Hypnotized girls act like a robot

HypnosisMore than any of the other aspects involved, changes in the way a person pays attention and their level of concentration play the most critical role in hypnotic suggestion.  When a person is hypnotized, the experience can be extremely intense and their focus is narrowed considerably.

The effect is similar to being in a darkened room with no windows and trying to find your way around with a flashlight.  In a sense, the person becomes almost robotic in their actions.  The person’s entire attention span is devoted to that single focal point.

Acting like a robot

Things tend to become more clear and vivid when you are imagining, remembering, and thinking about what you are focusing on while other things can easily be forgotten.  In some cases, you may become disoriented and knowing who and where you are as well as the reality of your life oftentimes becomes clouded and unclear.  So using suggestion to control your actions is much easier.  Understandably, you can see how a person can make the subject (male or female) act like a robot.

hypnosis circlesWhere gender is concerned, there are a number of ways that you can make hypnotized girls act like robots.  Remember, hypnosis is not something for timid individuals so it is important to realize this when you are learning how to make hypnotized girls act like a robot.  Before she is going to respond to your suggestions and be susceptible to your commands, it is important to ensure that she is totally focused on you.  Maintaining eye contact will help a great deal where this is concerned.

Hypnotizing girls or women

It is also important to understand what makes females tick.  Women look for confidence and strength in men.  If you appear to be in complete control of the situation, they will be more likely to respond to hypnotic suggestion.  You should also be a good listener when you are attempting to make hypnotized girls act like a robot.  Listening to what she says enables you to learn more about them and understand what makes them tick.

In so doing, you will know exactly what to say so that she responds the way you want her to.  Be sure that you use body language, intonation, phrases, and power words that are characteristic of conversational hypnosis.  Once you do this, they will look at you as an authority figure that is very confident yet somewhat enigmatic.  By using conversational hypnosis techniques, you will be able to hypnotize girls to act like robots.



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