How to Hypnotize Your Parents and Get Advantages

Have you ever dreamed of to hypnotize your parents and get advantages from them? I will help you with this.

Below, I will show you two ways to hypnotize your parents and get desired results. The first one is ethical and funny, but the second one is a bit deceptive way. Lets start with the first one. Take on the following easy steps and get a positive answer from your parents right away!

1. Find Quiet Place. You would not want your parents to think that you are about to hypnotize them, so do not act awkwardly. Do things that you normally do. You may walk your parents through the house and find the most peaceful space you can stay in – the perfect place where you can employ your plan!

2. Get It Started. When you have already found the perfect spot, it is time to get it started! Close your eyes and hypnotize yourself now. Your parents will think that your ways are cool, as actually you are (it is very powerful). After you are completely relaxed, convince them to hypnotize themselves, too by showing them the steps on the page you just visited.

3. Go Back to the Old Days. You just made a giant step towards your goal. Now, if you can let your parents think of the happy times you spent together, great! You already have them in your hands! Start the happy thoughts when you were still a baby, how you managed to walk on your own, how you entered school after tantrum series and so on. You have just used age regression hypnotic induction on your mom (dad).

Parents are forever parents and their children will always occupy a huge part of their lives. If you got this soft and hypnotic side of your parents, voila! You are close to having the much awaited answer!

4. Sneak in the Question. You reminisce from infantry to adulthood. Now, focus on the benefits of having the freedom to do whatever you want, as being able to go out with friends (This is the point where you insert your proposal). You will instantly get a nod from your parents (who still have their eyes closed while on “self hypnosis”) which is already a sign of approval.

If you want different way to hypnotize your parents, then I have a deceptive plan for you. Read the guides below and see which of them you can apply on your parents.

  • Covert Hypnosis – How to Hypnotize Covertly
  • How to Hypnotize Someone
  • Instant Hypnosis – How to Hypnotize Instantly
  • P.S. The best way to hypnotize someone is to do it covertly, in a normal conversation. So, you should follow The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis by Igor Ledochowski.

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    12 thoughts on “How to Hypnotize Your Parents and Get Advantages

    1. I have successfully quit eating using your tremendous techniques. I have been free from food for 43 days and I finally have my life back. Thank you for everything and remember that I see you doing that to yourself.

    2. my mum and dad won’t let me buy a phone so this is a good way to get them to listen to me!!

    3. hey orik why do you need to put in memories, cant you just use a normal hypnosis technique and the slip in your question while they are in a trance.

      Please reply 😉

    4. My prob is somethin odd. My girl friend dare not to go against her dad’s decision. I talked to her mom, but she is also scared of her rough n tough husband(my girlfriend’s dad). I want to phone him and want to impress him in first call. What’s the way.

    5. Hi Alpha…

      Changing any deeply-held beliefs is notoriously hard. Hypnotherapists with years of experience often have difficulty. It sounds as though your girlfriend’s dad is set in his ways, so changing him through hypnosis is not likely. If you call him, just use a confident tone of voice (not cocky). A hypnotic tone of voice is simply a bit lower and slower than normal, and the reason it works is that it automatically makes the speaker sound more confident. While this is hardly a guarantee when it comes to your girlfriend’s dad, it certainly can’t hurt. Best of luck!

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