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How to Hypnotize People and Command Them

How to Hypnotize PeopleHow can you hypnotize people? Is it difficult to hypnotize someone? Not absolutely. Below, I will show you the simple steps of how you can hypnotize anyone today.

You should also know that, you don’t need to have special powers to hypnotize people. You can hypnotize anyone if you learn hypnosis techniques and apply them properly.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

You can hypnotize others in 2 ways. In first type, you hypnotize people with their permission. In this type, you hypnotize people using hypnotic voice and techniques. So you put a person into a trance state and make your commands.

The hypnotic state can be terminated by the person anytime he (she) wants. It is completely up to him (her) to enter a trance state or leave it.

This type of hypnosis is safe and commonly used in hypnotherapy to heal others (for example, pain control, stress reduction and so on).

The second type of hypnosis is covert hypnosis. In covert hypnosis, you hypnotize others without them knowing. A person does NOT know that you are hypnotizing him (her).

The goal of covert hypnosis is to make your subject to do anything you want without any resistance. A person is unaware of being hypnotized which helps you to achieve your goals quickly. When a person is under hypnosis, you can make your hypnotic suggestions and commands.

It is a sad fact that most people use covert hypnosis for dishonest purposes trying to get advantages from their subjects. We do not recommend using hypnosis for such purposes.

Note: Most experts don’t accept covert hypnosis as one of types of hypnosis. They claim that hypnosis can be done only with the permission and awareness of the subject.

How To Hypnotize Someone NOW

It is time to start your first hypnosis practice. This technique is called handshake induction which is a type of instant hypnosis.

Now, follow the step by step process below:

1- Have the person sit in front of you – face on face. You should sit yourself, too. Have the person put their hand on top yours – palm to palm.

2- Tell him (her): “Look at my eyes and continue looking until I say something”.

3- Tell him (her): “In a moment I am going to count to 3. Press down on my hand and I’ll be pressing up against your energy and simply follow my instructions instantly.”

4- Say “1…2…3….push, push, push”. If he (she) is pushing gently, tell him (her) to push harder.

5. Now with your other hand, put it on top of his eyes, like you are shading them, and slowly caressing down.

6. Then say: “now as you continue to press down on my hand I want you to develop a feeling in your eyes like your up much too late at night watching an old black and white movie, you should go to bed but you’re just so tired. You feel your eyes so droopy …and closing….and drowsy….and….SLEEP !”

The moment you begin to say “sleep” you have to quickly slip your hand away from his (her). This is very important moment and must be done accurately.

Practice this technique on your friends, family members and you will see the results. This is a step by step technique, so everyone who follows it properly can hypnotize people easily.

How to Hypnotize – Hypnosis Courses

For the unofficial hypnosis course list, visit our page with details and reviews of several online hypnosis courses.

In addition, check out the World-Renowned Training by Michael Masterman!

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444 Responses to How to Hypnotize People and Command Them

  1. Smith Johnson says:

    I’d just like to say that this isn’t a form of the handshake induction, but it seems to me to be rather a variation of the Cal Banyan “8 word induction”.

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  3. mackenzie says:

    i’m gonna try this with my friend hope, and make her talk on the phone with her enemy (Who happens to be my Other BFF) and make her say that stupid and hates her herself, then do a chicken dance while singing michael jackson’s song Little susie (Which happens to be one of my fave michael jackson songs

    R.I.P. King of Pop MJ

  4. Orik says:

    Nice idea:) Let me know the results.

  5. jamie-leigh says:

    Hello i need help i know how to get the person into the trance, but i need help on how to make them do stuff, like i know what i WANT them to do, but, i dont know how to say it, like do you say ‘can you now do….’ or do i say something like this ‘i want you now to do….’ i dont really know =S and one more thing how do you get them out of the trance? like do you say when i count to 5 you will awake 1…2…3…4…5?

  6. jamie-leigh says:

    can someone who has done it before like give me step by step instructions to do it please

  7. Orik says:


    After put a person into the person you must make effective suggestions (depending on what you the person to do). I have comprehensive articles about suggestions. You can read them below:
    - http://www.hypnosisblacksecrets.com/hypnosis/how-to-make-effective-suggestions

    - http://www.hypnosisblacksecrets.com/hypnotic-inductions/hypnosis-suggestions

    Make just a slap and the person will go out of the trance. It is that easy:)

  8. phil says:

    how do u get them out the trance

  9. Orik says:

    With one snap, you can easily wake up the person from the trance. It is not problem.

  10. nick says:

    i tried using convet hypnosis on my friend and it did not work but why

  11. Orik says:


    I guess you mean covert hypnosis. Which technique have you used on your friend while trying to hypnotize him?

  12. nick says:

    i tryed using the one u put there

  13. Orik says:

    There can be several reasons: you could not follow the instuction properly, your friend is too difficult to hypnotize and so on. At last, may be it is your first practice. It is normal that you had problems if you are newbie. You should improve your hypnosis knowledge, skills and practice a lot. I would recommend to try self hypnosis on yourself before hypnotizing someone.

    P.S. I have good free post with hypnosis instructions on this site which can help you to hypnotize yourself.

  14. Amanda says:

    Um, I can’t put anyone into a trance. Even my always sleepy older sister. I mean I can make anyone relaxed but I can’t get them into a trance and what do I do after I do put them into a trance. I try it on my best friend and my whole family but it never works. I’ve been on every website but it just doesn’t work for me. Can you tell me why?

  15. Orik says:

    There can be several reasons. Firstly, it is not easy to hypnotize your family members and friends especially, if you are new to hypnosis and never hypnotized someone. Also, you should learn more about hypnosis and practice it again and again. It requires practice and confidence.

  16. Dan says:

    I am a professional hypnotherapist and would like to give my comments on some of the comments that have been here, as well as to clear up some misunderstandings that people have.

    Instant hypnosis is real, and it can work if you do it right. Agreeing with Orik, I suggest that you practice this first before actually using it. Find a friend or family member that you can totally trust and tell them what you want to do. Make sure you have practiced it alone a few times (yeah, I know it seems silly, but you need to have it word for word for it to work.)

    The first couple of times you practice on somebody it might not work, but be ready for it in case it does. Practice on your volunteer several times until you get it right and are confident with it.

    Next thing to tell you is that “instant” hypnosis can be a somewhat deceptive term. Will it work as above? Yes, BUT there’s a little more to it. When you use instant inductions on somebody, you need to move very quickly, and I’m talking milliseconds. When you pull your hand back and say “Sleep!” don’t stop talking.

    As quickly as they go into hypnosis they can also come out. That’s where the milliseconds come in, so when you say “Sleep!” continue by saying “You’re relaxed, you’re comfortable, you’re at ease.” Say it over and over again until you’re sure they are hypnotized.

    If you’re having problems getting somebody hypnotized there are two possible reasons: First is that your lack of confidence is showing through. That’s where the practicing comes in. Think of is as juggling while walking down a set of stairs. Can you do that without practicing? Of course not. You need to know how to juggles first, then how juggle and walk, then how to juggle and go down steps at the same time. Practice is vital.

    Second is that there are two types of mindsets in the world: Analytical and non-analytical.

    Analytical people are the ones you find in carriers such as accountants, lawyers, or surgeons. They are people that pay attention to details more than most do. We call them “nit-pickers” at times.

    These are also people that may have a hard time trusting others, are somewhat inclusive (not out-going) and can, at times, be pompous. These people are difficult to hypnotize normally, let alone use an instant hypnosis on.

    The non-analytical person is out-going, trusting, friendly to strangers, and so on. Over 95% of the people in the world are non-analytical and these people are the easy ones to hypnotize. The instant hypnosis works very well with these people.

    If you’re having a hard time using this technique, chances are you need more practice, but also keep in mind the analytical person.

    Now, for some additional comments of my own.

    Using hypnosis can be very dangerous if used wrong. The first thing to keep in mind is that you can’t instantly change a person with hypnosis. For example, if somebody has a fear of heights, you can’t hypnotize them and say “You have no fear of heights,” and expect it to work. Some times you need to do it step by step, taking the person to the point that they realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of when there is something like a rail there, then that there’s nothing to worry about because they are on sound footing, then go from there.

    You can not expect to take them from being afraid to get on a step stool to standing on top of a skyscraper instantly.

    Next, you can not make somebody do something they would not normally do. For example if somebody wouldn’t normally go nude in public, you can’t expect them to do that if you give them that suggestion.

    Hypnosis should be used for helping people, not to get revenge or embarrass them. If you want to help a friend or family member, that’s great, just be sure you know what you’re doing. Using the correct phrases can be a big help, and repeating the phrase can help a lot.

    For example, if you want to help a friend that is afraid of the dark, don’t say “You are not afraid of the dark.” The subconscious mind won’t act on that because it doesn’t pick up the “not” and, in fact, can embed the fear deeper. It is better to say “There is nothing to fear in the dark.”

    Use only positive phrases, not negative ones. Avoid using “not” “no” and “may” as they are ignored by the subconscious mind.

    And NEVER EVER try to help somebody recall a lost memory. Leave that to professionals simply because you could accidentally do more harm than good. For example, if the memory they are looking for is something that never happened, you could implant it in their mind by mistake and create a situation in which the person become depressed or even suicidal. If that were to happen and it could be proven that you were the one who did that, you could be arrested for negligence or assault.

    There’s a lot more I could add, but I’ll stop now since I’ve gone on longer than I meant to.

    I’m hoping that you’ll be positive and use hypnosis to help others.

  17. Orik says:

    Thanks Dan, for the detailed comment about hypnosis. You really sum up the main points.

  18. yo says:

    i would like u tell u that it worked well and i was quite impressed i only use this trick for medical properties.

  19. Orik says:

    I am happy that it worked well for you.

  20. me says:

    i tried this on my older sibling and it didnt work! we laughed for an hour but then we were calm and i tried it multiple times and it didnt work. help me

  21. Orik says:

    It is normal that you had problem while hypnotizing your sibling, as it is very difficult to hypnotize your relatives, especially when you are new to hypnosis. But anyway, you shoul learn more about hypnosis and how to build rapport with your subject. It is very important (Rapport).

  22. Loodabuff says:

    can you hypnotize people to do anything you want?

  23. Orik says:

    Sure, you can make people do a lot of things through hypnosis, but it does not mean you will succeed each time when you try to hypnotize people. You can seduce women, make people give you money and so on if you use the right hypnosis techniques. It requires practice, right knowledge and good conditions.

    I see some hypnotists misuse the term “hypnosis”. You can not seduce woman if there is not calm place where you can build rapport with her easily and induce your commands to her subconsious mind. You can do it if you use the techniques properly.

    Another example, you can use confusion induction to shop on magazines without paying for the price of the item, because your subject is confused. But you will not always succeed using it. People and conditions are different and something can go wrong while you try to hypnotize someone. So, hypnosis is not like giving candy to the baby. Responsible hypnotist can not say that “you can hypnotize people to do anything you want”. But I must admit that you can achieve a lot of things and get unfair advanatges over others using covert hypnosis, especially in the relationships, but it still does not mean “anything”.

    Hope it helps.

  24. Mr. Mix says:

    Is it possible to hypnotize someone while sleeping? I mean can you enter someone a hypnotic trance when he is in a normal sleep?

  25. Orik says:

    Yes, you can hypnotize someone while sleeping. There are special hypnosis techniques fo this. When you hypnotize sleeping person, a normal sleep of your subject changes to the hypnotic sleep (trance) which helps you to make your suggestions. I always recommend my students to use this technique mainly on children to solve their problems.

  26. facee says:

    Orik im a newby at this, but anyway on to my question. Is it easier to instand hypnotize older people or younger. i tryed it on my friend and she really was in a trance. bcuz it sounded like shea was asleep im not sure if she was playing with me cuz when i snapped my fingers she immeduatky woke up.

  27. Orik says:

    It really does not matter if your subject is younger or older. Age is not a factor for hypnotizing someone.

    About your practice. When you snap your fingers your subject must wake up immediately, so it is normal if your friend woke up after you did that.

  28. James says:

    Well it went an epic fail with my family memebers. One 11 years old and the other 22 year old.. absolutely didn’t work at ALL. I don’t really know why. I hope being concentrated on something else during the hypnotizing secession wasn’t a factor because i disturbed my 11 year old from watching tv and 22 year old from the computer when i tried hypnotizing. We were first laughing and they were thinking what stupid thing i was doing. I tried to make them concentrate on my mind and think of nothing else. After doing the steps. After putting the hand on top and slip my hand immediately and kinda yelled sleep. It was a fail. Didn’t work. But the think which i did notice is that the 11 year got i think a bit scared and didn’t want me to do it and my 22 year old got or seemed as if i shouldn’t do it again. Like immediately ignored me and told me to stop and the last think i know, she started staring her feet and thinking of something. The reason I can suspect is that they kinda got bored of me what i was trying to do or simply got sick. Sick because i tried doing it like 10 times and tried to make it perfect .. no one laughs or anything. Any professional feedback will be great,…did i remotely hypnotize them? what should’ve i done next?

  29. Orik says:


    If your subject worries even a bit, it is difficult for you to hypnotize them. Confidence and Rapport is very important in this process. That is why I always recommend not to practice hypnosis techniques on your family members.

    I recommend you improving your hypnosis knowledge, work on your confidence and practice it a lot. When you succeed for the first and second time, then you will easily hypnotize further.

  30. Yorre says:

    I tried this technique on my brother yesterday.
    When I took my hand away he only got a mini-heart attack.

    What’s the problem? (sorry for my bad English)

  31. Orik says:

    Well, you should learn more about hypnosis, improve your confidence and practice it a lot. You will succeed this way. Don’t get disappointed when you fail to hypnotize someone in your first attempt.

    Also, don’t try hypnosis on someone who has problems with heart.

  32. Yorre says:

    I tried to say that my brother was shocked.
    Thx for the tips! :)

  33. Hmmm says:

    Is there a background sound that makes this more effective, or is silence best? Also, is it possible for an extremely analytical person to be hypnotized?

  34. Orik says:

    Yes, you can use background music. It especially helps with subjects who are hard to hypnotize.

    Every normal person can be hypnotized even he or she is extremely analytical.

  35. rain says:

    hey im just wondering you no the steps it says hand on palms can u actually post a picture up so we no wt were looking at and no how to do it my reason being is to help my self get over a fear and help my brother with a confidence problem or a mini video wouldnt be to bad so we actually understand a lil better thanx

  36. pualani says:

    I recently hypnotized my mother and it worked. I deceived her into letting me get all kinds of electronic devices. I realized after about a month that I was doing a bad thing so I promptly returned all the items that she had bought me. I never admitted what I had done to her. I am 13 years old. when I was about 9½ years old I started to show interest in hypnosis so on my 10th birthday I received a book and some dvd’s that taught me everything I need to know about hypnosis. since then I was capable of many different techniques that helped me a lot. but someday I know I am going to have to return for all that I have done.

  37. Orik says:

    Interesting story. :)

    But be sure, return things you get using hypnosis and always make it fun.

  38. Orik says:

    I would show it on video, but my clients do not want me to record the sessions with them and show on the site. People here are very conservative.

    I will keep this in my mind anyway.

  39. sara says:

    hi orik,
    my friend tried to hypnotize me into hating drawing because im failing my classes because of drawing.i am not so sure what she is doing wrong.i feel as if i am at the piont where im falling into a trance but im still aware of everything around me.do you have any ideas that will help me relax or get hypnotized easier? thx(btw is meditation the same as hypnosis?)

  40. sara says:

    hey sorry again,just wondering does our age have anything to do with it?we are both 12 years old but i have been studying hypnosis scince around second to third grade.she recently started researching how to put someone into trace.also whenyou are tiered does it help you fall into a trace more easily or not?you seem to have some good opinions also so can you tell me if i can use this as a science fair question:will a child get hypnotized eiaser then an adult?(plz excuse the spelling lol)i really have a strong obsession for drawing so plz answer asap!

  41. Orik says:

    Hi Sara,

    I would not recommend to get hypnotized to hate drawing. Instead, you should use hypnosis to overcome your drawing addiction (not hating), so you control your drawing habits. I would recommend to hire a hypnotherapist near your city (make research before you hire) and explain your problem.

    Believe me, Drawing is very good for your brain. So, there is no need to hate it.

    There are many levels of trance. In your case, you have probably been in light trance. In deep trance, you will got more results. It highly depends on the skills of hypnotist, too.

    No, Meditation is different from hypnosis, although in some point, they are similar (even same), for example, in relaxation induction.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  42. Orik says:

    hey sorry again,just wondering does our age have anything to do with it?we are both 12 years old but i have been studying hypnosis scince around second to third grade.she recently started researching how to put someone into trace.

    Your age does not matter. If you have confidence (very important) and follow the techniques properly, then you can hypnotize like others.

    whenyou are tiered does it help you fall into a trace more easily or not?

    Well, when your brain is tired, there is more chance to affect your subconscious mind.

    you seem to have some good opinions also so can you tell me if i can use this as a science fair question:will a child get hypnotized eiaser then an adult?

    It depends on the subjects. But generally, no. In my practice, there were cases where hypnotizing children were more difficult to than hypnotizing adults.

  43. Tina says:

    Are there any other ways to get hypnotized other than the ways u have posted above?

  44. Linsey says:

    Can you hypnotize people to make them think I am popular and cool?

  45. Tonya says:

    Hello orik,
    my name is Tonya Scott and I do hypnosis videos on YouTube. I was just wondering if you can watch my videos and see if I can improve on any of my personal tequniques.thanks!
    Peace love Tonya

  46. Connor says:

    My sister tried to hypnotize me in to being a girl and now I can’t stop dotting my I’s with hearts.is there a reverse to your hypnosis?u keep having the urge to grow my hair long into a ponytail and I started wearing pink!!!!!!I’m gonna find you if you don’t answer soon!!!!!undo your freakin hypnosis my friends think I’m gay.

    Hurry up please!!!!!! I also think that she hypnotized me to not resist her hypnotizing me, I feel as if I have to do watever she says. For example just yesterday she made me do her homework!!!!!this morning before I went to high school she hypnotized me, she sat me down and my mind let loose, I looked deep into her eyes and they went on forever and I guess I went black and I still don’t know what she told me to do!!!!!!! Some kids were laughing at me and I don’t know what was wrong help me now!!!!!!!!

  47. Skds says:

    heyy Orik!
    uhh i was wondering if you could tell me how to hyponotize someone in thier sleep??? plz? it would be really great if you could tell me a strategy to do so. i saw in one of your earlier comments thet there was a waay so could you plz tell me?


  48. Orik says:

    Are there any other ways to get hypnotized other than the ways u have posted above?


    Sure, there are other ways, too.

    Can you hypnotize people to make them think I am popular and cool?


    For a short time, it is possible to make them think that you are popular. But when they return to normal life, the truth will be revealed – they will see you are not popular.

    Hypnosis works very well for attraction and making people like you.

    Hello orik,
    my name is Tonya Scott and I do hypnosis videos on YouTube. I was just wondering if you can watch my videos and see if I can improve on any of my personal tequniques.thanks!
    Peace love Tonya


    Sure, Send your links to me via the Contact Form (above on the right) and I will review them.

  49. Orik says:

    My sister tried to hypnotize me in to being a girl and now I can’t stop dotting my I’s with hearts.is there a reverse to your hypnosis?u keep having the urge to grow my hair long into a ponytail and I started wearing pink!!!!!!I’m gonna find you if you don’t answer soon!!!!!undo your freakin hypnosis my friends think I’m gay.

    Hurry up please!!!!!! I also think that she hypnotized me to not resist her hypnotizing me, I feel as if I have to do watever she says. For example just yesterday she made me do her homework!!!!!this morning before I went to high school she hypnotized me, she sat me down and my mind let loose, I looked deep into her eyes and they went on forever and I guess I went black and I still don’t know what she told me to do!!!!!!! Some kids were laughing at me and I don’t know what was wrong help me now!!!!!!!!


    So, you are under the control of your sister. :) If she already hypnotized you not to resist her, then you should ask your sister stop it.

    Also, you can learn hypnosis to protect yourself. I have always said: ” The best way to proctect yourself from manipulation is to learn how to manipulate others”.

  50. Orik says:

    heyy Orik!
    uhh i was wondering if you could tell me how to hyponotize someone in thier sleep??? plz? it would be really great if you could tell me a strategy to do so. i saw in one of your earlier comments thet there was a waay so could you plz tell me?



    I would tell you this, but you must know basics and learn how to hypnotize people when they are awake. You can not hypnotize someone in sleep, if you don’t know how to hypnotize people awake.

  51. Tyler says:

    Hey, I was looking at the things you posted above and I was just wondering, how do u hypnotize someone in sleep.also can you use this technique on children of about age four or five? And are u an expirienced hypnotheripast?where did u learn this technique

  52. Orik says:


    Hypnotizing someone in sleep is a skill which requires advanced skills from hypnotist, as you change a sleep state to hypnotic trance state. So, you must learn basic hypnosis skills first.

    I use hypnosis in sleep only for hypnotherapy purposes. I find hypnotizing in sleep very helpful for children with psychological problems as it is not easy to make them bring to hypnotist.

    You can learn more about me on About Me Section on this blog, although I keep it brief there. :)

  53. Mike Jones says:

    Orik, I hyponotized a co-worker last Wednesday! I told her I was doing some reading on how to hyponotize people so I could help them with their problems. She allowed me to practice on her in the office after work. Well, I had her hyponotized for about 10 minutes when I wanted to see if she was faking or not. I suggested she get undressed, and she did. I then suggested that we have sex, and we did! When I had her wake up from the hyponotic trance she couldn’t believe what she did! She ran out of the office, and she hasn’t been back to work since! Am I in trouble for doing this? Can I go to jail?

  54. Orik says:


    In some countries, it can make you problem, but it is very hard to prove it. It depends on laws.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  55. Ned says:

    Yes mike its called rape!

  56. Mike Jones says:

    Rape Smape! She hasn’t said a think since it happened! I think I’m going to be OK! Thanks for your help!!

  57. Hypno Newbie says:

    Ok, I am 13 and think this is way cool and that I would love to hypnotize people, but my friends are dorks, how do you tell if they’re faking?

  58. Hypno Newbie says:

    Btw, which hand to which hand?

  59. TheChosenOne556 says:

    If you say “look in my eyes” and stuff like that, and do the hand thing, won’t they catch on that your hypnotizing them and say something!??!!?!
    just wondering…
    i might’ve read it wrong.
    just.. let me know plz.

  60. Hypno Newbie says:

    I think orik meant the nonsecret type, chosen

  61. Orik says:

    This is not covert hypnosis, so your subject knows you are hypnotizing him (her).

  62. Orik says:

    Ok, I am 13 and think this is way cool and that I would love to hypnotize people, but my friends are dorks, how do you tell if they’re faking?

    Well, there are certain signs of trance which your subject will have after you hypnotize them. So, you will know when someone is faking or really hypnotized. I have written an article about “17 Signs of Hypnotic Trance” on this blog. Search for the exact title above on search box and learn the sign of trance from that post.

    Orkhan Ibad

  63. Joanie says:

    Me and my friends want to learn how to do hypnosis agansit our sisters and brothers we just can’t get it. we got conversational but we can’t get the covert could you give us a step by step instructions on how to do it we want to be able to make them do stuff and we practice on each other.

  64. Orik says:

    Then you should try covert hypnosis courses and apply the techniques which you find suitable for you.

  65. Hypno newbie says:

    Thx so much, I will look it up.

  66. Hypno newbie says:

    Quick question, how do you do the shading their eyes thing?

  67. Joanie says:

    how do you do the hand thing could you send us the links to some videos mabe in slow motion

  68. joanna says:

    i hypnotyzed my dad!

  69. Mitch says:

    I’ve tried this method And the instant hypnosis method on my brother like 3 times each if the person ur gona hypnotize knows how ur gona do it does taut make it har the only thing vie been able to do is hypnotize myself which I’m not even sure I did but I felt rly relaxed after help plz lol

  70. hypnophreak says:

    Say you screw up when hypnotizing someone. Could you erase it from thier memories?

  71. Kaleo says:

    Dear Orik I am 12 and I want to do this really bad, actually I have already done it on my grandfather, but when I try to do this on anyone else they csnt help but laugh, what do I do?

  72. edward says:

    hi i am 16 and i have a little bro and sis, all they seem to do is laugh when i call out the command sleep i dont know what I’m doing wrong pls help

  73. Orik says:

    Edward and Kaleo,

    It seems you lack confidence. Improve your knowledge, practice it a lot.


  74. Orik says:


    It depends on the process and your abilities.


  75. shadia says:

    this sounds cool im 12 and had an obsession with hypnotism wen i was about 8 i want 2 try it :)
    im 12 now and im gonna try it on meh brother ill let u kno how it goes!!

  76. Orik says:

    Yeah shadia, let me know.

  77. Daniel says:

    Orik you probably remember me from last time about the xxx thing but anyway I tried to use this hypnosis on my family friend Im not sure it worked she said that it seemed real but not that real. I wanted to do convort hypnosis not the hypnosis that people know that they are being hyptonized what do I do?

  78. Orik says:

    You should focus on learning conversational hypnosis.

  79. Daniel says:

    I’ve already tried that Orik and the thing is when I asked my friend that if you want to be hyptonized and refuses and then I do it does it effect the hyptonism? And also I try Convort hyptonism but it doesn’t work out, I think its the problem with my hypnotic language or my way of describing things. Can I get your advice step by step as an example so later I can find my own please…:)

  80. Ngoc says:

    how to you get soneone out of a trance?

  81. CakePudding says:

    Orik, i need your help. i still learn this one.
    i follow this step, but i change it a bit. like this :-

    “now as you continue to press down on my hand your will feel drowsy…drowsy…keep drowsy… your eyes will closing..closing..keep closing….and drowsy….and….SLEEP !”

    can i use this one? reply me pls ORIK!

  82. Orik says:

    The main thing is confidence, the rest can be changed :)


  83. Orik says:

    how to you get soneone out of a trance?

    With one slap, you can easily get anyone out of trance.

  84. Orik says:

    I’ve already tried that Orik and the thing is when I asked my friend that if you want to be hyptonized and refuses and then I do it does it effect the hyptonism? And also I try Convort hyptonism but it doesn’t work out, I think its the problem with my hypnotic language or my way of describing things. Can I get your advice step by step as an example so later I can find my own please…:)

    Yes, affects. It is not that easy for newbie to hypnotize the unwilling subject.


  85. mason says:

    Orik, will hypnotising someone work if i tell them i am going to try first?, also wouldnt it put people off because they would be suspicious and skeptical of you sitting them down and touching their hand etc. wouldnt it make them more alert of your motives?

  86. Dmitry says:

    Will your accent change the way you hypnotise, is it even possible to hypnotise with an accent??? And person you hypnotised will remember what happened durring the trance, right????

    P.S sorry for any spelling errors.

  87. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:


    If your accent is not understood well and your subject has to make conscious effort to understand it, then it may be a problem.

    Yes, the person will remember what was said in trance (with some exceptions).

    Orkhan Ibad

  88. Joanie says:

    Ok so me and my friend where reading about hypnosis and so she said that she would hypnotize me to study for my science test. Now if you knew me you would know that i don’t study for anything no i no its bad but i’m not good at it. So she hypnotized me to study and i aced the test that like everyone failed is it possible for you to post a study script for all subjects and to to home work.

  89. dj says:

    hi i havent tried this yet but i am afraid that people will think i am crazy, can you please help me out?

  90. Jason says:

    hy orik…
    can you tell me about the side effect about the hypnotize thingy?
    i wanna do it… but don’t want someone or anyone to get hurt by it….
    plisss tell me… thx..

  91. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    hy orik…
    can you tell me about the side effect about the hypnotize thingy?
    i wanna do it… but don’t want someone or anyone to get hurt by it….
    plisss tell me… thx..

    There is not side effect of hypnosis. But don’t try it on people who have heart problems.

    hi i havent tried this yet but i am afraid that people will think i am crazy, can you please help me out?

    Don’t worry, everyone starts as an amateur, then becomes a real hypnotist.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  92. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    Ok so me and my friend where reading about hypnosis and so she said that she would hypnotize me to study for my science test. Now if you knew me you would know that i don’t study for anything no i no its bad but i’m not good at it. So she hypnotized me to study and i aced the test that like everyone failed is it possible for you to post a study script for all subjects and to to home work.

    You should read books, courses, increase your knowledge and practice a lot.


    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  93. Daniel says:

    Orik Im not sure who to practice with…And I want to know a few tips about what to say cause when I try to hypnotize someone I get lost and don’t know what to say….

  94. laura says:

    hey orik.
    i just began thinking about hypnosis the other day…
    i was wondering if it is possible to hypnotise people to stop smoking or lose weight. also, what happens if they won’t come out of their trance?


  95. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    Yes, hypnosis has been proven to be very effective for weight loss and stop smoking.

    Most times, the person will wake up himself. If not, just make a sudden slap and he (she) will be “out”.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  96. Jason says:

    plis help mee…. i try and try and try but i failed everytime
    i can’t even put my friends in a trance.. how do i do it?

  97. Riley says:

    Hi orik,
    Well from the comments i think your a really nice person so can you hel me with this? i would like to know if super blue eyes can help in hypnosis cause my eyes are like super blue! please email me and give me some suggestions cause i would like to be a hypnotist somday! Thank you!

  98. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    Good question. It is good to have blue hypnotic eye, although it is not the main factor to hypnotize someone.

    Orkhan Ibad

  99. Curious says:

    Today I tried to hypnotize my friends.
    I tried this trick yet when I woke him he said he was tired and wouldn’t respond to me when I snapped, he only blinked. I MADE THE POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION BUT HE STILL DIDN’T GO BACK UNDER!! HOW can I improve it so he goes deeper?

  100. Star says:

    ugh, well me and my friend have been at this for hours, we cant get the SLEEP thing right. especially for the handshake one. we’ve looked up videos and other stories about them, but we just cant get it right. we do everything right but when we say SLEEP we end up looking up and in disappoinment :( Help please :]


  101. Starlight says:

    hi orik i am only 11 and would like to know if the watch thing everyone knws works.

    can you hypnotize animals

  102. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    hi orik i am only 11 and would like to know if the watch thing everyone knws works.


    What do you mean by watch thing?

    can you hypnotize animals

    Yes, can you hypnotize animals.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  103. starlight says:

    hi its me agin the wath thing is when you take a gold watch and swing it side to side in front of someones face does it work

  104. Harsh Harpalani says:

    Hi Orik,
    I’m 13 and i just wanted to thank you so much for this. there is this girl i wanted to go out with. i made a bet that i could hypnotize her and she agreed. it worked and i erased her memory. i also added a trigger that she would enter a trance whenever i snapped my fingers twice. my friends are now very jealous because they dont know how i did it

  105. seo tampa says:

    Very interesting concept. Wondering whether covert hypnosis is legal?

  106. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    Yes, it is legal.

    Orkhan Ibad

  107. Amateur on hypnosis says:

    So thanks for the guide but i’m an amateur and i want to learn a “RAPID!” induction like 3 secs BAAM! hypnotized how can i do that thanks
    Love Angel BAHRAIN:)

  108. Hari says:

    Hai dis is hari where are u living sir i wanna meet u and learn how to hypnotise easily

  109. Riley says:

    Hi orik (cool name by the way)
    Im Just about ready to give up on hypnosis im still intrested in it. its just to hard, ive only gotton dirty looks. do you have a differnt way you can hypnotise people? Faster or easier? Thankyou!

  110. ranmaru says:

    so when they are sleepy or they are sleep, is that when you give them commands??? plz reply i didnt understand that part thanx XD

  111. starlight says:

    hi um orik i posted a comment in october and well i am still waiting for a comment so if you can comment please do it soon thanks

  112. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    hi um orik i posted a comment in october and well i am still waiting for a comment so if you can comment please do it soon thanks


    Sorry. I have probably mised your comment. Please ask it again.

    Orkhan Ibad

  113. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    so when they are sleepy or they are sleep, is that when you give them commands??? plz reply i didnt understand that part thanx XD

    Yes, you give commands – suggestions when your subject is in a trance.

    Orkhan Ibad

  114. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    Hi orik (cool name by the way)
    Im Just about ready to give up on hypnosis im still intrested in it. its just to hard, ive only gotton dirty looks. do you have a differnt way you can hypnotise people? Faster or easier? Thankyou!

    There are many ways. Just navigate around this blog and you will find other cool strategies.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  115. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    Hai dis is hari where are u living sir i wanna meet u and learn how to hypnotise easily

    Currently, I am in Azerbaijan Republic.


  116. ravi101 says:

    hi i wanna know if the person isnt supposed to know what will they think its kinda weird dont u find……

  117. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    No. If you use it for a good thing, then it is ok.

    Orkhan Ibad

  118. Sam says:

    Um thanks I did it to my teacher. She got really mad when she found out what I did.

  119. starlight says:

    hi orik its me asking the question again i had a question in october about that legend that you could hypnotize someone by using a gold watch and wanted to know if that was true and is it possible that a person could come out of a tranch by themselves

  120. Jozie says:

    hey… the other day my friend went to a hypnotist’s show she was very impressed so we came home and searched a bunch of youtube videos and this site. we were up all night with no results. what are we doing wrong?

  121. ZiZi says:

    And how exactly do you un hypnotize them? :S

  122. kinni says:

    hi Orik i was just wondering i 11 and would like to learn how to hypnotise some one to do as 9i command thatnks

  123. steph says:

    what happens after they fall asleep? how do you wake them up??

  124. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    hey… the other day my friend went to a hypnotist’s show she was very impressed so we came home and searched a bunch of youtube videos and this site. we were up all night with no results. what are we doing wrong?

    There can be several reasons. Hard to say without knowing all the details.


    what happens after they fall asleep? how do you wake them up??

    Make sudden slap and they will wake up.


  125. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    hi orik its me asking the question again i had a question in october about that legend that you could hypnotize someone by using a gold watch and wanted to know if that was true and is it possible that a person could come out of a tranch by themselves.


    You can hypnotize someone by using metals, but it is hard to do if you are a newbie.


  126. steph says:

    “The moment you begin to say “sleep” you have to quickly slip your hand away from his (her). This is very important moment and must be done accurately.”

    which hand? the one your covering their eyes or the one your palm to palm?

    btw thanks!

  127. cwp says:

    how do i make them wake up

  128. Sam says:

    Hey i tried this and it did not work. im sorry it might be me but it just doesnt work!

  129. yhg says:

    does this hypnotize cause any harm

  130. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    does this hypnotize cause any harm

    Hypnosis does not cause any harm if you do it safely.

    how do i make them wake up

    They will wake up themselves, otherwise, you can just make a sudden slap and your subject will wake up.

    Orkhan Ibad

  131. kyle says:

    hey i was wondering i tried the hypnosis thing whith my sister and it worked but then i tried whith my mom . for my sister it worked but not for my mom and what hand do i pull away the one covering there eyes or the one under there hand?

  132. jaz says:

    can u make people do anything?

  133. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    hey i was wondering i tried the hypnosis thing whith my sister and it worked but then i tried whith my mom . for my sister it worked but not for my mom and what hand do i pull away the one covering there eyes or the one under there hand?

    It is not that important which hand you are using. Just do it confidently and you will get results.

    Orkhan Ibad

  134. Laney says:

    I want to be good at covert hypnosis but I am nervous that they will wake up and get mad. My friends have different point of views and only a few would think me trying to hypnotize them would be funny, oh and I was wondering if u hav ever been hypnotized. Thanks

  135. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    No need to be nervous. Just try it in a normal conversation and you will get results.

    Orkhan Ibad

  136. MindStep says:

    Wow, ok… I guess this place is full of tweens. I’m glad to see everyone is truly interested in hypnosis though. I’d like to start off by answering some of the questions posed here.
    1) Starlight: technically the swinging watch does not work. Because the swinging motion is more of a distraction to the subject, rather than something to focus on.
    2) If performed as written above, the induction shouldn’t take over a minute to perform. It is a variation of the 8 word induction.
    3) Waking someone out of hypnosis. Although it should work, slapping someone is not recommended. Simply enough, tell the subject you will be counting from 1 to 3, and when you say “3″ and snap your fingers they will be fully awake, alert and completely out of hypnosis.
    4) Jaz: NO you cannot make a subject do anything you want. A person in a hypnotic trance will not do something in hypnosis that they wouldn’t consider doing out of hypnosis.
    5) COVERT HYPNOSIS: The concept of covert hypnosis is while speaking to someone, you use language patterns to speak to the subject’s subconscious directly. It is covert because the subject is not put into a trance, yet you talk to their subconscious and embed suggestions.

  137. rohit says:

    sir, i am rohit from INDIA i had got faced many problems with my enemies and now i want to overcome those and also i had lost my close friend i want to marry her but she is not talking with me i want her to be close as we are before. so please help me if ill get the reslut then ill tell a project of few crores u can earn.

  138. fuzz says:

    hi i wanted to know,
    is it possible to hypnotise someone to go to sleep whenever you say a word or click your fingers

  139. Afrasiar says:

    is it possible to hypnotize someone quickly i mean how to hypnotize teacher???? while he is teaching ??

  140. Scypazoa says:

    Is it possible to hypnotize someone and make them think that they are your ninja (or something) servant

  141. SaiBRID724 says:


  142. i hypnotised my brothers and they do anything i tell them to do.

  143. Riley says:

    Whazzup my man orik! anyways still intrested in this! But i wasted 200 hours of my life on searching to find advertisments for books! I need a free source of like 3 secs inductions that dont cost some guy in africa stealing my credit number! (this has happened once before) Plus theres this guy Mark savage you know anything about him? He been sending me junk mail non stop and all his stuff are adverts! can you personaly make video that shows it step by step how to this cause im not a good visualizer. (cool name by the way) :)

  144. Kt says:

    Sounds cool can’t wait to try it!

  145. darlz says:

    hi Orik
    does the subject need to push both her left and right hand on both of my left and right palm?
    would it be okay if i use other language like our vernacular language instead of english?

  146. Tom says:

    hi, i was just wondering, is there a sure-fire way to hypnotise someone completely unprepared. I want to impress my freinds without ending up looking stupid when it fails.

  147. calvin says:

    hi orik i am 13 years old and i want to know if this actually works because i am realy realy interested in hypnosis and can you do this technique standing

  148. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    sir, i am rohit from INDIA i had got faced many problems with my enemies and now i want to overcome those and also i had lost my close friend i want to marry her but she is not talking with me i want her to be close as we are before. so please help me if ill get the reslut then ill tell a project of few crores u can earn.

    You should increase your dating and hypnotic influence abilities yourself as YOU are the person who will need to contact your friend.

    Orkhan Ibad

    hi i wanted to know,
    is it possible to hypnotise someone to go to sleep whenever you say a word or click your fingers


    No, hypnosis does not work this way. But if you learn specific steps, then it will be much easier to hypnotize people.

    Orkhan Ibad

    is it possible to hypnotize someone quickly i mean how to hypnotize teacher???? while he is teaching ??

    Yes, you should refer to conversational hypnosis techniques.

    Orkhan Ibad

    Is it possible to hypnotize someone and make them think that they are your ninja (or something) servant

    For short term, you can do it.

    Orkhan Ibad


    Yes, it is easy.

    Orkhan Ibad

    Whazzup my man orik! anyways still intrested in this! But i wasted 200 hours of my life on searching to find advertisments for books! I need a free source of like 3 secs inductions that dont cost some guy in africa stealing my credit number! (this has happened once before) Plus theres this guy Mark savage you know anything about him? He been sending me junk mail non stop and all his stuff are adverts! can you personaly make video that shows it step by step how to this cause im not a good visualizer. (cool name by the way)


    You should search for 3 second inudctions of Google & YouTube. I am sure there are some free articles and videos there.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

    hi Orik
    does the subject need to push both her left and right hand on both of my left and right palm?
    would it be okay if i use other language like our vernacular language instead of english?

    If your subject knows your language well, then it is ok.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

    hi, i was just wondering, is there a sure-fire way to hypnotise someone completely unprepared. I want to impress my freinds without ending up looking stupid when it fails.

    Yes, you are doing this using covert (conversational) hypnosis techniques.

    hi orik i am 13 years old and i want to know if this actually works because i am realy realy interested in hypnosis and can you do this technique standing

    You can search this blog fo free information about hypnosis.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  149. calvin says:

    hi orik is there a quick way to put someone to sleep by standing up like how derren brown does it

  150. calvin says:

    hi orik its me again i just really wan to know if this actually works if it does i will be so grateful for the information

  151. Orkhan Ibad (Orik) says:

    hi orik its me again i just really wan to know if this actually works if it does i will be so grateful for the information. is there a quick way to put someone to sleep by standing up like how derren brown does it.

    You can quickly hypnotize people by using covert hypnosis and instant hypnosis techniques.

    Orkhan Ibad

  152. jojo says:

    this seems cool…i hope it works and if i hypnoyize my mom or something and i tell her to get me juice…will she listen? reply ASAP…thank you

  153. Gavin B says:

    Hi orik. do you slip the hand touching their hand away or do you slip the hand over their eyes away? I’m confused and i really want this to work.

  154. Home Twig says:

    i try on my mother but did not work……wat’s wrong?????

  155. paul says:

    i was wondering how i cant get information on the different tecniques for hypnosis
    how can i purchase your prods?
    how much does the system cost?

  156. Dave says:

    Can you hypnotize someone in the sense to have sex with you?

  157. Chris says:

    Hi. I’m nine and I did this thing on my sisters and i made them run into a wall. Then i made them do all my homework. This thing is AWESOME

  158. chris says:

    Would you be able to say ‘and when i snap my fingers you will do my every command’ and make it work?

  159. siana.newbie says:

    Hi! i was wondering, does the person have to close there eyes when you put your hand over there eyes and do you have to say anything after you shout SLEEP? thanks!

  160. siana.newbie says:

    HI its me again! i just wanted to know if it would be better or okay or normal to do it outsu
    ide? thanks for inspiring me to!

  161. siana.newbie says:

    Hi again, i was wondering if you could explain the rules in a bit more detail because im still not sure what im doing wrong,bthanks

  162. I have 3 sites says:

    Hello I am goin to hypnotise my friend are you garrentied it will work
    PS: sorry about the lowzy spelling i am only 10
    PSS: sorry about my name

  163. Chris says:

    It will not work on my mum?

  164. Laney says:

    I’m not sure I can get the whole covert hypnosis thing but iv been practicing and I got for about five minutes then she woke up and started laughing but I still don’t know why she woke up in the first place does that happen a lot?

  165. joseph says:

    I followed these instuctions and they seem to make everyone I try it on very tired. How can I get them in a trance?

  166. bujji says:

    How to hypnotize other persons?

  167. lila says:

    hi, i have tried this so many times but can’t do it. however, if i do get one of my friends to sleep, how can i wake them up again on my command?

  168. lila says:

    HEY! derren brown used some sort of hand trck to make people stop walking. In one of his episodes he made a lady stop twice and then got the lady to stop someone off the street just by saying, 3,2,1 STOP! I have tried this. and it doesnt work. is there any truth in what derren brown did? is it all real? no actors? if you know how to, can you plese tell me? :D thx. deeply appreciated.

  169. epickidd77 says:

    @ Harsh Hapilini
    how can u live with urself?????? i

  170. ralph jude says:

    hi dude i try your instructions i hypnotize my friend his eyes was like reddish and he was sleep in a second and he doesn’t remeber anything is that bad?

  171. aliciacorinne says:

    hi…. i love this advice and theory but will it definately work coz im scared of looking like a complete IDIOT if i fail plz reply :( xx gd advice though plz reply :)

  172. Dom says:

    Hey I was wondering if you can give people trigger words that send them into the trance or it makes them do what ever you want, and do you just give your comands when people are in the trance. Please answer I want answers so I can start hypnotizing people and I want to try it on my friends thanks.

  173. Mackenzie says:

    Um well while I was reading the other comments, lots of people said it didn’t work and while the other person that you are hypnotizing is asleep, can you tell them to do things? And how do you wake them up like to you do,”When I count to 3 you will wake up.”? I REALLY want to know! I am going to do it to my mom and friends at school but I am so afraid it won’t work and my friends will laugh at me because I said all this weird hypnosis doo daa for no reason.

  174. bgh says:

    i think you should hipnotise your freind and say remember everything

  175. Hi says:

    Can you carry someone while they are sleeping in hypnosis

  176. jason says:

    i just wanted to no befor i do it how do you wake them back is there something you have to say or do because i dont want my mom to be hypnotized forever so could you tall me plz thx’s

  177. jasmine says:

    this does not work. i was unsatisfyed

  178. Ryley Chavez says:

    I thought that it was a really cool experience. even i could hypnotyse my little brother, and i’m only eleven. it was the coolest most amazing thing i had ever done. it was so much fun and i even got him to tell me were he hid my cell phone, my parakete’s cage, and my bike! he also told my mom why he’s the one who broke her favorite lamp and i didn’t. in other words, it was really really cool to do.

  179. conrado hector Perez says:

    this better work because im goona use it to help a friend in deep stress and she needs that help

  180. tony says:

    hi i just need to know how you get people to do what you want? do you have to say somethin or what?

  181. Scypazoa says:

    I`M BACK hey I`m gonna try and hypnotize my friend, any sugestions on how

  182. rob says:

    how do u stop hypnosis

  183. joe says:

    yall do realize that hypnosis only works on the weak minded people.

  184. JoJo C. says:

    I really hope this works n how so u know if someone is really hypnotized or if there just pretendding

  185. Joseph Stauffer says:

    Ok ppl, here are some tips and explanation. When you suddenly pull your hand out from under theirs it is a surprise to the persons brain because they are not expecting it. During this time the person becomes “highly suggestible” which means their brain is willing to accept any incoming stimulus to explain what is going on. By saying sleep you give the brain a command and it listens. You only have about half a second before the brain goes out of that highly suggestible state, that’s why timing is important. Once you done it you can try to get the person deeper into hypnosis by calmly giving suggestions such as “follow the instructions I give you” and “relax your whole body”. Test the hypnosis by saying something like “a string is attatched to your left wrist and is pulling your arm up, higher and higher.” If their arm raises up chances are they are either hypnotized or faking it. If you want to make sure they aren’t faking have them do something they probably wouldn’t do normally like tell them dog food is cereal and have them eat it. You cannot force someone in hypnosis to do something against their basic moral values i.e. sleep with you. They will wake up if you try. Also, feelings in hypnosis are very real, so don’t scare the person by saying something like “you are falling off a cliff” because you can actually cause a heart attack from the stress on the heart. There are stories of this and the hypnotist goes to jail. We wouldn’t want that. I’ve hypnotized about 12 people, that’s where I get my experience from. Never used the technique at this website, but it should work. If you are serious about hypnosis you can usually find good books about it at your local library, that’s how I learned.

  186. lolol says:

    how do i get the person out of the trance????

  187. Mew23456 says:

    hi orik. i am really interested in hypnotizing people i just wanted to tel you that i am new at this and maybe you could explain the steps a bit better so i dont mess things up. plus you never know it might turn into a spell.

  188. susie says:

    does it work

  189. Jackie Russo says:

    Hey I was wondering if you can hypnotise some one into hanging out with you……….. maybe fall in love with you……etc

  190. ryan says:

    hi, how do you wake them up and would they remember what happened during the trance?

  191. Danial says:

    thanks will try

  192. Eunique says:

    How do you get them to wake back up?

  193. manuel says:

    You guys are dummed because you guys were so obsessed on commiting your goals that never ask yourself with which hand should i cover the person that is being hipnotize eyes because…..he never mention the hand that u guys should used to cover the others persons eyes

  194. naghihintay at umaasa says:

    who can give me here an example of medicine that can make people fall asleep???

  195. superman says:

    just say 3 2 1 wake up

  196. hgh says:

    Conrado Hector Perez, u aren’t supposed do hypotherapy unless you know how!

  197. Oliver Welford-Carroll says:

    How do you get them out of the state of hypnosis from the method above?

  198. Oliver Welford-Carroll says:

    How do you get people out of the hypnosis trance from the method above?

  199. Lorenzo says:

    I was wondering is there any video practice/ tutorial?
    btw nice info. :)

  200. Ghetto Girl says:

    I is goings to try this on my sister
    Thank you hypnotizers

  201. faria says:

    how long do i have to keep saying all dose stuffs u told??like how long is it gona take them to go to trance..usually?

  202. sengel says:

    I just want to say it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  203. Chloe K says:

    Hi guys,
    I am only eleven and I did this but added in things such as “you are walking
    through a corridor of complete blackness, with every step you take you are
    more and more tired. Your toes are relaxed, your feet are relaxed. Your body
    is going through the ground further and further. You are now relaxing and floating
    up further and further. Continue this in the same way. The person I performed
    it on said he just blacked out. My advice is to make sure the person is ready, and
    isn’t the kind of person to burst out laughing in the middle of the hypnosis!
    Thanks for reading!

  204. Samman says:

    Hey After we hepnotise how to stop it???

  205. Chris says:

    how do i get the person out of the trance?

  206. MICHELLE says:


  207. cheezyfaceman says:

    cool now can i do this to help get rid of other peoples fears.

  208. ninja says:

    That’s great! I have to try it!

  209. Kegan Guva says:

    I was wondering… Can you make a girl kiss you as many times as you want?

  210. Donkey Kong says:

    It works!!! I tried it on my mom, and asked her
    to tell me all of the answers to my homework
    and she actually told me the answers! SO cool!!!

  211. Bradley says:

    yeah but how do we safely wake them up again

  212. Benny says:

    Hey, I’m going to try to hypnotize my friend,
    but he is super smart, so how do you think I
    should trick him into it?

  213. Will H says:

    hey i was wondering if i could make a girl…
    you know, fall in love? anyways i need answers

  214. Anonymous says:

    will it still work if they know you are
    hypnotizing them?

  215. Jacob says:

    can you give them key words to enter them in a trance and take them out of it

  216. Superguy says:

    PLEAS READ THIS ENTIRE COMMENT! Let me just say a few things so listen up you questioning people. You cannot hynpotize someone to sleep with you if it is against their moralcode, in example, if they do not have the same sexuality as you or if they’re not bisexual, or if they hare a virgin, you cannot get them to sleep with you. And, it NOT is normal for them to have bloodshot eyes, or show other signs of tiredness afterwards. The subject should be completely or at least well-rested afterwards. IF THEY DO SHOW SYMPTOMS, DEPEND ON THE SYMPTOMS’ SEVERITY, MAY NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION! And lastly, to wake the subject up,there are two options. One, you can just wait it out and they will wake up in a few hours. 2. However, in case number one might not work, you should just tell them to wake up and they will.

  217. Superguy says:

    Also, this thing does work, I’ve used it multpile times before and I haven’t failed at this form of hypnosis EVER. So as long as you do this without skipping a step, and read my previous comment about tips for amaters or other people who have certain questions about this form of hypnosis on during and after trance, then you should be good. I am no expert, but I have used this method many times, effects may vary depending on the person you are hypnotizing AND their relationship with you and how close your bond is between each other as friends, siblings, spouses, strangers, etc.

  218. ajith says:

    how to stop hypnotize?

  219. zn says:

    you are geting SLEAPY

  220. johnny says:

    hey, i havent tried this yet but i hope it works and if you know derren brown then tell him he is a legend

  221. Kashif says:

    I did that many years ago and it works… the best practice to hypnotize someone is that ” You have to be perfect by yourself ” burn a candle in front of you and keep looking at the flame until you fell tired… This will help you to focus into someone’s eyes…. If you don’t grab the hand of subject that will work too but the main point is in your eyes that how you over come someone’s mind through your eyes…

  222. Bd says:

    Can you wake them back up?

  223. Lastad says:



  224. hi i havent tried this way of hypnotism before but there is another way i have tried. the seceret with this hypnotism is that the person you are trying to hypnotise wants you to do it. in their mind they want it is going to work so they are open to beliving they will truly be hypnotised by this person. this will not work on a person who does not belive they can be hypnotised or does not want to be. it is very complicated and i dont fully understand it myself but im sure you can find out easily enough. here is the way i hypnotised my sister:

    1. sit opposite the person you are about to hypnotise with a table between you. place a plastic cup upside down on the table (im not sure if the fact its upside down is relevant but thats the way i do it!).

    2. greet the person and ask them a few questions like “how has your day been?” or “what did you have for breakfast?”. your open friendliness should relax them and leave them less tense and easier to hypnotise.

    3. ask the person to place their hand over the cup and close their eyes. ask them to relax the arm over the cup.

    4. ask the person to imagine the energy in their arm, buzzing around. tell them they must imagine the energy flowing out through their fingertips, draining their arm of energy so that they cant move it at all. keep speaking to them about the energy in that arm in a soft, open voice that should calm the person and make them willing to be hypnotised. ask them to nod if they can feel that energy flowing through their arm ad pouring out of their fingertips. ask them to nod if they can feel their arm getting weaker. if not, keep speaking. then ask again. make sure they keep their eyes shut.

    5. slowly run the edge of your hand down the persons arm starting from their shoulder. tell them that your hand represents their energy draining from their arm. keep talking to them in a calm voice. when your hand reaches their elbow tell them that the energy is drained from the top part of their arm and that that part is dead. keep speaking to the person while slowly running your hand along their forearm. when your hand reaches their hand (which incidently should still be over the cup) tell them that all their energy is now in their hand. take your hand off theirs. ask them to nod if they can feel all the energy completly drained from their arm and flowing through their fingers. if they dont, repeat this step. ask them if they can still feel my arm weighing down their arm. if they dont, repeat this step. this step can take a while but keep trying, you will get there.

    6. tell them that on the count of three all the energy will be drained and their arm will be frozen and unable to move, dead if you like. count down and when you are finished counting tell them that all the energy is gone and they cant move their arm at all. make sure their eyes are shut.

    7. wait a few seconds then tell the person slowly and clearly to pick up the cup.

    if you have suceeded in hypnotising the person they should not be able to pick up the cup due to having no energy left to do so. this can have some strange reactions from the hypnotee. my sister, for example said “my god, have you glued it to the table or somthing!?” she also carefully described to me what she felt so i understood what to ask the hypnotee next time. unfortunatly this takes some practice and does not work on some people, my best friend for example. best of luck! :)
    ps it is embarassing when it doesnt work but remember you learn from your mistakes!! Xxxx

  225. kimora says:

    i,m going to try this on my brother i hope it works OOMG im scared here goes ohohoh my gosh

  226. Ashley says:

    so i’ll try to hypnotize someone. i haven’t tried it yet but it looks easy. only one question: how do i wake the person up, but not taking them out of the trance? plz reply :|

  227. jacee marshall says:

    I’m with my mom at a meeting but I’m going too do this to her when I get home.

  228. buddy says:

    thank you so much!!!!!! i have tryed on all my younger siblings and it worked on ALL of them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. Urgent says:

    Is this completely safe? I want to do this on my family members and I don’t want anything bad to happen to them.

  230. Is this completely safe?

  231. Zombe says:

    could you send me one Please.

  232. Hello world says:

    How would you wake them up?

  233. MEL POOLE says:

    Thanks, this is fantastic, I got my sister-in – law to have sex with me. Next time I will try for anal with her.

  234. devon says:

    well i hope it works

  235. chakk troyer says:

    can we do these things in any language??????????????

  236. MichaelB says:

    @ Lastad The raising arm technique is when you lie down with your head against a wall with your arm up resting on the wall. You actually let yourself fall asleep, and when you fall asleep your arm will fall waking you up but not completely. Leaving you in a state of hypnosis which is normally called a state of meditation. This method is usually used in wicca practices in the pagan culture, where one must obtain a state of such relaxtion to come at meditation with ones self.

  237. Mentos says:

    Made my sister eat cherrios off the ground.. lol but I tried nine times on my younger sister and it didn’t work!!

  238. gabriela says:

    i tried to do hypnotize my mom but she keeps on laughing and says it never going to work and it never did and are u sopposed to memorize it or you can look at the computer and do it

  239. Jarod says:

    My dad is hypnotised so whenever someone says “word” he yawns

  240. cole says:

    it a piece of crap it does not work i tried it over and over

  241. Mitch says:

    holy crap i am the worst hypnostis i know, wait… im the only hypnostis i know :) but anyway i tried to do it to my mom and she didnt do anything after i put her under the transe. at first i thought she was messing with me but i then realized she wasnt joking! I was so happy! =D

  242. Natalie says:

    Hey Orik, is there a way to hypnotize yourself and remember how to and go back to your normal self or acquire a skill while still being your normal self without a trigger word?

  243. How long will they be asleep

  244. lily says:

    How the heck do you wake them up?!

  245. nicole says:

    how does it work? It’s not working!!!

  246. summer says:

    How dose it work if you want someone to think that there a but?

  247. ethan says:

    It didn’t work on my brother I don’t know what I did wrong

  248. BeTheCreeper says:

    1. How will I know when they are hipnotized?
    2. How Do I Wake them?

  249. sup says:

    Is it possible to get into someones mind when they are sleeping, like, hypnotizing them to tell you what they are dreaming? How?

  250. Yoyo says:

    I tried this on my little sister even though I didnt practice. I was at the part when you tell them the mini story when she broke away and said to stop because she was starting to get sleepy. It was working!!!!!!!

  251. mandy says:

    ok havent tryed yet. but how do u wake them up?!

  252. Katelyn says:

    When you pull your hand away at the end are you suppose to pull your other hand that is up against their eyes away too??

  253. rahul says:

    sir, i m a 16 year old boy and and i m learning hipnosis from the age of 9.but i cannot make hipnotise others.so, i want your help please

  254. mark says:

    Help….I don’t know what to do. I’ve just done this on my sister and she stopped breathing…. She’s not waking up. I’m scared to call ambulance in case I’ve killed her….

    I’ve tried clapping even slapping her face…..


  255. carlito jose says:

    nahh its not true some people that can used that they can call a god in hypnosis :P

  256. Janel says:

    I want to hypnotize my other half to get him to stop smoking pot. He is majorly addicted and it affects our entire life especially since he would rather smoke than spend time with his daughter who came to live with us a couple years ago. He won’t willing submit to anything like the handshake trick, so I need something much more covert. This is my last ditch effort before I just give up the past 10 years and leave. Please could you give me some lessons? I have 30 years of experience in hypnotizing willing subjects, but have never tried covert methods.

  257. hannah says:

    Thanks for that I’m going to try it soon.

  258. inl says:

    hi i want to hipnotize my sister

  259. poodle says:

    I want to do it…. but I’m scared. How do you wake the person up?????:(

  260. binx says:

    i was wondering if you could do it on children to forget their past life. if so i need step to step

  261. rick says:

    i tried it on a good friend of me and it didn’t work i try’d it over and over and over etc. but i can get him relaxed but not in trance and before we stated i did something with him so he knew that he can trust me: i let him fall backwards and i catched him.
    so he did it and he said he trusted me because i catched him but when i tried to get him in trance it didn’t work but is there an other way to get him under hypnose because i realy want to learn how to hypnotize someone but i looked aal over the internet and i couldn’t find a good working fast one and then i found this and i thought this was the best way to do this.
    p.s. i’m from holland so my english isn’t verry good

  262. Bdog says:

    might try it.

  263. hypnosis resistance says:

    hey guys well my friend tried to hypnotise me but it never work because im a strong minded person, not even a pro hypnotise me so i wanted to be hypnotised because i was never being hypnotise in my life any tip?

  264. Hana says:

    Hi! You said we shouldn’t do it on our family, but why and can we do it with friends? Doe a persons personality depend on how easy it is to hypnotize them?

  265. Crazy says:

    Shaun, you are going to get hypnotize :)

  266. Laura says:

    Hi , yesterday me and my friends found a video on how to hypnotize people , we tried it on eachother and it worked , But i would like no know how to hypnotize somebody to do somthing , when we used it it just made them really tired and close their eyes but we would like to know when abouts do you give them the command to do somthing? Thanks.

  267. mandi says:

    I’m going to use this on my sister right away!

  268. Blake says:

    I want to try this but im afraid people will think im crazy and more covert options to hypnotism

  269. Blake says:

    Are there.mode covert options to hypnotism**

  270. Shaniqua says:

    This was a great tutorial but I just tried it on my BFF and it worked but now I think it would be helpful to know how to wake her up!!!!!!!!!!

  271. aly says:

    i really want to try this on my parents, but becuase my relationship with them isnt so well…im a bit scared to

  272. Thanks for any other informative site. The place else may just I get that kind of information written in such a perfect approach? I have a mission that I am simply now operating on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

  273. nidhesh says:

    how to awake the person from his sleep
    nidhesh recently posted..Learn Hypnosis

  274. Raj Kamal says:

    i’ll get the results

  275. Elizabeth says:

    Why is it so hard to hypnotize a family member or friends?

  276. hypno says:

    can you make your crush like you

  277. Vyktor says:

    what kind of commands can you say

  278. i tried it and only made them sleepy how can i make them fall asleep

  279. Lolly says:

    Why is it now working my brother wont get to sleep? am i suppost to say it differently? How do I caress their eyes down and how do i take my hand away accurately???

  280. Lolly says:

    When you hypnotise yourself how do u wake up???

  281. Roy Moreland says:

    Thanks for the helpful advice and the know how to help someone that wants learn hypnosis, I was quite sceptical but my girlfriend deperately wanted to lose weight, so with my skeptism and a lot of practice we were able to succeed. I wanted to wait to see results before commenting to see if this actually worked, well it did she has lost 30 pounds, has a lot more energy and doesn’t think anything of it all other than she just wanted the change, she doesn’t even remember the hypnosis training as thats what was programmed into her through calm and soothing spoken words from myself. Again thanks for your help in this.

  282. Koko says:

    Omg I can’t wait to do this on my older bro
    From the comments that Ive read it shows that this actuly works so thanx

  283. Sir I want to know that if we can the future happenings while putting the subject in trance.I have hypnotized a kiid and a law student one day prior to their examination to read the examination paper. both of them disclosed the questions. Next day when the examination was held the same questions were there in the question paper. Please let me guide on which extent we can know the future

    Kapil dev Suri recently posted..Learn Hypnosis

  284. Jackie says:

    Will it work if its in spanish

  285. The information provided will be so useful! Carry up the good work!

  286. azza says:

    i hope this works…my friend is to scared that ill make him do unspeakable things….who says i aint gona do that ;)

  287. wsso says:

    I am home with my bro and he does not want me to try ot on him. Is there some way to hypnoise him to let me hypnotise him

  288. Sasha says:

    I am really interested in hypnosis at the moment. I was wondering if when they were in trance you could tell them to fly or something like that?

  289. Sasha says:

    Hey it’s me agin! Lol… So anyway is it possible to hypnotize ur dog?? If so how?

  290. Sasha says:

    3 things… 1. Is it possible to hypnotize my dog?? 2. Can the people know ur gonna hypnotize them? 3. Can I tell someone to fly or something??

  291. deadeye says:

    how can i start learning methods of hypnotism orik

  292. Marissa says:

    I tried it on my friend and it worked every time. When they tried it on me it did not work. Why?

  293. Aaron says:

    Are you able to get someone to like you? if so, plz reply(by the way, cool name)

  294. Aaron says:

    cansomeone plz help me,it is not working for me.

  295. Aaron WQIS]]\ ? says:

    I managed to hypnotise everyone in my family. It took a while, but eventually, it worked. I did the funniest thing while they were in the trance. I hypnotized everyone, and then my friends and me went to each person, and told them to do the chicken dance at the front of the room.It was so funny, because they kept bumping into each other.

  296. vikrant says:

    i am from india … and ppl in india are not able to learn trics like hypnotism

    the guy Dan who suggest abt hyp trics on up comment .. he is a very famous hypno books writter.
    if u wnt to learn some more goods abt hypno so plz read his books

    i am trying this from last few days. bt ya i believe deffinatly i can mke it one day asap

    so keep practicing
    gud lck

  297. neha says:

    i think it is bunch of liars….they is no way any1 can hypnotize…!! i was curious about hypnosis, i went to many clinics…it didnt work and i got the refund…when they were whispering ….blah, blah…i was laughing silently….my mind seem to find it funny…the man who said he can do covert hypnosis culdnt even do it. he asked me to give me the money. i gave him my shoes and laughed aloud. Heck…some of them asked me to relax…i felt like relaxing…but my mind was damn alert….they tried to give me positive words…i felt like queen of the earth…(who doesn’t?) but wen they tried to make me do what they want…for eg :-i they asked me to go and call mom …i laughed aloud…and said dude, that doesnt work out! and got the refund. i dont believe in stupid myth…they even tried to stare my eyes…i stared back and felt nothing..my mind made lots of jokes and i told him with poker face and said can i slap him?

  298. Steven says:

    Hey, theres a few parts i dom’t understand like when it tells you to slip your hand away which hand do you move the one covering their eyes or the one thats on their palm? Also when it tells you to say 3…2..1 push push push who says that? The assistance or thr hypnotist? That is all thank you for your time.

  299. Sades says:


    Have you done hypnotism before because you seem to no a lot about it.

  300. Orik says:


    I have no formal training in hypnosis, although I have been using hypnotherapuetic methods on myself for years. I have also undergone hypnotherapy with a licensed professional. I find the subject fascinating and have been learning about it, through various methods, since childhood.

  301. Kanra says:

    Hello Orik, i have a story I would like to give so that you might be able to give me some advice.

    My mom is a very strict homophobic, but my best friend is lesbian. She won’t let me spend the night with her anymore because of it,and if she can’t spend the night, then she cant come to my party. I really want her to be able to go and I want to be able to make my mom more open minded to things. Can I do that with hypnosis? And if so can you please explain further on how I could do tht without her knowing im hypnotizing her?

  302. Orik says:

    Hi Kanra…

    Well, you’re taking on quite a challenge here. There are some things you can try, but I don’t want you to get your hopes up. One of the fundamental truths of hypnotism and hypnotherapy is that a person’s core BELIEFS can’t be violated. We hold these beliefs very deep in our subconscious. If a practitioner attempts to change them, or to urge their subject to do something that violates those beliefs (murder is the classic example) the subject will usually snap out of trance very quickly. If your mother is truly homophobic at the deepest levels of her subconscious, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to do anything about it, short of consciously changing her mind (which is a whole other topic).

    Regarding hypnosis, what you’re referring to would be conversational hypnosis or covert hypnosis. Two main techniques used to bring a subject into trance are a low, steady voice and a slightly slower-than-normal speech pattern. Nothing obvious, just a slight drop. Sit down with your mom and discuss your friend, how much you value her friendship and how much it hurts to be forbidden to spend time with her. Stating these facts in this manner of speaking will help them penetrate further. It’s not hypnosis in any classical sense, but rather a method of communicating which allows us to convey our feelings more quickly and have them more fully, deeply understood. As a bonus, it makes anybody sound more rational and mature! Nothing really bad can come of it, so I suggest you give it a try. Just be prepared if your mother doesn’t change her mind…some beliefs, whether we agree with them or not, are simply too deeply held to be altered. Best of luck to you!

  303. Anne says:

    Hi =) Umh Orik can I hypnotize a friend whom I suspecting for stealing my money ? Can it affect her mentality ? What way should I ask my question to her is it “Did you stole my money” or something ? (any suggestions pls)

  304. Orik says:

    Hi Anne…

    First, I would think about what kind of person you’re dealing with. Could this person be dangerous? If so, stay away.

    If this is a close friend who you think might have had a momentary lapse in judgement, you can either ask them to undergo hypnosis or try an instant method. Once she’s in trance, you may bring up the missing money in a non-threatening way. I would avoid saying “Did you take my money?” because it may cause her to react angrily and come out of trance. Best of luck to you!

  305. Ralph says:

    can you hypnotize someone to think that they have been properly sleeping for a while?

  306. Orik says:

    Hi Ralph…

    Technically, you can plant suggestions regarding just about anything, so yes, you probably could make a person believe they had been getting enough sleep. However, the physical effects of not sleeping would still be evident.

    Hypnosis can be extremely effective in treating insomnia. Suggesting to the subconscious that falling into a deep, restful, peaceful sleep is easy is usually the first step. This, in many cases, is enough to relieve insomnia. After that, natural, healing sleep will take care of the other symptoms like tiredness and irritability. Using hypnotic induction methods to induce sleep is also a classic way to treat this debilitating condition. If insomnia persists after hypnotherapeutic methods have been tried, a doctor should be consulted. Good luck to you!

  307. Travis says:

    So I used to be really good at sleep hypnosis and could use manipulation on everyone I needed to. It has been a very long time since I have tried to use it and want to get back into except I am not sure I am going to have the same success as before, so is it easier to get back into after knowing already even though I have forgotten a lot of it?

  308. Orik says:

    Hi Travis…

    In my experience it’s almost like riding a bike, although not quite that immediate. You’ll probably start to feel that old confidence as soon as you begin reading up on the subject again and, of course, once you start practicing. Don’t worry if you don’t feel 100% right away though. If you took a college course in something, then didn’t need the information for years, you’d feel rusty when you started studying it again, right? Same idea here. Just be patient and remember that there aren’t any failures, only momentary setbacks and learning experiences. Best of luck to you!

  309. catz says:

    Awesome i am so trying this:) :P

  310. Shannon says:

    I am interested in Hypnosis and have got to the stage where I wish to practise on my friends and family. However I have this fear that if I am able to get them into a trance/deep sleep I won’t be able to get them out of it… Is this possible?

  311. michael says:

    how do i do it on my dad. i did try but it did not work even a little bit
    michael recently posted..Cool Things that You Can Make People Do Under Hypnosis?

  312. Orik says:

    Hi Shannon…

    Great question…but there’s no need to worry. A lot of people are afraid that they’ll get ‘stuck’ in trance or, like you, that they won’t be able to wake their subjects up. The good news is that this virtually never happens. If your subject falls asleep, you might have trouble waking them up, but that’s only because they’ve gone right through trance and into unconsciousness!

    If, on the very rare chance, that you have difficulty bringing a subject out of trance, stay calm and don’t panic. Nothing remotely bad can happen – they’re just enjoying the deep relaxation you put them in and are quite happy there, I assure you. If you aren’t getting any responses to your questions, they’ve most likely just fallen asleep and you can wake them as you can any sleeping person. If they are responsive but still obviously in trance, get a little more forceful with your technique. Don’t yell, just tell them that they must wake up. Throw in a reminder of how great they’ll feel once they wake up as an added incentive.

    As always, don’t leave them alone or let them drive until you’re completely sure they’re fully alert. However, it’s important to remember that this occurrence is extremely rare, and has no negative consequences. Best of luck!

  313. Orik says:

    Hi Michael…

    Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties. Without more information it’s impossible to know exactly what’s going wrong, but I do know that hypnosis takes a ton of practice. Keep at it, and you’ll eventually have success. In the meantime, you could try placing your dad in trance without any suggestions…this is much, much easier than implanting suggestions and is more readily accepted by the subconscious. Best of luck to you!

  314. Wesley says:

    Hi Orik

    I would like to learn Hypnosis for the use of sports, I think if you can hypnotise someone before playing a round of golf for example and make them feel relaxed an confident before hitting every ball, surley that must improve your game as golf is a very ‘Mind controlling game’. To be able to do this to my friends i will need to use ‘Covert Hypnosis’ as they wouldnt trust me any other way. What advise can you give me to learn this technique as i live in South Africa and where I live we do not have any courses to go on. Thankyou.

  315. Orik says:

    Hi Wesley…

    I agree that golf is an excellent sport to improve via hypnosis. I’m not sure why your friend wouldn’t trust you to hypnotize them, but if you’re sure they wouldn’t, your best choices would include covert and conversational hypnosis. You would engage them through the methods outlined in those particular articles, then work phrases into your speech regarding feel calm and centered during their golf game. Work on your ‘key’ sentences at home to make sure they sound perfectly natural and the hidden words and phrases aren’t easily noticeable. You may want to try just asking if they wouldn’t mind being hypnotized, however, since I’m sure they’d all love to improve their scores! Either way, I hope you have great results.

  316. naomi says:

    hi. I’ve hypnotized one of my dogs before, and put them to sleep when they were biting me XD (puppy problems!) but I’d love to try this on humans! I’ll letya know how it goes!!

  317. alex says:

    when you put your hand over their face how would you do it? would you cover their eyes completly or would you put your hand above their eyes as if your trying to keep the shade off? and also after you say SLEEP would you take both hands away or just the one where your holding their hand? thanks :)

  318. Orik says:

    Hi Alex…

    You want to make a soothing, sweeping motion, as though you’re shading their eyes from the sun. Don’t leave your hand covering their eyes. When you remove the hand they’re pressing on, it should be the only hand in contact with the subject.

  319. waiting says:

    hello orik
    your instructions haven’t worked at all for me, and i felt like an absolute idiot as everyone laughed. i must admit i’m a bit of a newbie, but i followed your instructions word for word. and i’m not quite sure what i’m doing wrong and some help would be very much appreciated.
    many thanks
    from waiting

  320. Orik says:

    Hi Waiting…

    Sorry to hear about the lack of success. There are many things you can ‘tweak’ and work on. First of all, remember that hypnosis is like any other skill, it takes practice. Work on your voice and the length of time spent on talking to subjects. You might also want to try traditional induction methods for a while to build your skills. Finding a friend who’s supportive of your efforts and won’t laugh might be a good idea as well! Best of luck to you.

  321. realy says:

    I shouldn’t hypnotize people to do bad things/do bad things to them right?

  322. Orik says:

    Hi Realy…

    Please don’t attempt to do anything negative through hypnosis. Not only is it very unlikely to work, but it gives the entire field a bad name.

  323. Livers says:

    Hello! I’m new to this beautiful world of the subconscious mind and the exploitation of suggestions. I find the whole concept of hypnosis to be beautiful, and I would enjoy to learn more about it. First of all, what websites would you advise for further research into beginning hypnosis? I’ve searched this whole website and gobbled up everything I could read. What other websites are good? And free?

    Also, some general advise for hypnosis. I have yet to truly get someone into a trance (I’ve had about three tries. One of which was just laughter, as I was doing it in front of a large crowd of people I knew well. Second time, I did it was an extreme skeptic and did a very vital part incorrectly. Third time, again incorrect, though I seemed very confident). What else would you advise? Just brief little notes would be cool.

    Also, Russian Scam.
    How to?
    I’ve been searching it and I think I have a good grip on the overall aspects of what it is. Are there any other hypnotic induces as such?

  324. Orik says:

    Hi Livers…

    So happy that you’re excited about hypnosis. I hesitate to recommend many websites, since the majority I’ve come across invariably lead to a ‘buy it now’ link after building up your excitement. I’m a big fan of what’s available on YouTube. If you haven’t already, check out all the different inductions, tutorials and demonstrations. Derren Brown is excellent for examples on technique (you’ll find several tricks like the Russian Scam in his videos, please use them for entertainment only), as is Criss Angel.

    Angel is more of an illusionist, although he does employ mentalist techniques quite often as well. Put yourself through many different types of self-inductions. You can find more reliable information by hitting up a local library – a bit old-school, but free and full of useful information! If you can, ask hypnotherapists near you for recommendations, or salespeople at a new-age bookstore. Wishing you the best!

  325. Chloe says:

    Hello, I am going to try this on my friend but before I do will she remember what she has done because if she doesn’t I will film her :)
    Thank you
    P.s where did learn this?

  326. James says:

    Hi Orik
    I don’t want to try this on anyone because I don’t want to look like an idiot. I’ve never done this before but I want to and would the fact that I’m 14 affect anything or if I tried to do it to my friends who are the same age? Also if you can’t get them out of a trance could you shake them or something?

  327. Orik says:

    Hi Chloe…

    Typically, a person under hypnosis, or carrying out a suggestion implanted during hypnosis, will not recall the event after coming back to full alertness. Go ahead and record your friend, just make sure you don’t embarrass her. To answer your other question, I have been interested in many aspects of alternative healing since childhood. I didn’t learn in a single place, it’s been more of a lifetime collection of reading, watching and asking questions. Good luck and I hope you both enjoy watching the video!

  328. Orik says:

    Hi James…

    Don’t worry about looking like an idiot. Practice on close friends and family members first if you’re really worried about looking silly. Your age won’t affect anything except your degree of knowledge, but everybody has to start somewhere! It’s very rare for a person to remain in trance after they’ve been instructed to wake up. Try very gentle suggestions before attempting to shake them awake, as this could be a very jarring experience. Once you do have them awake, remain with them until you’re certain they’re fully alert. Good luck!

  329. Parth says:

    Can we use this trick on people whose mother tounge is not english.
    Because i live in india…

  330. Catsheep says:

    I would like to ask a question..(well Obviously) Okay so, I am afraid of the dark, because I tend to see things or imagine things…can I hypnotize myself? Also, I have a problem w/ my ex-boyfriend…He says he loves me…nd well basically…I just want him to move on with no problem (suicide or drug abuse etc.) Would hypnosis work? I want him to be happy in life and find someone better than me that will do anything for him because she loves him. Anyways, If I were to hypnotize him. How would I do that?

  331. Orik says:

    Hi Parth…

    Any of these techniques could be translated quite easily…the only difficulties may arise from different cultural practices. Good luck!

  332. Orik says:

    Hi Catsheep…

    Fear of darkness is very common, and easily overcome through hypnosis. If you can’t find a free recording or are having trouble hypnotizing yourself, seek out a qualified hypnotherapist; they deal with phobias all the time. Your boyfriend issue is more complex. You can’t hurt anything by trying, but if he truly loves you, that love is a deeply-held belief, and those are notoriously difficult to change. Try it out, just don’t expect too much. Also…if you think he may be thinking about something harmful, please get him the help he needs. Good luck to you!

  333. HYPNOTIZE?WOW says:

    my mom said that this is dangerous and peoples that are hypnotized may be mad.

    is this is safe ?

    ” O/// “

  334. Orik says:

    Hi Wow…

    It sounds as if your mom has heard some incorrect information. While it’s possible to use hypnosis for selfish or hurtful reasons, there’s nothing dangerous about the process itself. I’m not sure if you mean ‘angry’ or ‘crazy’ when you say mad, but neither one is very likely. If you want your mom to be more supportive, try showing her some information on hypnosis, especially all the ways it can be used to heal (hypnotherapy). Best of luck!

  335. Jani says:

    Is it possible to hypno your animal to do a trick?
    Jani recently posted..How Does Derren Brown Put People To Sleep?

  336. Orik says:

    Hi Jani…

    It’s not possible to hypnotize an animal. If you’ve seen video (or live) demonstrations of ‘hypnotizing’ a chicken or alligator, you’ve actually witnessed odd instinctive responses which look like hypnosis, but are anything but. Please don’t try hypnotizing any alligators! Trying to hypnotize a dog or cat will most likely end up with your pet looking at you strangely, then walking away. You’ll have much better luck training them to perform tricks in the traditional manner. Best of luck!

  337. jethro says:

    i can’t do it…
    my sister tried it on me but it didn’t work…


  338. jon funny says:

    Hey everyone, I have been trying to use hypnosis, but some stuff came up, here’s mu problem.
    One: I tried to hypnotize a friend of mine, althoug I think most of the time he was messing around, I believe there were 2 moments in where he was hypnotized, because I used that induction while he was standing and he fell over me.
    Second: I also tried to use it with my brother and something really weird happened the first time, when I told him to put his hand over mine he took a bit of time, like 5 seconds, then I told him to push and he was just staring at me, then he sais he snapped and wasn’t very aware of what was going on
    Third and last: Is this covert hypnosis or normal hypnosis? Thank you for your time, best regards, jon funny
    jon funny recently posted..How Does Derren Brown Put People To Sleep?

  339. Orik says:

    Hi Jethro…

    Sorry that it didn’t work, but don’t give up. I would recommend trying some traditional induction methods first to become more familar with the entire process, then go back to instant methods. Wishing you luck!

  340. Orik says:

    Hi Jon…

    It does sound as though your friend was hypnotized, at least very briefly, when he fell on you. It’s very important to support your subjects after inducing trance, as they do tend to slump or fall. Having a chair handy to ease them into is highly recommended. Your brother was most likely also in an extremely brief trance state. To answer your question, anytime your subject is aware that they’re being hypnotized, it’s considered traditional hypnosis, whether the induction takes minutes or seconds. Covert hypnosis is more subtle; ideally your subject has no clue that anything remotely out of the ordinary is going on. Luck to you!

  341. jon funny says:

    Thank you very much orik, I shall continue to try this method as suggested, i’d also like to know if induction by fixation of an is recomended to beginners like me, or if i should do it more ahead, once again thank you very much for your time, you have helped me a lot =)

  342. Orik says:

    Hi Jon…

    Sounds good! Object fixation is very much a personal choice. Some practitioners use it regularly, while others find it distracting. There’s no reason you couldn’t try it out, though…the more things you try early in your self-education, the sooner you’ll learn what does and doesn’t work. The only negative regarding object fixation is that, to some subjects, it will come across as ‘hokey’ and sabotage the session. You can try to avoid this by using something non-traditional. In other words, avoid the swinging pocket watch! Best of luck to you!

  343. tony says:

    I wanted to learn how to hypnotize someone in there sleep but don’t know how. Can you help?

  344. Orik says:

    Hi Tony…

    When a person is sleeping, they’ve already gone through and past the trance state. You can try to give them suggestions as they sleep, however. Many people use recordings while they sleep in order to deliver messages to their subconscious. Just be responsible, and good luck!

  345. Kyle says:

    Recently I tried a basic hypnotising trick and it worked. It wasn’t off this topic but I thought I’d post it. I’m 14 and this worked on my first try.

    Firstly make sure the person is relaxed and comfortable. Make them breath in through their nose and out through their mouth. This should relax them.

    Secondly you want to make sure they’re either believing in hypnosis or are saying it in their heads. I used the one where they say it in their head and its basic. “I am willing to be hypnotised.” They have to repeat this but not think or work to hard on it.

    Thirdly you need to get them to close their eyes and put their hands out, with their hands being out this will mean you see a good or bad output. E.G. “I want you to close your eyes and put your hands out.”

    Lastly you want to check if you have some designated control over them so you tell them to imagine something. E.G. “Imagine you in the middle of a meadow, its a cloudy day.” “You see a cloud coming down, it takes your hands higher and higher into the air they start to feel colder and colder.”

    To make them come out just reverse the effect so the cloud is going down. When their hands reach normal height tell them to wake up, this should be almost instant.

    P.S. Change some off this to what you want to happen. This is only a way of testing if they can be hypnotised.

  346. jackson says:

    im worried about putting people into the trace because im scared that i wont be able to wake them, can you give me some tips to wake them ? thanks

  347. Orik says:

    Hi Jackson…

    This is a common worry, but there’s no reason to be concerned. It’s extremely rare for a person to remain in trance longer than desired. Waking your subject is usually as simple as taking them back through the induction method you’ve used. It can be even simpler – you can just instruct them to wake up! If you do happen to run into this issue, you can try waking them as you would a sleeping person; gently pat them on the shoulder and say their name. Don’t do anything too jarring. In the vast majority of cases, though, you won’t have to do a thing except instruct them to become alert. Best of luck!

  348. Eliana says:

    My mom has been annoying me SO much! She doesn’t let me do ANYTHING and doesn’t give me freedom! I think that she is VERY VERY hard to hypnotize, so is there any easier way to hypnotize, like while someone is asleep? PLEASE tell me how to hypnotize someone while they are asleep!!! Thank you!
    Eliana recently posted..What are the Arm Movements and Touches for Covert Hypnosis?

  349. Orik says:

    Hi Eliana…

    Hypnosis requires consciousness. However, there are many cases of people having success using pre-recorded messages while they sleep. You may try this with your mother, but I have to warn you, deeply-held beliefs are extremely hard to change. If she’s restricting your freedom for a reason that she finds important (even if you don’t) it’s unlikely to change. Before you try anything hypnosis-related with her, a better route may be to sit down and discuss, calmly and rationally, why she’s restricting you. Coming across as mature and responsible (not yelling and pouting like many teens often do) will impress her, and may lead to ease up on you a bit. Even if it doesn’t, it has a better chance of success than hypnosis for this issue. Good luck to you.

  350. Sydney says:

    What do you say to the person if they are sad and they want help before you do it to them will it help?

  351. Orik says:

    Hi Sydney…

    If I’m understanding you correctly, you want to help a sad or depressed person through hypnosis. You should absolutely talk with this person beforehand. They’ll likely be very happy that you want to help them out, and you can discuss the specific issues they’d like to work on. Some common issues regarding depression include a lack of energy and isolation from family and friends, although the disease can manifest in many different ways. Work on one issue at a time.

    In addition, urge your friend to seek professional help. Far too often, depression leads to suicide. While hypnosis can do amazing things for depressed individuals, it’s always best to see a medical professional as well. Best of luck to you and your friend.

  352. Clare says:

    Hey Orik, I was wondering if you could recommend any other good books for beginners? I’ve read a lot about the step by step body technique but haven’t got the confidence to ask anyone to let me try it on them- is there any way i could improve my technique without doing it on people? I will eventually ask someone but I’d like to be confident that it will work. Thanks

  353. Orik says:

    Hi Clare…

    At the risk of sounding to general, I would urge you to read anything and everything you can get your hands on. Without attending a formal (and costly) training course, this is the best recommendation I can give regarding a broad self-education. That said, there are some titles and authors I think you will find very helpful. Steven Gurgevich has some excellent books out dealing with self-healing through hypnosis. Michael D. Yapko also has several great titles out there, particularly “Trancework.” Believe it or not, the “Idiots” and “Dummies” guides are great resources for anybody, beginner or experienced, since they offer clear information without a lot of confusing jargon. In particular, the “Idiots” guide is an outstanding book to give to anybody you want to hypnotize, since it is much more about being hypnotized than performing hypnotherapy. It will let your future subjects know exactly what hypnosis is about and ease any fears they may have. In addition, I highly recommend anything on the subject of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). This field will show you how different parts of the mind work together, allowing you to fine-tune your approach with subjects as well as yourself. Best of luck to you!

  354. Issac! says:

    Hey Orik!
    Im 13 this year and well I cant really find any decent information about hypnosis, can you tell me ftom basics and stuff? Will help a lot! Thanks in advance! :D

  355. Orik says:

    Hi Issac…

    There is really more information on ‘basics’ than I could fit here. I recommend that you visit a library and pick up some books on the subject. If you have one near you, visit an alternative medicine bookstore and ask them for recommendations. If your library doesn’t have the same books, they can order them for you. In addition, watch as many videos and read as many articles as you can (for free) – there’s a wealth of information out there. Just stay away from any site that asks for money upfront – these are often scams. Learn about tradtitional hypnosis, self-hypnosis, NLP techniques, positive imagery and visualization. These subjects will give you a broad and thorough base knowledge. Best of luck to you!

  356. shania says:

    i dont really understand covert hypnotism , nobody is willing to let me do the other one
    i want to try and hypnotise my mum because she gets really freaked out because when she was young , she went to a hypnotist show and she got hypnotised into brushing her teeth too much and her gums were bleeding and the hypnotist had to come to her house and undo it

  357. Orik says:

    Hi Shania…

    Wow, I can certainly sympathize with your mother…that must have been a very frightening experience. I wouldn’t try to perform covert techniques on your mother…the realization that she’s been hypnotized without her prior knowledge could have bad consequences. It could make her even more afraid of hypnosis. Instead, I would try to educate her a bit. Get her some books on the subject, let her know you’re interested in hypnosis and would like to practice with her. Once she realizes that most hypnosis is very helpful and healing, she’ll most likely be a more willing subject.

    Since you can’t watch videos, I’ll try to explain a very basic instant induction in steps. If you’re using this on your mother, let her know ahead of time what’s going on, out of respect for her previous experience (which you can let her know is an extremely rare occurence).

    Sit down facing your subject, ensuring that they are in a soft chair or on a couch. Ask them to hold out their hand, palm down. Place your hand under theirs, palms touching, and instruct them to press down against your hand. As you do this, have them look into your eyes. Tell them that they are about to experience a wonderful, peaceful, restful state of deep relaxation. Talk up the experience for a few moments, letting them know that it will be peaceful and relaxing. After a few moments, with them still pressing down against your hand, quickly remove your hand and at the same instant, command (firmly but gently): “Sleep.”

    In a successful scenario, their eyes will close and they will begin to fall or droop. As they relax, keep talking…repeat the word ‘sleep,’ and gently talk them into trance. You might say “That’s right…deep sleep…such a peaceful sleep…perfect…you’re doing very well…”

    At this point, your subject should be in trance, and you can proceed as if you had used a traditional, longer induction method. Best of luck to you!

  358. shania says:

    hi , my friends were willing to let me hypnotide them but all that happened was they fell asleep and then woke up after 5 seconds , what are we doing wrong? plz help

  359. Orik says:

    Hi Shania…

    It sounds like you’re actually doing a very good job with inductions – after all, the point is to relax your subjects! Falling asleep is very common during hypnosis. If it’s becoming an issue, try practicing on subjects who aren’t tired, and have them consciously resist the urge to fall asleep. It can be very tricky, asking somebody to relax deeply without falling asleep, but it’s absolutley possible. You can also try simply having your subjects sit up instead of lying down as you practice. Best of luck to you!

  360. Michelle says:

    orik one i have put them into a trance like you know they fall asleep do i just say like you are now in my command when i say this u will be like this and when i say that i will retun to ur normal self or do i do it normally.

    (sorry for my bad spelling lol in a big rush)
    Michelle recently posted..What is hypnosis rapid induction?

  361. Orik says:

    Hi Michelle…

    Once you have a subject in trance, speak to them in a soothing voice for a few minutes, repeating “sleep, sleep,” or something of that nature. Once they have remained in trance for a few moments, you can give them suggestions in whichever way works best for you. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘normally,’ but in general, the methods of suggestion regarding instant inductions versus traditional ones are the same. Luck to you!

  362. Luis Lopez says:

    How can you make someone take the hipnosis serious, because the people I know keeps fooling around and making me look stupid.
    Well i’m 13 years old and everything but they don’t take it serious.

    (Sorry for saying “stupid”)

  363. Orik says:

    Hi Luis…

    Sorry to hear that your friends aren’t taking you seriously. I’m going to assume that you’re referring to people your own age. Nothing against people your age, but you might have more luck if you tried practicing with your parents or an older relative. Explain to them that you’re not just fooling around or joking, that you’re serious about learning hypnosis. You might even get a chance to teach them something new! Either way, I wish you the best of luck and I hope you have a long and exciting journey in this field.

  364. Luis Lopez says:

    Does all of the steps have to be fast or can we take our time, because I can’t be looking at their eyes either, then either I look away or I just start smiling or stuff.Now it’s backwards.

  365. Orik says:

    Hi Luis…

    A rapid induction method does need to be fairly quick to be effective. If you’re having trouble with laughing or smiling, try some deep breathing exercises. These are a great way to ground yourself before any task. They’ll help you to control the laughter during hypnosis and also come in very handy throughout your life. Luck to you!

  366. Luis Lopez says:

    Thanks for the help, that will help me more to hipnotize people, and keep in mind that if I ever grow up and be great at this i’m going to have to send you half of my payment for giving me a boost on what I wanted.

    Thank you!

  367. vivek says:

    does the eyes of the person closes automatically when we say sleep ?

  368. Orik says:

    Hi Vivek…

    In most cases, yes, a subject’s eyes will automatically close. If they don’t, but the subject shows other signs of falling into trance (slumping, eyelid fluttering), you can gently but firmly tell them to shut their eyes. Luck to you!

  369. Goldwing says:

    Can I use self hypnosis to remember a past life, if I use a voice recorder?

  370. Orik says:

    Hi Goldwing…

    Past life regression is a very controversial field of hypnosis. Yes, you can use a recorder and try it via self-hypnosis. However, be very careful. There are several cases in which inviduals were convinced that they were recalling past lives when, in fact, they were receiving suggestions. The practitioners involved were using irresponsible methods to prove thier own points. The same phenomenon can occur during self-hypnosis if you strongly want to recall a past life. Just be sure to avoid any overly suggestive language that might lead to a false ‘memory.’ Best of luck to you!

  371. Calvin says:

    I want to use hypnosis to help my wife and myself quit smoking for good, is it possible? And how?

  372. Orik says:

    Hi Calvin…

    Hypnosis can be extremely helpful in quitting smoking. However, since you’re also dealing with a physical addiction to nicotine, some type of supplemental therapy is usually necessary to kick the habit for good. You’ll find many excellent (free) smoking cessation hypnosis recordings online; listen to them all while alert and choose the one which seems to ‘feel’ right for you and your wife. Ideally, a hypnosis session (usually several) will replace the desire to smoke with a more powerful desire to cultivate healthy habits. These suggestions need to be supplemented throughout your day with affirmations, willpower and new, healthy habits. Best of luck to you and your wife!

  373. g-one says:

    I want to hypnotize my hubby but he would never agree to do it willingly so I would need to do it while he’s sleeping can some please explain to me step by step how to do that successfully please

  374. Orik says:

    Hi G-One…

    It’s generally not a good idea to hypnotize a person you know is resistant to the process. In addition, sleep is very different from hypnosis. There are individuals who’ve had success with listening to repeated affirmations as they sleep. However, attempting to hypnotize a sleeping person does not work. At best, they might only ‘absorb’ a bit of what you’re saying. My best advice would be to ask him why he’s resistant – it may just be a fear based on misinformation. Best of luck to you.

  375. Nick says:

    are u supposed to remove your hand from the eyes too?

  376. Orik says:

    Hi Nick…

    If the induction is succesful, your subject will begin to ‘fall out’ while your hand is over his eyes. At this point, remove your hand and be prepared to help guide him into a lying or sitting position. Luck to you!

  377. robyn says:

    how do i het them out of the trance in full details pls i cant get my friend out:/

  378. Orik says:

    Hi Robyn…

    First of all, let me reassure you it’s extremely rare to become stuck in trance. Usually, when a subject appears ‘stuck,’ they’ve simply fallen asleep. Even if your subject is, for whatever reason, resisting waking up, you can treat them the same as if they were asleep. Give them a few firm but gentle commands to wake up. Say something like “I will now count to three, and on three you will become fully awake and alert, feeling wonderfully refreshed and in a great mood.” This gives the subconscious a little incentive to wake up, since the hypnotic state is quite enjoyable.

    If they don’t respond, you can lightly pat, shake or rub their hands and arms, just as you would when waking somebody from a nap. Say their name and keep going until they are fully awake. It shouldn’t take very long. As a precaution, you’ll want to stay with them until you’re 100% certain they’re fully awake. You might want to give them some ice water or coffee to help this along, as some people remain a bit ‘fuzzy’ for a few minutes after waking. Under no circumstances should they be left alone or allowed to drive while you suspect they might still be in a light trance. Best of luck!

  379. Mark says:

    Hey , i tried to do this but nothing happend? They also did it on me but i couldn’t feel anything happening ? So you know why this didn’t work?

  380. Orik says:

    Hi Mark…

    Sorry that you’ve been having difficulties. My best guess is that since you know the ‘hand slip’ is coming, it doesn’t have the desired effect. The entire point of slipping your hand away is to create a moment of confusion in the mind. This moment is like a window, during which a person is highly suggestible. If the person knows the hand slip is coming, however, they’re not startled or confused by it, and the effect is lost.

    You might have much better luck trying this on somebody who isn’t familiar with the technique (be sure to pick somebody who wouldn’t mind being hypnotized), or to use a more traditional induction method. Best of luck to you!

  381. Nick says:

    I have heard youm should not say some key words that can be bad. Is this true? What are some words?

  382. Woody says:

    Once I have done the technique will they then do whatever I say????

  383. Orik says:

    Hi Woody…

    You success will depend on how well you’ve performed the induction, the suggestibility of your subjects, rapport and many other factors.

  384. Orik says:

    Hi Nick…

    It’s true that there are some words which generally should be avoided in hypnosis. These are typically negative words: can’t, shouldn’t, won’t…you get the idea. This is because the subconscious literally does not process negative language. If you say “You do’t crave a cigarette” to a person in trance, all the subconscious hears is “You…crave a cigarette.” Not very effective. Another word to avoid is “try.” This is a big red flag in hypnosis because it automatically implies that something won’t be accomplished. If you think about it, trying is not doing. Trying is attempting without success. The only time I would use the word ‘try’ is when taking advantage of its negative connotations. For example, you could tell a subject to “try not to relax.” Best of luck to you!

  385. Evie says:

    Hi i have been trying and trying to get this method to work on my friends but i really cant crack it. Orik please tell me how i can make it work for me! Please reply as soon as possible!

    Evie :)

  386. Orik says:

    Hi Evie…

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble. However, without knowing more, it’s rather difficult to offer a solution. I would suggest going over every step by yourself, making sure you’re following the procedure exactly. If you’re still having trouble, perhaps you could try a more traditional induction, become familiar and succesful with that, then attempt ‘instant’ methods. Luck to you!

  387. Ashley says:

    I find this very intresting and i would like to become a “master” so i was wondering how to become one? Is it by studying about it, is their books,ext.

  388. Orik says:

    Hi Ashley…

    I think it’s wonderful that you want to become a ‘master.’ However, this is a very subjective term…there is no certification which proclaims you a master. It’s used more with hypnotists and mentalists who have gaimed some fame. NLP also uses the term ‘master practitioner’ to indicate a certain level of training. Whichever field of hypnosis you want to become a master in, I encourage you to read all you can on the subject (for free). Next, you can look into training. A well-established organization such as the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (or a similar organization in other countries) can help you determine which training courses are legitimate and which are scams.

    You can also contact practicing hypnotherapists in your area and ask where they obtained their certifications.

    Out of all practicing hypnotists, the vast majority use hypnosis as a complement to traditional medicine or therapy. For example, if you wanted to use hypnosis to help people overcome drug and alcohol issues, you would study to become a chemical dependency counselor, then obtain hypnotherapy certification and blend the two in your practice.

    Hypnosis is much like other ‘alternative’ fields in that a great deal of study is independent, or gained by observing somebody with more experience. Professional certifications are certainly worthwhile, provided that they come from a respected organization, because they ensure a standard of quality and give your subjects peace of mind. However, ongoing study is crucial. The good news is that you can begin this study right away for free! Wishing you the best!

  389. Jakeh says:

    can hypnotising people harm them?

  390. Orik says:

    Hi Jakeh…

    The only way to harm a person through hypnosis is by giving them negative, hurtful or harmful suggestions. A person can’t be hypnotized to do things which violate their core beliefs, such as murder, or to put themselves in danger by walking into trafffic. As long as your suggestions and commands are positive, helpful and for the subject’s greater good, you’ll be just fine. Luck to you!

  391. Rick says:

    Hey, i was just wondering, would the person you’ve hypnotised remember anything you said or done to them after waking up?

    Rick recently posted..Instant Hypnosis Induction Techniques

  392. Orik says:

    Hi Rick…

    There are cases of both occurring, although it seems more people do remember. The old picture of a person being ‘put under’ and not remembering a thing is outdated, at best. Today, most subjects recall all or most of what was said during their trance states. If they want further verification, many hypnotherapists record sessions. Luck to you!

  393. Jakeh says:

    how do you say the commands

  394. Jaya says:

    Hi Orik,

    can i use this on my four year old son to get rid of his fear of staying alone so that he may eventually move to his room? he absolutely needs to have somebody around even when he goes to the loo. also i want him to eat less sugary stuffs.

    i want to do this when he is sleeping.

    can you help me?how can i hypnotize him in his sleep?

  395. Orik says:

    Hi Jaya…

    I would not attempt to hypnotize your son in his sleep…this concept is actually false; a person may absorb some information as they sleep but it’s not the same as hypnosis. Different levels of brainwave activity are engaged during true hypnosis, and this is where the most significant changes can be made or suggested.

    Children, thankfully, are excellent hypnosis subjects! They haven’t been ‘trained’ by society to completely lose their imaginations, and this makes them easy to place in trance as well as highly suggestible. I would suggest finding a simple and enjoyable induction, placing your son in trance and then follow a simple, age-appropriate script to embed suggestions. Remember to word things in a positive manner. Instead of “you’re not afraid to sleep by yourself,’ for example, you might say “you feel safe and comfortable in your room at night.” Likewise, avoid saying “you don’t crave sugar,” and instead say “you enjoy healthy and delicious foods.”

    Best of luck to you!

  396. Jakeh says:

    Can you hypnotize someone in there sleep?
    Jakeh recently posted..How To Sexually Manipulate Someone

  397. Orik says:

    Hi Jakeh…

    While you can give a person suggestions in thier sleep, it’s not true hypnosis.

  398. Jakeh says:

    When you hypnotize someone do they do what you said when they are out of the trance.

  399. Corey says:

    Oh yeh can it be used for self defense

  400. Orik says:

    Hi Corey…

    No, hypnosis is not a self-defense technique. No, you can’t hurt somebody through hypnosis. Long-lasting hypnotic suggestions and ‘slave’ suggestions are much more popular and effective in movies than in real life. They’re unethical and can lead to danger if you leave your subject alone. Luck to you.

  401. ife says:

    i tried hypnosis on my female friend for the first time n when i said sleep n removed my hand,she woke up n said she only felt kinda drowsy

  402. Martyna says:

    Hi, I’m 14 years old & I’m just a few steps away from being a professional hypnotist.

    Recently, I made a presentation on how to hypnotize. I cannot tell you HOW to hypnotise, because this info is really personal, but I’ll still be giving you guys a few things from my presentation to hopefully show that hypnotism isn’t impossible.

    Here goes:
    What is a trance: When a person is under the powers of a hypnotist, they are under a ‘TRANCE’. People go into trances all the time without realizing it. Daydreaming is another form of entering a trance, and when people come out of their daydream, they often don’t know what people have been saying or doing around them.

    I have just read the steps here, and it certainly doesn’t work for me, I do it more easily but it’s personal info, thanks again if you’ve read a bit. I just felt like sharing.

  403. Orik says:

    Hi Ife…

    Don’t get discouraged; most people take many, many ‘practice runs’ before they succeed in any type of hypnosis. Keep trying and you’ll get there.

  404. Orik says:

    Hi Martyna…

    Great to hear you’re so into hypnosis! Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned, and luck to you in the future!

  405. Orik says:

    Perfect but I made my friend think he’s a cartoon villan and he has been CRAZY! How do u get them out of a trance?

  406. Oniz says:

    The first thing that everyone must know is that hypnosis is different from, as shown on TV.

    It is a way to speak to and convince a person to trust and follow your advice is it not.

    When trying to hypnotize your friend make sure that they are happy and comfortable with what you want them to do (people have said that it is impossible for you to make someone do something out of character, that only holds true for inexperienced beginners) don’t worry, if you want to control someone you shall have to have them trained first( this is a long process and may take upto 30 minutes)it is a long possess involving many small steps to make one huge command like to help a friend rid the fear of darkness :

    1. teach them that they are brave
    2. they are safe
    3. You can go into the dark because you are
    very brave.
    4. You CAN go into the dark!!
    5. The dark is GOOD.
    6.they can go in the dark (do not say that there is “NOTHING” to fear, that is -ve and will mess up their trance)

    eventually build up to the point when they themselves can say that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark.

    If a simple statement like “there is nothing to fear” can take so many steps you must realize how much time it takes to change one’s behavior!

    never lose hope. YOU ARE a GOOD hypnotist and you WILL achieve great things in life. all you need is practice (like Mr.Orik said)

    the easiest people to hypnotize are friends family and other trusting strangers, you can even control nerds(like me) and other introverts if you make them feel safe around you first. talk to them nicely and kindly, even hug them often then ask them if they’d like to do some ” meditation” exersises (if they are hesistant you need to do more work) other wise test them by asking to step here or there then face you and make eye contact then follow through with your steps but make sure that they are happy and feel safe and ask them if they want to do the “exersises” with you? do not say the word NO to them during this. if they say YES keep smiling kindly and friendly like and then continue with your steps. do sleep wake up cycles before going further if they seem to jumpy or awake. a trance is nothing more than that sleepy feeling we get before sleeping or daydreaming or when you’re bored during class.hypnosis is the teqnique to use that sleepy day dreamy in sleepy soft feeling and making it go deeper and deeper till the person actually falls asleep while completely in your trusting control, you can THEN slowly and softly guide them to you nefarious purposes, or happy ones.

  407. lightning says:

    if v try it on our selves n if v put pur selfs into a trance how ill v get out :(
    lightning recently posted..Hypnosis techniques for mind control

  408. Orik says:

    Hi Orik…

    Although your friend is not truly ‘stuck in trance,’ you can reverse his behavior by placing him in trance again and commanding him to tone things down. However, since this type of prolonged response to a silly suggestion is extremely rare, I would make sure that he’s not just messing with your head. Luck to you, either way!

  409. Orik says:

    Hi Lightning…

    You would simply command yourself to wake up. If you are particularly anxious about not being able to come out of trance, this can hinder your efforts. To avoid this, try setting an alarm to go off after a reasonable amount of time. Include the command “I will come back to alert reality when the alarm sounds” for a bit of added insurance. Luck to you!

  410. lightning says:

    i mean how do v get our selves out of trance if v hipnotize our selfe n go into trance :(
    lightning recently posted..Unconscious Signs of Attraction and Rapport

  411. Jakeh says:

    How do you become a master in hypnosis?

  412. Jakeh says:

    one more question, how old do you have to be to hypnotise?
    because I am 8

  413. Flea says:

    Hey Orik. Can you step by step explain how to put someone in a Catatonic Trance? if possible, explain the ways for both a light trance, and a deep one?

  414. Orik says:

    Hi Flea…

    I’m sorry, but I can’t, in good conscious, recommend placing anybody in a truly catatonic trance. Catatonia is a medical condition, marked by (in some cases) a completely ‘blank’ expression, no movement and no response to external stimuli. This is not a healthy trance state, with the exception of those who choose to place themselves in such a state. This is usually done by those with years of experience in deep meditation.

    My best advice for you would simply be to attempt and become familiar with some basic, traditional inductions which result in a much lighter, semi-alert trance state. Best of luck to you.

  415. Orik says:

    Hi Jakeh…

    There is no ‘proper’ age for hypnosis – in fact, the earlier you begin learning, the better! That’s precisely how you become a master, in fact – by learning all you can, practicing until you have every single step down perfectly, and then practicing some more. Luck to you!

  416. Jakeh says:

    is it possible to hypnotise someone with a stopwatch?
    if it is please tell me how to

  417. natalia says:

    please explain in detail about covert hypnosis.. what could be the initial sentences to switch off the person’s mind?

  418. Orik says:

    Hi Jakeh…

    You can use a stopwatch to hypnotize people, but you can also use any object or simply your voice or eyes. The object is not what’s important – it’s only a tool used to focus the mind. Good luck to you.

  419. Orik says:

    Hi Natalia…

    You can switch off the critical mind using the word ‘imagine.’ The effects, however, are very temporary. I will be posting a walk-through of a generic self-hypnosis script you can follow, or you could do a quick internet search. Luck to you!

  420. Cleo says:

    Could this work on animals if done properly?

  421. Orik says:

    Hi Cleo…

    Not that I’m aware of. There are some animals which can be placed in what appears to be a trance (chickens, alligators) but this is not actual hypnosis. I would imagine that some highly intelligenet animals like dogs, chimps or dolphins might be able to be placed into a very light trance. To the best of my knowledge, however, this hasn’t been done, or at least hasn’t been publicized. Or I may have just missed it. In general, however, hypnosis does not work on animals simply because their minds don’t work in the same way ours do.

  422. Jason says:

    Hi Orik! I’m so interested in hypnosis and I will have psychology as my course.
    our teacher introduced as in the field of psychology. we studied about the works and theories of great psychoanalyst like Freud..
    what made me more interested in this field is the fact that the sub-conscious may know everything. I’m just a 3rd year HS student graduating next next year at 4th year and I have this teacher who really gives as a demo in hypnosis and NLP’s and such. He made two of my volunteered classmate see what our other classmates room looks like even though they haven’t been inside their house or such by just handing two of my volunteered classmate a personal belonging such as a necklace or watch or pouch. what’s freaky about this was that those two volunteers sees what’s the history behind those personal objects/belongings.

    Sorry I got off track.. x___x
    my question is, how to focus on your goal to give the subject a command without the knowledge of knowing what to say next? its just like out of the blue suggestions but is connected to the subject.
    —in shorter terms, how to say your suggestions properly while the subject is in trance.—

  423. Orik says:

    Hi Jason…

    To answer your questions…

    The video link you provided seems legitimate. However it’s important to remember that you can never be 100% certain if a hypnotist is using a paid actor or even an unpaid friend to ACT as if they are being put into trance. Assuming that the video was 100% legitimate…tone of voice is not as important during instant methods as it is during traditional (longer) inductions. The hypnotist in your video also makes an excellent point…keep up a steady stream of ‘chatter’ throughout, or else your subject is likely to wake up immediately.

    I haven’t explored many other options, so I can’t speak for the many other sites out there, but YouTube has some great tutorials. In general, anything free is fine, you’ll learn something, even if it’s what not to do! The only sites I would be suspicious of are those which ask for money before viewing their videos.

    How you word your commands is a tricky question to answer, as it depends a great deal on which type of induction you’re using, the setting you’re in and several other factors. In an instant induction, you can essentially follow along with the video you posted. Give your commands in an ordinary speaking voice. Simply say what you’d like your subject to do, wording everything in a positive tense – “You will” rather than “You won’t.”

    In more traditional inductions, a softer, more soothing tone typically delivers the best results. Word everything in the positive, present tense.

    To go off-topic just a bit, your high school class sounds very interesting! What you’re describing, however, is not exactly hypnosis. While hypnosis can be used to unlock latent psychic ability, it doesn’t happen that quickly. My best guess would be that your teacher was either using mentalist techniques (peppering his ‘normal’ speech with suggestive words and phrases about the classmates’ rooms) or attempting to tap into latent psychic abilities. There’s a big difference between hypnosis to trigger psychic abilities and simply conducting an experiment in which the subjects may or may not have psychic abilities. I hope that makes sense. Incidentally, mentalism and psychic ability are incredibly interesting facets of psychology. Exploring either (or both) will lend your career in psychology a whole new dimension of understanding.

    Best of luck to you!

  424. Jakeh says:

    Can you hypnotise your self to get all the questions right when your at school?(please let
    me know)

  425. Orik says:

    Hi Jakeh…

    While you can’t specifically hypnotise yourself to get every anaswer right, you can work with self-hypnosis in order to improve your memory. That, coupled with old-fashioned studying, will lead you to the best grades. Luck to you!

  426. Steve says:

    If a woman is willing and is hypnotized for sexual reasons can you make it so in the future she is regularly submissive and does as her partner wants? I mean would she follow commands if she was told that’s what she is to do whenever she engages in sex with her partner in the future? This being so she doesn’t think to much and is free of thought just enjoys?

  427. Orik says:

    Hi Steve…

    Your question would depend entirely on the woman’s attitude toward the subject matter. If something violates a core belief, it’s unlikely to work, regardless of what method of hypnosis is used. In the unlikely event it does work, it is highly unethical and best avoided. Luck to you.

  428. Steve says:

    No it is not against her will or core beliefs it would be willing. She thinks to much etc etc and wants to relax but doesn’t seem to ever really be able to… Was wondering if this would be able to help with her subconscious to calm her thoughts…. Not in a bad way.

  429. Orik says:

    Hi Steve…

    Well that definitely makes it a whole different story. I would recommend discussing the exact suggestions with your partner before you begin each hypnosis session. You may want to work on each issue separately, and remember that it can take several sessions. An overactive mind can be quite difficult to shut off. I would also recommend some general relaxation exercises to help her relax in this and all areas of her life. Best of luck to you!

  430. Nonyah says:

    my friend i hypnotyzed into thinking everyone was texting,it was funny!she said if she said the keyword it huts her head,does this mean anything?

  431. ashley says:

    hi my name is Ashley and every time i try this out on my sisters it dosent work (they always fake being hypnotized) what can i do to make them in a real trans pleas help

  432. Violet says:

    In the article it never mentions how to “wake up” the person being hypnotized. The comments mention that snapping will work, but I just wanted to make sure so that my trying it will go smoothly. Thanks :)

  433. Orik says:

    Hi Ashley…

    Sorry you’re not having success so far…I would recommend keeping up what you’re doing, but perhaps trying different subjects. If your sisters aren’t taking you seriously, try a friend or another relative. Best of luck to you!

  434. Orik says:

    Hi Nonyah…

    I’ve never heard of this before, but I suppose anything is possible. I can’t imagine that it would be anything to worry about, although cancelling a suggestion before letting your subject back out into the ‘real world’is always a good idea. Luck to you.

  435. Orik says:

    Hi Violet…

    You can snap your fingers, say the subject’s name, lightly touch them on the arm or shoulder, clap your hands or simply command them to wake up. Pretty much anything goes. Luck to you.

  436. aadithya says:

    hey, i i started to try this from the moment i read it and i had my success 12 days before. it was my first success. i did it with my neighbor and succeeded. thank you a lot

  437. Esthela says:

    So i wanna try this with my boyfriend because i think he is hidding something, i just want him to tell me the truth.. do you honestly think this will work? i want to learn how to hipnotize & i would appreciate if you can reply well thank you.

  438. Orik says:

    Hi Esthela…

    There is a chance that you can command your boyfriend to tell you about things he’s been hiding. Unfortunately, however, the success rate for this type of hypnosis is very low. This is because things which we view as ‘secrets’ are typically very well-protected by the subconscious. The subconscious protects these rather fiercely; you’re likely to run into as much resistance and automatic cancellation (waking up) as if you were to ask a person to change their religion or commit murder. Another danger of asking these questions is that they create a threatening image of you in the subject’s mind. Even though he may not realize why, your boyfriend may regard you with suspicion and distrust after your attempt.

    I don’t want to discourage you, I just want you to know the potentially negative ‘side effects’ so you can make an educated decision. Wishing you the best of luck.

  439. sweet16 says:

    i really need help with hypnosis.. there is a serious matter.. and i really need to try hypnosis.. am unable to concentrate over my work. i need to relax. and maybe let someone forget or belive on something… that it never happend

  440. Orik says:

    Hi Sweet 16…

    If things are very serious, I would recommend seeking out a qualified hypnotherapist in your area. In the meantime, I would look up some free self-hypnosis inductions specifically designed for relaxation, I think they’ll help you out. Wishing you luck.

  441. nikita says:

    thanx for giving me the steps of hypnotising b’coz it keeps us relax.i will also try this on my friends.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  442. Jakeh says:

    once there hypnotised how do you give them commands ? I don’t know how to control my dad because I hypnotised him.

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