How does Derren Brown Hypnotize?

H suggestionFor those of you who are unfamiliar with, Derren Brown is a renowned British hypnotist, illusionist, mentalist, and skeptic while also being an accomplished painter and writer as well.  Since 1992, he has secured his place among some of the most famous and noteworthy individuals of his industry.

He is also well known for his mind-reading abilities and other mentalist feats that have wowed audiences for nearly 20 years now.  For those individuals who have seen him perform, most of them all want to know the same thing – how does Derren Brown hypnotize his subjects?

Not only has he chosen winning lottery numbers, he has oftentimes played Russian roulette.  But by far, his most amazing characteristic is his ability to hypnotize men and women in 10 seconds or less.  Additionally, as an illusionist, there are none better.  However, he has mastered the art of hypnosis through many years of performing, practicing, and training.  If you watch any videos of his performances that are available on DVD and online or read any of the applicable literature, you will be able to answer the question “how does Derren Brown hypnotize his subjects?”

Tips of handshake induction

The Handshake Induction and Pattern Interruption are the two most common techniques that this amazing individual uses when hypnotizing his male or female subjects.  When you meet Derren Brown for the first time, expect a firm handshake.  Even though you may have shook hands with hundreds of individuals in the past, you won’t be aware of how he uses that handshake as an induction technique.  He uses that handshake to create an unexpected mental action or reaction and eventually bring you to a trance-like state.  Although Milton Erickson is credited with first using this technique, Brown has mastered it.

H covert0Pattern Interruption is one of the quickest methods that Brown currently uses to induce a hypnotic trance.  How does Derren Brown hypnotize his subjects using this method? By confusing your mind and leading you into a trance.  This technique keeps the subject’s mind completely engaged so that the subconscious mind is totally open to suggestion and his influence.  Some of his pattern interruptions are verbal while others are not.

Confuse the critical mind

The verbal interruptions confuse the subject and their minds wind up struggling to understand the meaning of the words that are spoken.  As your mind struggles to find those meanings, your subconscious accepts those influences and suggestions.  Once this happens consider yourself as having been hypnotized by the best of the best. But to become a good hypnotist, practicing the techniques that are used by some of the best hypnotists can be of use. Start with simpler techniques and as you keep mastering them, go o  to more compex ones.

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