How to Hypnotize Guide for Kids

hyp2Generally, a youngster thinks about hypnotizing other kids, rather than adults in fact, that is the preferred behavior for a child/teenager. Therefore, this guide will focus on the tricks that can be used for hypnotizing a young boy or girl. The first trick is one that works well on a person of any age; it involves offering lots of praise.

The hypnotist must learn how to emphasize the strengths of the boy or girl that is going to become the target of the hypnotist’s special powers. That selected subject should be given plenty of credit for past accomplishments.

To be a hypnotist

Next, the hypnotist needs to act like a teacher. He or she must convince the selected subject that any failure is really a learning experience. It does not reflect on the character of the person who has suffered the failure.

Good hypnotists also know how to teach the practice of self-talk. Self-talk can be used to counter any harmful assumptions that might diminish the level of motivation experienced by the hypnotized child. This approach involves using pep talks, which run in the mind of the hypnotized individual. It works best when the self-talker understands how to issue constant mental reminders of what he or she has accomplished in the past.

A hypnotized child should be encouraged to visualize a time and place in which he or she has succeeded in living an ideal. The image created by that sort of daydream should boost the child’s self-confidence. A hypnotic procedure tends to prove more effective when it is performed on someone who has a marked level of self-confidence.

Time for reflection

Once a child has come-out of a hypnotic trance, he or she should be provided with an adequate amount of time for reflection. At that point, a hypnotist may want to emphasize the benefits the act that is known as self-evaluation. Of course, children must learn that during a self-evaluation, the actual judging of past acts should not be seen as reason for pronouncing a judgment on the boy or girl who carried-out such acts.

The act of evaluating your own behavior is meant to increase the level of your own self confidence. It should free you from dependence on the opinions of others.  Hypnotists who have learned how to hypnotize kids are careful to encourage a mental cancellation of any opinions that may have been directed towards the young subject, at an earlier time, and in a different situation.

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