Cool Things that You Can Make People Do Under Hypnosis?

Some of the very oldest hypnosis demonstrations involved subjects performing wild, silly stunts. This type of hypnosis is still very popular today. It’s a lot of fun for everybody involved, provided that nobody gets embarrassed or hurt by the suggestions. In a more serious light, it’s great for showcasing the true power of hypnosis.

Parlor Tricks

By implanting silly and cool suggestions in your subjects, you’ll be following in the footsteps of some of the very first hypnotists. These old-school stage performers practiced very real hypnosis, but used it as entertainment instead of the healing tool we know it as now.

Performances and tricks are still a very real part of hypnosis, however, and as long as you follow some common-sense guidelines, there’s no reason why you can’t amaze and enlighten your friends. The most common, and easiest, tricks involve implanting a trigger word in your subject’s mind, then attaching a funny action to this trigger.

When you implant your trigger, be sure to ask your subject’s subconscious if it’s okay to do so. This will ensure that nothing blocks the suggestions, and is a built-in protection against any unethical suggestions.

Once you have this permission, be very specific. If you’d like your subject to bark like a dog on your command, select a specific word, and detail clearly what you want your subject to do. Instruct them to only respond to your voice speaking the trigger word. This helps to avoid potentially dangerous or embarrassing ‘accidental’ triggers. In addition, implant the suggestion that once the desired act is completed, the entire suggestion will immediately fall from your subject’s mind, entirely forgotten.

Use Your Imagination!

There’s really no limit to the amount and type of actions you can command a subject to perform through hypnosis. Remember the fundamental truth of hypnosis – nobody can be hypnotized to do anything which violates their core values – and let your imagination run wild.

Singing is a popular trick, and instructing your subject to mimic just about any animal you can think of is a time-honored hypnosis tradition. If you have the time, willing subjects and dedication, you could even create your very own hypnotically-suggested flash mob, dancing and singing in unison!

Personally Beneficial Suggestions

If you’ve noticed a bad, negative or harmful habit in a friend, you can also use hypnosis to change their actions for their own benefit. For example, if a friend has trouble avoiding fattening foods, you might implant suggestions that turn cravings for cake into cravings for healthier, lighter fare.

To take on this type of suggestion, you’ll want your friend’s permission. His habits most likely stem from a long-held beliefs, and these are notoriously hard to change. Once he’s deep in trance, ask his subconscious for permission to remove any negative self-beliefs before you implant your suggestion. Replace those negative beliefs with feelings of confidence to give your suggestion a fighting chance. Since your voice alone should trigger his suggestion, you may want to try this on a day when you’re heading out to eat. You can choose any word you like, but it should be unique; not something he’s likely to hear very often throughout the day. Instruct his subconscious that when he hears you speak the trigger, he will lose his craving for an unhealthy food and choose a healthy option instead. Not only is this suggestion beneficial, but it’s fun to watch a person change their mind with no clue of why they’re doing it!

Implant the same suggestion regarding forgetting the trigger is optional in this particular example, as it’s virtually impossible for a negative outcome to occur from this suggestion.

With some common sense and a sense of humor, you’ll soon be triggering your friends into not only hilarious bar tricks, but into healthy new habits as well.

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