How to Use Hypnotizing Voice

hypBefore someone can learn how to use a hypnotizing voice, he or she must learn the nature of a hypnotically spoken message. Such a message should cause the listener to become relaxed; it should sound soothing. Ideally, the man or woman who speaks such soothing words can deliver them in a deep and rich tone.

Speak slowly and in an even tone

In order to be sufficiently effective, a hypnotist should speak in a slow and considerate manner. He or she should take the time to deliberate on the effect of each spoken word. He or she ought to be someone to whom others are eager to lend-an-ear. Generally, a purposeful individual can do a good job of demonstrating the powerful qualities of a hypnotizing voice.

A purposeful individual will appreciate the fact that what has been said can be quite influential. A well-trained and experienced hypnotist can use words to connect to the unconscious mind of a subject. He or she may be quite skilled at heightening the effect of any phrase or sentence.

H pickup0For example, hypnotists have been known to use connective words, in order to establish an uninterrupted rhythm. In fact, rhythmic statements are one of the two types of verbal presentations that can be used quite effectively, when hypnotizing a subject. When a subject hears someone speaking in a rhythmic manner, he or she feels peaceful. Consequently, that same subject can be lulled into a trance-like state with relative ease.

Stand out statements with emphasis

Another device that hypnotists utilize concerns allowing a spoken statement to sound-out in some fashion the meaning of what has been said. For example, a good hypnotist would not say simply “Your muscles are getting much loser.” He or she would probably say something like this: “Your muscles are getting much looo..ooser.”

There are times when subjects should be deprived of the chance to hear any voices. That is especially true, once a command has been given. At such a time, the subject’s mind should be allowed to consider carefully what action or behavior has been suggested.

An aspiring hypnotist can practice the art of using a hypnotizing voice. He or she can start reading things aloud, while introducing the appropriate intonations. Such a reader might want to try raising his or her pitch, as the read statement or story has come to an end. Trained hypnotists usually raise the pitch of their voices, whenever those professionals feel that the time has come to offer a post-hypnotic suggestion.


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