Covert Hypnosis – Invading the Bubble

A commonly misunderstood aspect of covert or conversational hypnosis is the ‘personal bubble.’ Understanding, respecting and (hopefully) gaining entry to this space takes practice, but once mastered it can take your influence to new heights.

What is The Bubble?

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We all have a space surrounding us which our subconscious fights hard to protect. Over the years it has been given many names, the most common being ‘the bubble’ and ‘personal space.’ Experts have determined that, depending on the individual and the situation, this bubble ranges in size from one to three feet.

When somebody enters our personal space, our natural reaction is usually defensive. If you think about it, you can probably recall a time when somebody – perhaps a pushy salesperson or an obnoxious individual in a club – got directly in your face while talking to you. If you’re like most of us, you reacted by backing away. If they were particularly aggressive or creepy, you may have even pushed them away. These are natural reactions; nobody enjoys having their personal space invaded without their permission.

Why the Bubble Matters in Hypnosis

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Personal space is discussed so often regarding conversational hypnosis because the successful ‘invasion’ of this space is a strong indicator that your subject has become comfortable with your presence. You can most likely think of times when you felt comfortable letting a new acquaintance sit a bit closer, probably after you’d been chatting for a while and had determined that they were not outwardly threatening.

When a person allows another individual into their personal space without sending up any subconscious red flags, it’s a wonderful indicator of their comfort level. You can assess this in your subjects in several ways. If you get too close and a subject backs up, leans backward, crosses their arms or legs against you or averts their eyes, you’ve most likely stepped over the line a bit too soon.

Successful Bubble Invasion

The experienced conversational hypnotist knows the signs which indicate a subject is ready to share their bubble. They might uncross their arms, lean into you during conversation, lightly touch your arm or hand or even lean in very close to speak into your ear (this happens most often in loud, crowded club situations).

Once you’ve received a few solid indicators, you can go ahead and make your move. Ease into the bubble slowly – a hand on the arm, a subtle forward shift of your body. If you’re certain you’re receiving very positive signs of interest, you can even be so bold as to reach out and touch your subject’s hair – this is a very intimate gesture, and if it goes off successfully, you can be sure that you’re secure in the bubble zone.

Bubble Caution

Since the bubble is such a closely guarded space, never attempt to invade it without (unspoken) permission. The goal of conversational hypnosis is to show off your best self, being charming, funny and appealing. Somebody who invades another’s personal space uninvited is often seen as threatening, creepy and aggressive. It’s a fine line to walk, but with a bit of dedicated practice and the careful study of body language, you’ll have everybody wondering how you do it!

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