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Can I Hypnotize Someone in Their Sleep?



If you want to hypnotize someone in their sleep, you must first become familiar with the various stages that a man or woman passes through, while sleeping. By examining the information on those different stages, you will see that a snoozing person has the ability to respond to the surrounding environment. He or she does not have a quiet and inactive brain. That fact points out the reason that you or anyone else should be able to hypnotize someone in their sleep.

However, that action has to be carried out by using the proper techniques. Moreover, those techniques must be employed at the correct time. You should not expect to achieve success, if you try to hypnotize someone who has reached the deepest of sleep’s many stages. You will have to use your hypnotic skills on someone who is close to waking up.

So, how can you be sure that your intended subject is nearing the point of arousal? A dozing individual reaches the deepest of sleep’s various stages about one hour after beginning the journey to that particular mental state. Then he or she will begin the ascent to REM sleep, the creation of dream-like images in the brain, which precedes the act of coming awake.

At this point the sleeper’s brain waves match better with those of someone who is awake, than with someone who is in dreamland. The muscles on the sleeper’s face are slack, as are those on his or her limbs and trunk. If you want to hypnotize a sleeping individual, then you should make a point of watching for evidence of such slack muscles.



You should sit down next to the person who is about to awake. You should try to have your breathing pattern copy the breathing pattern of the sleeper/subject. You must plan to spend between three and ten minutes touching the subject gently, while continuing to perform the measured breathing.

Take advantage of the sleeper’s slack muscles. Use your hand to rub that subject’s arm gently. While you are doing that, you must speak with him or her, using a reassuring tone of voice. Your subject must feel confident about being able to carry-out any command that you might issue, while rubbing gently on his or her arm.
Having completed that action, you should be ready to explain what action or behavior you want to see performed by your subject. Of course, you should only do this if you have first spoken with your subject, and have received permission to conduct an act of hypnosis, while he or she is sleeping. Someone who has spoken with a patient who has just come from surgery has received a taste of the type of questions that can be asked to a hypnotized sleeper.

Be aware of the fact that you may not achieve success, the first time that you try following the procedure described above. It can be difficult to identify the ideal time for initiating that procedure. While snoozing, a man or woman ascends many times from the deepest of sleep’s stages; he or she provides a hypnotist with multiple chances for experimenting with the technique explained in the above paragraphs.

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