manipulate them to do as you want. Some may, some might not.

Last but not the least, using intimidation as a tool to sexually manipulate is not uncommon. In a relationship, the dominating partner maybe using this as a way to get around and get things done his or her way. Using your sexual prowess to get new girls or guys into your life is another way of manipulating them for your own use. Whether it turns into a relationship is another matter.

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