How to Get Your Brother to Do What You Want

hypUsually, a young man does not automatically follow a brother’s advice. However, that action reflects the behavior of someone who has been made aware of the fact that he is being offered a suggestion.

Yet, it is possible to offer a recommendation in a covert or secretive manner. Thus, knowledge of hypnotic techniques can be used by you, if you want to get your brother to do what you want.

Hypnotic prowess

Now that promise should not be viewed as a guarantee that the desired actions will be made soon after the start your brother has been exposed to your hypnotic powers. Even a trained hypnotist appreciates the need to be patient. Moreover, he or she understands that not everyone can be hypnotized with relative ease.

Skilled hypnotists know how to test a subject before attempting the plant a suggestion in that subject’s brain. A brother will be no more skillful that a trained hypnotist. He must observe the behavior of the young man that he wants to put in a trance.

The person who has entered a trance is under the control of his or her subconscious mind. He or she seems unaware of what is taking place in the surrounding environment. The person who is in such a state tends to respond well to a covert recommendation. Caring brothers do not take advantage of that fact. They do not try to get a loved one to perform a dangerous act. Rather, they seek to encourage the brother’s willingness to adopt a healthful behavior.

Pattern interruption

That can be done by using hypnotic techniques. The caring brother starts by speaking to his male sibling without emphasizing any words or phrases. That consistent tonality will make the listener more relaxed and more trusting. At that point, the brother/amateur hypnotist can try the technique that is known as pattern interrupt. He can behave in a way that is contrary to a certain pattern, one with which his family members are familiar. Such behavior may be able to put the surprised male sibling in a trance.

Once a trance has been induced in an adult, that person can be swayed by deepening techniques. That simply involves the making of instructions. Of course, such instructions must be done in a tone of voice that can reach the subconscious mind of the entranced individual. If that entranced person happens to be your brother, then you may be able to get him to do what you want.

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