Hypnotic Inductions and How To Use Them Properly

There are several kinds of hypnotic inductions varying in approach length of time and tone. This article will explore the main induction styles and how they are used.

Rapid Induction induces a trance state very quickly in about 3 to 7 minutes. It is mainly used in stage hypnosis shows and clinical hypnosis and has been popular in last 10 years.

Rapid induction consists of rapid, short, instructional commands and helps to put the subject into a trance state with fewer words rather than traditional induction techniques.

Instant Induction is new induction method which produces a trance state in seconds. It is especially useful for hypnosis shows. Unlike other induction methods it doesn’t make your audience feel boring during the show. Instant induction techniques are simple to master with a practice.

Fixation Induction. This is a traditional induction method. It draws subject’s attention to the fixation object such as pendulum, a dot on the wall etc. As concentration focuses on fixation object, subject’s attention is drawn away from external sights and sounds.

Indirect Induction. As supposed, you don’t use any directives in this type of induction, instead you use analogies or metaphors. Indirect induction is used for subjects who resist any direct suggestions. When you use indirect induction, the subject doesn’t resist the suggestion, because he doesn’t know he is receiving it.

Muscle Relaxation Induction is another traditional method which relaxes every muscle in your body. Relaxation induction may begin from the top of the head and work down or begin with toes and work upwards. It is easy to learn and use relaxation induction while doing self-hypnosis or hypnotizing others.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Induction is designed for those who find it difficult to relax. It takes more time than relaxation induction. It is widely used for people who need to relax specific areas of the body to relieve chronic tension on shoulders, chest etc.

There are also some other hypnotic induction techniques used in hypnosis like Dave Elman method, Arm-Drop method, Confusion method, Drop Object method etc.

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9 thoughts on “Hypnotic Inductions and How To Use Them Properly

  1. Hey nice post!
    I was aware of induction but I don’t have any idea about the various techniques.Thanks for giving information on these techniques. I like the indirect induction technique as the subject had no idea about it..

  2. Can you discribe the hand thing in rapid hypnosis i cant get it. And can you post some other links to videos and wed sites with good rapid hypnosis tips and mabe step by step instructions.

  3. Hey, i always try to hypnotize my sis, but she only goes into a light trance. if i try to deepen it, it takes to long and she wakes up and says it was boring. i really want to do this, but i need her to get into a really really deep trance. and i really need to know how to get her to do things, like do the chicken dance while sticking her butt to the wall and forgetting it all after!

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