How to Hypnotize Several Subjects At The Same Time

There are different ways to hypnotize several subjects at the same time. Below, I will show you one simple technique to experience group hypnosis.

First, ask those subjects to sit in a semicircle. Stay in front of them so that they all could see you well. Ask them to stare at you. You must stay in a such position that you could see everyone and each subject should think that you look exactly at him (her). Ask the whole group to lay down and tightly clench their hands. Tell them that when you count to three, they will not be able to separate their hands. Start counting: “One… Two … Three … ” Say quickly: “Now you can not separate your hands.” Sure, all of these must be done fast and with a hypnotic voice.

If you want to enter all of them in a trance at the same time, then you should stand in front of them, ask them to close their eyes and think of dreaming or how nice the dreaming is. Then make this suggestion several times: “Close your eyes, think about the sleep … Your head becomes heavier … You’ll sleep tightly… All parts of your body get heavier … You are calm … Your eyes are closed … You sleep tightly … tightly sleep…

Now, you can make your desired suggestion. If you want all of them laugh, then you can say: “When you open your eyes, you will see that something very funny has happened. You will all laugh … The more you try to stop laughing, the stronger you will laugh.” Ask them: “Open your eyes“. Say something funny and start to laugh yourself. Then go to anyone who has not opened his eyes and ask to open them.

That is it. Group hypnosis is mainly used in stage hypnosis. You can also use it for fun, too.

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