How to Hypnotize a Cat and Enter It in a Deep Trance

Most people think that it is difficult to hypnotize cats, but hypnotizing a cat is much easier than hypnotizing people. You just need to follow the simple techniques in this article. So, here are the simple steps to hypnotize your cat.

1. Build rapport

The first step to hypnotize a cat is to build rapport with it and become its friend. You can build a rapport with your cat by feeding, playing, stroking or talking to it smoothly with a calm voice. Build friendly communication with the cat and gain its trust. If the cat doesn’t accept you as a friend, it will be difficult to apply hypnosis techniques on it.

2. Lay The Cat Down

After you build a rapport with the cat, gently lay it down on its side. Stroke it for some minutes and keep it in a laying position with your other hand. But if the cat wants to get up, don’t force it and continue building trust through friendly communication.

If you build enough trust, then the cat will easily comply when you lay it down.

3. Stroke It and Enter in a Hypnotic Trance

Now continue to stroke the cat and calm it this way. Do this for some minutes. After it is quite still, stop stroking and remove your other hand, too.

Now your cat is in a hypnotic trance. This is an excellent therapy for your cat, so repeat this process frequently.

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16 thoughts on “How to Hypnotize a Cat and Enter It in a Deep Trance

  1. You can wake it with a slap or outloud telling something. Otherwise, it will wake up itself after some time.

  2. No, Hypnotizing cat is for putting it into trance and giving it pleasure through hypnotherapy. Sure, if you can communicate with your cat normally, may be you can make to it suggestions when it is in trance. I have not practiced it.

  3. Sheridan,

    There is not such an experience in the hypnosis practice. As I mentioned in my guides about animal hypnosis, you can put an animal into the trance, like you do with human. But you can not make an animal (including cat) do anything you want when it is in trance, because you can not talk with it, so you it is difficult to make hypnotic suggestions. But, if you have an ability to communicate with your cat on a high level, it will follow you suggestions. It is very hard practice and requires high level animal communication.

    Orik Ibad

  4. It`s me again (I hope you don`t think I`m annoying) So I have two demon cats that my friend treats like toys (I`m gonna hypnotize him to stop) so that they don`t sit down got any suggestions to help get rapport besides the ones on the page

  5. That’s not hypnotism, that’s just chilling the cat out. To be fair if you lay me down and stroked my back I’d be chilled out but I would be hypnotised. The cats asleep, not in a trance.

  6. so if i yelled at my cat it wouldn’t come up and scratch my face off it would stay in a trance

  7. You can be very sure this works :)
    Actually, I just succeeded again tonight in getting my cat in a trance-like state. He even got another expression on his face. This is the 3rd time in two weeks, so its not just luck!
    He kept making funny sounds and than just ‘froze’ lying down.
    Strange…that’s why I googled to find out more :)
    Don’t worry, if is already outside again, to catch some mice!

  8. i totally agree with Maurog, cats are very intelligent creatures, how else do they know to bury their litter. the purrs that they make is a strong mechanism they use to hypnotise humans. Listening to a cats purrs for more than a minute will make you sleepy and if it could talk would make you jump against your will.

    Dont ever listen to a cats purrs in the dark for it open a gate between this world and the unseen world, many people claime that they had a supernatural experience after trying this, many of them in mental institutions. So, beware of the CAT

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