Covert Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize People Without Them Knowing

Covert-HypnosisHow can you use covert hypnosis without anyone knowing and make your irresistible commands?

Hitler spent most of his speech using covert hypnosis techniques, because it helped him to hypnotize the whole nation and bypass the critical analysis without them noticing.

Picture yourself a year from now. You seduce women, make new friends, change decisions of people, sell your products and so on with your hypnotic power. Yes, using covert hypnosis is like getting unfair advantage over others.

How to Use Covert Hypnosis

So, how does covert hypnosis work? Here are 3 simple steps of how you can hypnotize anyone without them knowing.

1. Build Rapport with the Listener

Your first task is to gain rapport with the listener. Rapport is simply put that feeling of connection and trust between two people. It doesn’t have to be too deep. You already have a rapport with your friends, parents and others. You can easily gain rapport with other people just by making compliment, laughing at their jokes etc.

2. Switch off the Critical Mind

After building rapport, you can now use covert hypnosis techniques to switch off the critical mind of the listener.

One of the ways to do this is to use the words “Imagine”, “What if” etc. When you use these words, the critical mind immediately shuts off, thus making the imagination work. This is very important, because we are only doing the things that we could imagine before, so invoking the mind’s eye of the listener will help you to send commands to his (her) subconscious.

3. Make Irresistible Hypnotic Commands

After bypassing the critical mind of the listener, you can now make your irresistible commands and describe the things you want a person to do.

Covert hypnosis is that simple. In covert hypnosis, your success will depend on the depth of rapport, your hypnotic language and how you follow the covert hypnosis technology.

Don’t forget: you can hypnotize anyone without his or her awareness. The only thing you should do is to follow the covert hypnosis techniques.

Recommended Course:

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis by Igor Ledochowski

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194 thoughts on “Covert Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize People Without Them Knowing

  1. Not sure Hitler is the best example. True a lot of people listened to him, however they have to take the responsibility for putting him in power. Hypnosis seems like it would be a good excuse.


  2. I would love ot be able to hypnotize people when I speak to them, but I’d want to do it for good reasons. I would like for people to reach their true potential, and work to become more valuable as people instead of working a 9 to 5 job.

    I wonder how many motivational speakers study hypnotism techniques?

  3. Nate,

    I do not recommend to use covert hypnosis for the purposes Hitler used. I make an example of Hitler’s practice in order to show how powerful covert hypnosis is. Certianly, it is not recommended to use hypnosis for dishonest purposes, although most people (especially politicians) do.

  4. Trey, I’m sure most motivational speakers use hypnosis techniques in their speech.

    We call it covert hypnosis or conversational hypnosis which helps you to hypnotize people through conversation.

    So, if you want to hypnotize people through conversation (including fo good purposes), you should learn covert or conversation hypnosis techniques.


  5. I really want to learn but is it safe? And I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it correctly.

  6. Harry,

    Sure, it is safe if you use covert hypnosis for good purposes. Also you should not worry about proper apply of covert hypnosis techniques. Everybody can learn and apply covert hypnosis easily – there is not any complicated instuctions.

    If you have any questions about it, let me know and I will try to help.


  7. My neighbor got robbed because if hypnosis, at first he thought they’re just asking for directions and later on they build rapport and after that all he could remember is he was left tied in the kitchen.

  8. Can you combine both the hand hypnosis and the covert hypnosis? For example can you put a person in a trance using the hand hypnosis then using words like pretend, or believe or whatever other words that shut off the analytical part of the mind, when you ask them to do things?

  9. Dallas,

    It would not be right choice for you to use handshake induction with covert hypnosis. You should use covert hypnosis technique to induce someone in a normal conversation and without him (her) knowing. But you can not use handshake induction this way. If you use handhsake induction your subject will be aware of what you are doing really. So, this will not be covert hypnosis.

  10. hi itried d hypnotisim and it works…..i done 2 my friend and isaw her yese it turn in 2 a reddish eyes i dont know y and she told me dat she feel kinda sleepy … do i done it well or not…reddish eyes is itan efect of d hipno-power…..pls replay faster.

  11. Hi,

    Wow….. Yes, congratulations. You did it well. Reddening Of The Eyes is one of the signs that your subject is in hypnotic trance. All of your subjects will demonstrate a reddening of the eyes once you hypnotized them and entered into a trance. This is related with relaxation of the muscles in the eyes of your subject, allowing a greater flow of blood through the veins.

    So, when you see reddening of eyes, you can celebrate your victory in your hypnosis practice. :)

    Hope it helps.

  12. As I know, there is not any free quality covert hypnosis course on the net. You must invest some money to learn powerful stuff like covert hypnosis, as professionals spend time and deep knowledge to create such courses.

  13. In general, you can wake a person just by snipping your hand. if you don’t do the person will stay in a trance for some time and wake himself (herself).

  14. Well, if you use certain covert hypnosis techniques properly, you will send hidden commands to her subconscious about what you want. Rapport is especially important, before you induce her. You probably got the point.

    Answering to your question: Yes, it is possible, although I don’t recommend to use it. You know why. 😉

  15. After hypnotism will the person actually remember it? I mean like when a person kisses you on the cheek or something.

  16. In most cases in hypnosis, the person will remember it. But in some covert hypnosis practices, the person do not remember what happened. Even she remembers what happened, she will think that it was her own idea. You will not be suspected, thus.

  17. Yes, you can. These devices are not used covert hypnosis, as covert hypnosis is done covertly. but they are used in hypnotherapy. I am personally using them on my clients, although I recommend to use hypnotic ball instead other hypnotic devices.

  18. orik sir
    can you please tell how to bring a person in trance after building a rapport with him
    i have not been able to understand what you have published above

  19. Yeah, well put, it’s only now being widely documented that hitler did use these techniques with much skill!

  20. Saying “Imagine” after successful rapport evokes the mind eye in that person. This helps you to create mental imagery and make effective suggestions. This is just one of the ways for sending covert commands. It is widely used in sales letters, while this and other techniques are also used in attraction, seduction, persuasion etc.

  21. What sort of hypnosis would be best to try on your girlfriend/boyfriend as they’d have a lot trust about you? Also is it possible to make them permanently believe that something was their own idea and keep doing for the rest of life, for example making him/her like fast food for rest of their lives?

  22. What sort of hypnosis would be best to try on your girlfriend/boyfriend as they’d have a lot trust about you?

    In a general, you should use covert hypnosis techniques (certain language patterns) to get trust from time to time.

    Also is it possible to make them permanently believe that something was their own idea and keep doing for the rest of life, for example making him/her like fast food for rest of their lives?

    You can make someone to do and believe something like it was their own idea. But it is not guaranteed that the person will do it for the rest of the life. There are several factors that affect subconscious and belief system of your girlfriend/boyfriend.

    For example, you can make your girlfriend/boyfriend quit smoking permanently – for the rest of the life. Hypnosis is the best way to do this. But it is also possible that other people affect your friend in a negative way. This can change her (his) subconscious from time to time.

  23. Thanks.
    What if the relevant person has a very analytical mind, would it be possible even for a newbie to hypnotize such a person?
    Also can instant hypnosis let the person who is undergoing that know what the hypnotist has said to him/her even after waking up? Will he/she come out of trance if the suggestion is something that’d normally be rejected?

    If a person is willing to SHOW some physical illness, such as fever, is it possible for the hypnotist to suggest such a thing and the body actually follow the command, in the same way that an illness would be treated? This is when the person wants it by himself/herself and not forcibly. What are possible suggestions to accomplish such a task?

  24. What if the relevant person has a very analytical mind, would it be possible even for a newbie to hypnotize such a person?

    If you are confident and use the right techniques, then you can hypnotize anyone (including extreme analytical mind).

    Also can instant hypnosis let the person who is undergoing that know what the hypnotist has said to him/her even after waking up?

    Yes, in instant hypnosis a person remembers what the hypnotist said to him (her), because it is not hidden hypnosis. But in covert hypnosis process is different as the person does not even know he is being hypnotized.

    If a person is willing to SHOW some physical illness, such as fever, is it possible for the hypnotist to suggest such a thing and the body actually follow the command, in the same way that an illness would be treated? This is when the person wants it by himself/herself and not forcibly. What are possible suggestions to accomplish such a task?

    Well, hypnosis helps to affect the subconscious mind. This helps to solve different psychological problems. As mind and body are connected, hypnosis can help with physical problems in some way.
    There are some debates around this, but very few experiements. I am one of those who believe hypnosis can help in physical problems through mind-body system. We hope to make experiments about this in the future.

  25. Hello I was wondering which form of hypnosis is more effective (covert or instant). Also, I have had people do something very similar to the steps above and it definitely didnt work. I have a very analytical mind. Up until this point I had no idea they were trying to hypnotise me…

  26. Hello Tom,

    Both of them are effective. But, sure covert hypnosis gives you extra advantages as it is done covertly.

    The guide above is just basic. It is mainly used by offline MLM sellers. It is not whole covert hypnosis system.

    I wrote it just to show sample.

    Orkhan Ibad

  27. Do you have a more detailed guideline of an individual technique I could use? I tried the handshake hypnotism and it made my bro fall asleep but he woke up as soon as he fell off the bed…is there a way to make him fall into a trance without him sleeping?

  28. Tom,

    I am currently working my “Covert Hypnosis” Ebook. I will give it away absolutely for FREE to my readers. There will be very helpful, step by step tips to understand and apply covert hypnosis techniques better. It will be released until April 1 (soon probably) and I will let you know. You will love it.

    To your question: Yes, it is possible. We call it light trance. You can hypnotize someone and achieve your goals just entering him (her) in a light trance – “without sleep”.

  29. Covert hypnosis (as we call it now) has been around forever. And everyone uses it to one degree or another, we call it influence and persuasion. Everyone influences and persuades the people around them. Some people are naturally better at it than some but you can learn the skills to use it consciously and with a purpose. The science of Covert Hypnosis is born through observation and understanding how we process our thoughts and emotions. Covert hypnosis is something people can use to persuade or to manipulate, to influence or to take advantage. I’m sure Orik will agree that once someone senses you are trying to manipulate them they will become very suspicious of you and you’ll definitely get no where with them and fail (as you rightly deserve).

    – Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life –

  30. Hi, I’m a teenage girl and have studied and practiced hypnotism for two months. For some reason I am unable to put people into trances. And everyone says I’m too young and that I can learn hypnosis when I’m out of college and become a physicologist. -____- Please give me some tips on covert hypnosis to put people into trances without them sleeping? Thanks so much.

  31. Calen,

    You should not stress. Invest some time and money in your education and practice. You will succeed this way.

  32. hi,
    am very pleased the way u put words in simle way so that the beginner understands well.

    could u plese tell me how to practise hypnosis… imagine i have just come to u to learn hypnosis.. how would u suggest me?

  33. I would recommend to improve your knowledge on hypnosis by reading books, courses (and mentorship) and start practicing the techniques as much as you can. This will help you to master hypnosis easily.

  34. hi … i’d like to have more information about hypnosis, cause i choose that topic 4 my project & am Confused about choosing the title for this topic , because I don’t have that much of info 2 talk about hypnosis ..that it will be enough 2 complete my project,

    & i’ll appreciate that if u give me that info i need about hypnosis, and plz suggest 4 me the title exactly what am going to talk about thank u

  35. Hi.
    Orik i have been wandering what is best way to put them into a trance and how to exactly know if there in a trance because if you think there in a trance but are not and you say a command you may come o nstrange and lose trust

  36. Hi I was wandering if u could give me an example of a conversation between 2 people one hypnotizing the other using covert hypnosis

    also Is it possible to suggest to the person while he is in a trance to not remmber what u said to them?


  37. Hello Orik,

    I have read you’re post , and you mentioned to start studying hypnosis, by reading books, and find mentorship. Do you have a list of good books that you think, are good for beginners. Also , Would you happen to know any very good schools for convert hypnosis, any good sites to try, i have tried google. Thank you , very much for what you do.

  38. Hello, Orik. I get the trust thing but can u give an example of the “imagine” conversation? ANd did you ever release your Ebook back in April? Can you hypnoptize some1 to just go into a deep sleep and have noo idea of what your doing? Thx, Steven.!

  39. Devin,

    It depends on the level you are being hypnotized. If the hypnotist has high hypnosis skills, then it is a bit difficult to notice covert hypnosis. Otherwise, you can easily detect it by paying attention to the use of some words.


  40. Hello Steven,

    It is used a lot, like “Imagine yourself having this car, girls looking at you ……” (on sales process) You get the point right…?

    I have released my free report about “Inducing Trance Using Covert Hypnosis” which you can get by adding your email address on pop-up window. My blog readers will know first when I release my complete hypnosis book.

    Yes, you can do that (hypnotize someone into deep sleep and after that not having an idea what you are doing), but it is more advanced skill.


  41. Can you please explaine the third step in more detail? I don’t understand what you mean, and could you add an example of a conversation where someone was trying to make someone walk to somewhere or something? Thx

    Also, will they remember what you tell them when they are in the trance? And, can you give me some examples of signs that they are in a trance? Thx again.

  42. when i tried the instant induction on my friend they did fall forward a little bit and blinked with confusion, i did tell them to sleep but they came back straight away. (he was never hypnotised before) but afterwards i asked him how he was feeling durring that time and he said he felt surprised and shoked. So uh, what did i do wrong here and how can i fix it??? any one with experience plese help…!!!

    p.s i am new to this.

  43. That is normal, especially for newbie. Improve your knowledge and experience. You will changes from time to time.

    Orkhan Ibad

  44. i tried this on my three yr old brother and it worked!!!!! i just sat him on meh lap and talked to him for a few minutes and read him a story ( coz he doesnt understand words like imagine) and after i finished the story he just sat there (his eyes were red) and stared at the floor for about two mins without moving!! it was ded funny 😀

  45. I an new to the hypnosis but not to other things in this nature so i was wandering is it safe to do on toddlers like the convert hypnosis to help them listen to there parents or to help them learn easier if they have problems learning and if it is do i use the same method as if i was doing it to a adult or is there a other way

  46. It is safe to use hypnosis for toddler with learning disabilities. However, it is done by a professional hypnotherapist using hypnotherapy techniques (not only covert hypnosis). The hypnotherapist can give a parent some instructions to follow while the child sleeps etc.

    Hypnotizing children for therapy is much different than hypnotizing adults. Especially, building rapport with a child can be difficult for some hypnotherapists.

    Orkhan Ibad

  47. hi
    i’m quite young and have only started with covert hypnosis i have read a bit on NLP and learnt about eye movements, hand movements and voice tones but i am not sure how to competely get someone into a trance i have friends that i’m pretty close wih and i can get them to imagine or think what if but were do i go from there. It would be really helpful if you could show me because i’m facinated by this stuff.

  48. Hello. I am interested in learning covert hypnosis for my girlfriend. We recently broke up and we are trying to work things out, but everytime she sleeps over she always goes outside and talks on the phone to someone for 30-45 minutes. I don know with who or what they talk about. I don’t want to start an argument and question her when she comes back in. I know there is another guy after her who is very controlling and has threatened me on numerous occasions. They met about 2.5 months ago, I’ve been with her for 3 years. I just want to protect myself from gettin even more hurt. Will covert hypnosis work in this situation? What kind of “imagine” and “what if” conversation can I use? Once she’s under a trance can I just ask who she’s talking to and what they’re talking about? Thank you so much. I have been going through very difficult times recently and this is on top of everything else.

  49. Hello,

    Practically, it can be done. But in your case, you should focus on dating and communication techniques to improve your relationship.

    Orkhan Ibad (Orik)

  50. Hi,

    The technique I show above is an example. It is not the whole covert hypnosis. So, you should learn more techniques from covert hypnosis courses.

    Orkhan Ibad

    i’m quite young and have only started with covert hypnosis i have read a bit on NLP and learnt about eye movements, hand movements and voice tones but i am not sure how to competely get someone into a trance i have friends that i’m pretty close wih and i can get them to imagine or think what if but were do i go from there. It would be really helpful if you could show me because i’m facinated by this stuff.

  51. Hello

    i don’t really get how to use covert hypnosis like can you give me an example
    of what i would say if i wanted someone to give me something cause i don’t understand the 2 lsat steps

  52. Hello,

    You should not worry about that. Like I said before, the technique I show above is an example. It is not the whole covert hypnosis. So, you should learn more techniques from covert hypnosis courses.

    Orkhan Ibad

  53. Oh sorry, its just that i meet a person on the internet who’s mentalist he wrote a blog on how to be mentalist and covert hypnosis caught my attention i was intrested. It had those same steps above saying (Building Rapport,switch of the Critical Mind and Giving Hypnotic Commands)and i still don’t know how to do it but i would love to be able to hypnotize someone with out them knowing.

  54. As i said before i don’t know how to use the last 2 techniques for example (if i want somone to give me something they have, i don’t don’t nkwo what to tell them to imagine or where to ad the “what if” and for giving the commands i don’t know what could i say and plus do i give the command after their done imaginig or is it while they are?

  55. Hey their Orkhan Ibad. I’ve read about 10 books on the subject and bought about eight of them and have learned about this since i was young. What I don’t really understand exactly is what I am missing? Should there be a script beforehand? Am i getting the sleep part wrong? Are the methods just wrong. Every time I try to hypnotize someone, it won’t work. I seem to get discouraged now for even trying but it is very important to me that I learn. I am in the military and about to get deployed. I very badly want to improve myself as well as others mentally and physically while also having a little fun. Thanks Ace

  56. I simply just feel like the language is wrong. I’ve read scripts before but mostly just use what I see in stage hypnosis. Should i make a script for once and try and use specific wording?

  57. Hi, I just noticed that my hypnotherapist abused our sessions to apply covert hypnosis on me (so that I have sex with him). First, he succeeded because I confessed my love to him (although he was not my type at all and he was married with child). Yet, he got surprised by what I had become: I was producing false memories (accusing my family and boyfriend for not caring enough for me etc) and I was -almost always- talking about suicide. I did not let him touch me. I guess he got scared that I commit suicide and so, he did not push further. He told me that I should go see a psychotherapist who is interested in borderline personality disorder. After speaking to my boyfriend (who told me that my hypnotist might be evil), I woke up from the covert hypnosis and suddenly all suicidal thoughts (and borderline disorder) are gone. Why do you think the covert hypnosis led me to become a borderline? Is there any potential risk that I am a borderline or all those suicidal thoughts, were they artifically produced?

  58. Hi,

    Covert hypnosis can be used in hypnotherapy, ecpecially for hard subjects, but if the doctor misuses this for other purposes then it is a crime.


  59. My friend says she doesn’t believe in hypnosis and tried it out on her but she just started laughing. I was wondering if you could explain, we’ve had rapport for years but I don’t get the imagine part do you say it and there in a trance or do have to keep adding words so they will go in a trance

  60. hi

    i get the steps but when the person is in a trance do you just tell them what to do and also when you tell someone what to do do they do it straight away or do you have to say something like “WAKE”? please reply because im really confused.


  61. hi

    if somebody is in a trance can you get them to say things like if theyve stolen anything because i suspect my “friend” stole my mobile, he trusts me completely and i wondered if i could get him to tell me if he took it because its been driving me CRAZY because i have no proof.

  62. hi

    i get the steps but when the person is in a trance do you just tell them what to do and also when you tell someone what to do do they do it straight away or do you have to say something like “WAKE”? please reply because im really confused.



    if somebody is in a trance can you get them to say things like if theyve stolen anything because i suspect my “friend” stole my mobile, he trusts me completely and i wondered if i could get him to tell me if he took it because its been driving me CRAZY because i have no proof

    When your subject is in a trance, you simply have to make suggestions to achieve your goal.

    Orkhan Ibad

    This is a bit legal question, so it would not be right to respond it. Anyway, you can get the information from people if your speech is persuasive enough.

    Orkhan Ibad

  63. My wife just told me she wants a divorce. We have been having marital problems. No abuse or infadelity. I believe it is a lack of communication that has made us distant. I know she still loves me and I love her. I just want to go to marriage counseling to see if we can make this work. I was wondering if you believe i could encourage to go to counseling with covert hypnosis. A quick reply would be great since I am running out of time. Thank you.

  64. can i hypnotize someone so that i can make commands and after that tey won’t remember a thing

  65. Hi I am 11 and I am having some problems with my friends. They get mad at each other and me is there a way to hypnotize them without them falling asleep and at the same time?

  66. I think my social worker/counsellor has been covertly hypnotizing me for medication compliance. I was suspicious because I have been having the same side effects as I had when taking the medication, which is why I stopped taking them. I recorded today’s session with my social worker on a digital voice recorder. I went into the session with a determined effort to stay alert, not to be so agreeable and not to become pacified, and keep the conversation flowing and not let there be any quiet pauses. To my knowledge I felt I had achieved this by the end of the session. However, I was shocked to discover this was not the case when I listen to the recording later on. There was about a 4 minute pause only 10 minutes into the session. During the pause there is lots of ruffling sounds on the microphone, indicating that I was moving about or being moved about. Somewhere in the middle of the pause I heard my social worker say ” are there any benzos with that”, but he said it quietly and it didn’t sound like he was addressing me, and that comment did not flow or make sense in the context of our conversation. After listening to this section a few times, in the minutes before the pause in the conversation he worked into the conversation the word sleep and sleepy several times, and then there was a pause of quietness for about a half minute before I started talking again, and our conversation continued for about another half a minute, and just before the 4 minute pause occurred, he finished the conversation with “if you want to sleep”. At the end of the 4 minute pause, I started talking again as if there had been no break at all in the conversation, except the first few seconds of my speaking was jumbled and incoherent. . When I first started seeing him, he did a normal hypnosis session for relaxation, and it seemed I was fully still aware of everything, and had always believed that no one could take control of me under hypnosis if it was against my will, so I was not at all concerned about doing that initial hypnosis. I felt pretty good and relaxed after that initial hypnosis, and wondered why he never did any more of it, but I guess he had achieved his purpose of control. I am now rather concerned of what suggestive words he may have planted into my subconscious and could anyone use those words to put me to sleep unawares? Is there any way I can undo what he has done and is it possible for me to prevent being “put to sleep”? Now knowing that “sleep” is a possible trigger word, I will be more alert to him saying it, but will that be enough? There could be other words he could use if “sleep” doesn’t work.

  67. hi , i want to have sex with my gf , is there any way that i can do it without recalling it . please tell me the steps

  68. Dear Orik,
    I am 11 years old and i want to learn hypnosis for entertainment (my entertainment purposes not the person hypnotized) I recently hypnotized my grandmother and made her get up and walk around. When she sat back down and I told her to close her eyes and think of sleep and she fell asleep then I told her when she opens her eyes she will awake. Then when she woke up she didn’t recall getting up she thought she was asleep the whole time! How do I know if she was just kidding around or not?

  69. Okay my boyfriend does not like me talking to old male friends of mine and some of my exes that were like my best friends. How would I hypnotize him into being okay with that and I also wanna get him to save his money better and get him to tell me things. And is there a way I can hypnotize my friends in to thinking he is cool and liking him.

  70. to stop people frm hypnotised by us ?\ to stop others from hypnotising us?

    sir i want to become a professional hypnotiser in my future to heal others as well as to controls others who are misbehaving {like terorists,thieves,drunken ,mad or insane } i like helping other so its my future dream to help other ,,, so please help me

    thnk u

  71. omg i say this stuff to my friends all the timmmmeeeee!!! >.< i had no idea i wuz hypnotizing themz!!!

  72. Any ideas for conversation commands? And how would you say a command in conversation hypnosis?

  73. I don’t think you can just turn off the critical mind and then command stuff. I mean by turning off the critical mind you didn’t realy hypnotize him/her.

  74. What are some recommended tracks/cds of covert hypnosis? And I don’t get how telling them to imagine something and then suggesting what they should do would make them do it. Please explain.

  75. I heave a question for you,1.I want to hypnotize some children,2. how could I turn off muscular systems. 3. Turning the muscular systems back on without any damaging effects to the child. Nothing real deep ,just enough to reach the subconscious

  76. I heave a question for you,1. . how could I turn off muscular systems. 3. Turning the muscular systems back on without any damaging effects to the child. Nothing real deep ,just enough to reach the subconscious

  77. i want to quit smoking….. i tried many times but failed… can it be done by self hypnosis? if yes how?…..

  78. So… Is that ALL you do? Like, when you say something like, “Imagine if you were floating. That would be so fun!” or something, they will immediately go in a trance, or do you just have to keep saying stuff like that until he/she goes into a trance?
    Also, another question: when the person is in a trance, can you say stuff like, “Put your arm up,” or do you have to say, “Imagine you are putting your arm up,”? I really need to kno cuz i am planning on hypnotizing my bff using covert.. Please reply!

    P.S its for a good cause: encouraging her to study harder for school.

  79. Is there anyone who can please inform me for how long covert hypnosis can llast ? Can one be in a hypnotic state for years ,without realizing it?
    Also what happens when someone wakes up from the induced trance state?

  80. Do you think I can use covert hypnosis on my teacher and external examiner at oral exam, to get a better grade?

  81. Kim…

    Covert hypnosis is great for influencing people. However, it can’t change a person’s perception of things such as grades or scores. Hypnosis can’t make a person violate their core values, and there’s a pretty good chance that your teacher’s and examiner’s values include scoring tests fairly. However, you can attempt to influence their perception of you as a person by using covert techniques such as looking them in the eye and speaking in a low, soothing tone of voice. This will make you appear honest and confident. Good luck!

  82. Ive read thru your publications Orik, and yet i still donknow what type of questions to ask after invoking the imagination of the subject. Could you please provide examples of questions to ask and how to go about starting a covert hypnosis session?

  83. Hi Sean…

    If you’re referring to questions which build rapport, these can be any questions that get your subject talking. The goal of building rapport is creating a feeling of trust between you and your subject – that is rapport. Chat them up, give them a compliment, anything to build that connection. Laughter is an instant rapport-builder, so laugh at their jokes or, better yet, get them to laugh at yours.

    If you’re referring to the “what if” questions mentioned, these depend entirely on the situation, and your desired outcome. For example, if you’re using covert hypnosis on a girl you’d like to date, you might say something like “What if you’re my New Year’s date and…” Of course, this example works best in the sring or summer, a long ways from New Year’s Eve. The point is to get your subject’s subconscious mind open to possibilities which YOU wish to make reality. These questions should be asked in a lighthearted manner…remember, you’re trying to charm your subject’s subconscious, not creep out her conscious mind.

    Hope this answered your questions and good luck!

  84. hi what would you do if you were talking to a girl you never spoke to before and you want them to fall in love with you?

  85. Hi D-Man…

    Unfortunately, hypnosis isn’t a love potion. While you can’t make somebody fall in love with you, you CAN plant suggestions that will make her more likely to go out with you! Just follow the directions and sample scripts for covert or conversational hypnosis, planting suggestions regarding your future together and how much fun you will have together. A few conversations (perhaps just one) like that will have her agreeing to date you, and after that you’ll just have to be your charming self!

  86. Hi Waldo…

    I’ve never heard of this, so I am assuming that it’s highly unlikely. The only way I can think of this even being possible is the extremely light trance we all go into when listening to a charismatic speaker. If your natural speech patterns are charismatic, I suppose you may put some listeners into a very light trance, but nothing further.

  87. Hi Vernon…

    Yes you can hypnotize a group of people. The key is using carefully constructed sentences which hide commands. These commands are not registered consciously. For a great example of this type of mass hypnosis in action, look up Derren Brown’s mall hypnosis online.

  88. Hi Vernon…

    You can’t really ‘trick’ somebody into listening to you. Covert and conversational hypnosis are typically done while having a regular conversation with someboody. If they’re not interested in talking to you for some reason, such as distractions, it’s best to simply choose another subject. Good luck!

  89. Hi Brandon…

    There are many different tutorials you can watch. As you read and learn more about hypnosis, you’ll eventually develop your own unique style.

  90. Hi Joe…

    There are many ways to learn all types of hypnosis. Unfortunately, many ‘schools’ are essentially scams, so watch as many free videos and read as much as you can before paying for lessons. If you do want formal classes, search for schools or courses approved by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations and the National Guild of Hypnotists. These oragnizations are dedicated to preserving the integrity of hypnosis. In the meantime, take full advantage of all the free information online and in books. Good luck to you!

  91. Orik, I am from the uk and I am unable to find a place where I will be able to learn any form of hypnosis, I am a complete beginner with a basic knowledge, is there any books or videos, even diagrams or information packs that you could recommend to me? Thanks

  92. Alright so I get the whole ‘Normal conversation thing’ and then shutting off the critical minf by saying ‘what if’ things but how do you actually codmand them? Do you just start saying random commands or say them. Commands in your head or……?

  93. Hi Jordyn…

    The best approach is to frame your commands as questions. Using the example of “imagine” as a critical thought shut-off word, you could simply follow up with whatever your command may be. “Imagine if you leaned over and kissed me right now” is actually a very popular commmand! By combining the disconnect of critical thought immediately with a command, you have the best chance of your commands reaching the subconscious. Good luck!

  94. Hi Erik…

    I am very hesitant to recommend any paid methods. Since you are a beginner, the internet, in this case, is your best friend. There are tons of tutorials available on YouTube alone which offer solid, easy-to-follow hypnotic instruction. Watch as many as you can to get a base knowledge of different techniques, methods and possibilities. Listen to self-hypnosis recordings as well, following them fully, to get a better understanding of what trance feels like. Once you feel as though you’ve learned all you can for free, I would find a reputable bookstore which specializes in new-age topics. Talk with the salespeople and ask for recommendations. I realize this isn’t the fastest method out there, but there are so many scam ‘courses’ and ‘schools’ floating around, it’s still the safest way to go. Wishing you luck on your journey!

  95. Hello Orik… I need some help… the thing is… I don’t ever want to die. Never. Under any surcumstance… I know it may seem weird.. but is it possible to hypnotize myself into never dieing?

  96. Hi Abnonomys…

    Sorry to tell you, but there is no way to hypnotize yourself into living forever. Instead, I would suggest concentrating on making the most out of every moment of life! Life is short, but that’s part of what makes it precious, so enjoy. If you feel that your fear is becoming very strong or interfering with your life, I would seek professional help from somebody experienced with phobias. Best of luck to you!

  97. Hi orik. I was just wondering I was reading abnonomyses comment and I was wondering if you can get rid of things like phobias. (I am afraid of hights. XD)

  98. Hi Orik2…

    Absolutely…in fact, a phobia is one of the most common issues which hynotherapists address on a regular basis. Look up what you can online, and if that doesn’t do the trick, consider seeing a hypnotherapist. In many cases, a phobia can literally be removed within minutes. Best of luck to you!

  99. Hi, I was wondering how you say the commands, do you say “Imagine if [command]” or do you just try to shut off the critical mind and THEN say the command

  100. Hi Unknown…

    The best way to phrase your commands is to say (for example) “Imagine if we’re together a year from now” or “Imagine if you just leaned in and kissed me.” This delivers the command immediately after shutting off conscious thought and gives your command or suggestion the best chance to reach their subconscious. Best of luck!

  101. Hi. I know for a fact that my ex was using this on me. He had definitely perfected the art of it. I noticed that on our first meeting, our first date and at other times in the beginning when he was trying to get me to commit that his hands were postured in a certain way just like in the videos. He was also very controlled in his speech and would always position himself directly in front of me. He had none of the attributes of someone I would normally date and I was shocked by the “instant connection” that we had. However, there was always something that I couldn’t put my finger on that didn’t feel right. As it turned out he has several women in the same state as I was in. He gets women to TOTALLY commit to him and offers nothing in return. How do I desensitize or undo what he did? Even knowing that the relationship was all an illusion, I still catch myself at times longing for him at times. The man is destroying women all over our town. He is very dangerous and worse a law enforcement officer. Is there a way to out him on this without sounding crazy? And protect myself or desensitize myself from these types of attacks?

  102. Actually he does make suggestions of you being in his future, but looking back they were indirect. He uses key words about family, future, and marriage. If he hadn’t put some of them in writing, when he told me he had never said these things I would have had no evidence of it, but I saved the text messages.

  103. Hi Nina…

    Sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, some people will always misuse power, in whatever form they can. I’m sorry that this guy used it to manipulate you. Keep in mind that there’s a chance he didn’t know he was doing it. He may also just be a master manipulator, no hypnosis involved. After all, many hypnosis techniques are simply manipulation techniques. Either way, my apologies.

    The good news is that just by going through this experience, you’re automatically much less susceptible to future covert attempts. Your subconscious is more likely to register these techniques. You can also take care to be more alert for these techniques in the future, since bypassing conscious awareness is the basis of how covert hypnosis works. Just don’t become jaded and let this guy ruin your future relationships.

    I wouldn’t bother ‘outing’ him, simply because so many peope still view hypnosis in a negative or disbelieving light. If you see him doing anything truly dangerous, however, that’s a different story. I would also defintely warn any friends if he tries to ‘work his magic’ on them in the future.

    Undoing what he’s done is trickier. Part of what you’re doing through is probably just normal human emotion; we all have feelings of longing for an ex now and then. If you want to try, however, there’s a good chance that hypnosis can help you. Using any induction method, place yourself in trance and then tell your subconscious that he is not the person you thought he was. Include some affirmations of your own worth (to help avoid self-blame). You can do this yourself, but I would recommend having a trusted friend help you. Recording the session would be helpful as well, so you can listen to it as you fall asleep.

    Best of luck to you!

  104. Must the suggestion we made to switch off the critical mind be related to the hypnotic command we are about to issue?

  105. Hi Jin…

    There are different techniques, but generally the suggestion should relate to the command. Best of luck!

  106. could i possibly use this to get my parents not to fight anymore im pretty young [11] and they are thinking of divorce plesase help.

  107. Hi Mike…

    First of all, let me say how sorry I am that you’re going through this. Unfortunately, hypnosis is unlikely to work on your parents regarding their divorce. Deeply-held beliefs are notoriously difficult to change, even for hypnotherapists with years of experience and training. In most cases, a divorce is like a big ball of conflicting, passionate and deeply-held beliefs locked in battle with each other. This makes the situation very complex.

    Instead of hypnosis, my best suggestions is to talk with your parents. Let them know how you feel. You could even suggest that they see a counselor. The point is to let them know how deeply this is affecting you. There are no guarantees, of course, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. I wish you and your parents the very best of luck at this difficult time.

  108. Hi Orik. I REALLY need help. I have a friend. And you see the thing is she is going out with this guy and I’m very happy for her. She… well… had sex with him. And I mean that’s fine but… umm.. I… ACEDENTALY!! saw her put in her journal that she dosent think shr loves him… and the thing is.. well she had SEX with him! I REALLY want it to work out between him and her. And even though I kinda like her. I just want her to be happy. Orik. I need to be able to hypnotise her into loving him. Now the thing is I am NOT very good at this kinda stuff.. so I need you to go deaper into telling us how to hypnotise covertly. Because when I try these methods… they don’t work for me. Pleese help!

  109. Hi Oriki…

    I think it’s great that you’re so concerned about your friend. However, this is not something which hypnosis can help. Even if you succeeded (which is unlikely since the subconscious can’t be hypnotized to do something it doesn’t believe in), you would be implanting false feelings, making your friend think she feels something she doesn’t. In the end, that will only lead to more problems. Sitting down and talking with your friend would be a much more responsible way to go. If you still want to use hypnosis, I would forget the covert part and ask her permission, then implant some suggestions about safety, sticking to her own values and confidence. These are positive suggestions that will yield good results regardless of how things turn out with this boyfriend. Wishing you and your friend luck!

  110. Hi orik. Thanks for your help! Ill try to talk to her about it. Ps when you say that the subconscious cant do something it dosent belive in… then how does hypnosis even work?
    From your friend oriki

  111. Hi Oriki…

    So happy to hear that! Regarding your question: our subconscious is where we hold our deepest beliefs, things we value. An obvious example would be ‘killing is wrong,’ but it also covers religious beliefs, personal values and virtually anything we feel strongly about. Our imaginations, however, are extremely powerful and not bogged down by ‘reality.’

    For example, if you gave somebody a suggestion that they had a unicorn for a pet, their imagination has no trouble at all imagining a sparkly unicorn, because reality is not involved and, most importantly, owning a unicorn doesn’t violate any of their core values. If you told that same person that they were about to slaughter that unicorn, they would most likely rebel and wake up, because most people are against the idea of slaughtering a pet. At the opposite end of things, consider self-healing. In most modern cultures, medical science is accepted as fact. However, people all over the world have been reporting self-healing, through hypnosis and other methods, for thousands of years and they continue to do so today. It doesn’t make sense medically, but it’s ‘approved’ by our subconscious because it does not violate any core values.

    I hope that clears things up. Best of luck to you!

  112. Ok, does this really work?! I really need to hypnotize my friend, she is overly heartbroken about her boyfriend dumping her, so much that she says she is going to do suicide.

    I need to hypnotize her to NOT do suicide, but if she knew I was hypnotizeing her, she would go crazy and probably just kill herself the same day.

    Ok. So does this REALLY work? I need to know. :)

  113. Hi Hypnorange…

    You’re a wonderful friend to want to help her, but right now she needs to see a mental health professional. Quickly. As much as it might feel like “snitching,” you need to tell her parents, your parents, or some trusted adult who can get her the help she needs. Hypnosis may help her down the road, but right now she needs observation and monitoring. Please help her out responsibly. Luck to you.

  114. Hi orik. How are you orik? Confused? XD :) its oriki :) can you show s senario in which you would use covert hypnosis and show how YOU would do it?

  115. Ok, if I can say my opinion then this would be the one. I hardly belive that someone can be hypnotized “just” by hearing words like “Imagine” because I think it’s a pure nonsense. I keep trying to see how could that work, but when I imagine that someone is doing that to me then I realize that this words don’t really do ANYTHING. I can’t imagine that I would get “lost” when someone is telling me to imagine something… And even if that someone is telling me to imagine something then I would just imagine that and I would still keep thinking normal. That is my opinion and if you think otherwise then prove me with something like a normal conversation with someone, don’t need to highlight some words, I’ll see the point…
    Oktavian recently posted..What are NLP Hypnotic Language Patterns?

  116. First of all, I saw a comment up above about hypnosis not working on some people, many attempts have been made both covertly and not to hypnotize me. I am completely unaffected.
    Second of all, I need you to help me with something Orik. I’ve really liked this girl for about 3 years now. I think it would work out really well if I could just find a way to gather enough courage to ask her out and/or hypnotize her into going on a date with me. First, would it be possible for me to hypnotize myself covertly, like in a random conversation with somebody if I use the word “imagine” and somehow incorporate me being courageous into it, I could force myself to venture as far as asking her? Second, if it’s my first try at covert hypnosis, would I be able to get her to go on a date with me without affecting her mind past that one day?

  117. Hi Scott…

    To answer your first question…I would try traditional self-hypnosis first. Covert techniques take plenty of practice. You can find recordings online (for free) which deal specifically with courage and confidence. In addition, I would try using conscious visualization and affirmations. Picture and repeat statements regarding your ideal outcome, and your subconscious will begin moving you in that direction.

    To answer your next question, I would practice a bit before you try covert techniques on this girl. Not years of practice, just getting down a few key phrases so they sound natural and normal. There’s a very fine line between masterful covert techniques and plain old creepiness, and it sounds like this girl is special to you. You don’t want to frighten her off, so take things slow. Best of luck to you!

  118. Hi Oktavian…

    Of course you’re entitled to your opinion! It’s a common opinion at that; many people doubt the reality of conversational hypnosis. Writing out a full conversation in this space would be close to impossible, since so many aspects (body language, facial expressions, tone, inflection) are involved. Instead, I’ll try to explain it this way:

    Conversational and covert hypnosis are not traditional trance techniques. The subject is supposed to remain fully alert, aware and lucid. The covert part comes in through very subtle shifts in the conscious and subconscious minds. The word ‘imagine’ triggers the minds of most people to consider the impossible. It’s what the word means, after all. That small ‘window’ allows covert techniques and suggestions to reach the subconscious. Influencing how people think is the goal of this type of hypnosis, not a trance.

    In individuals who are naturally very analytical, however, you’re right – their minds examine most bits of information quite closely and reject those which they find too fanciful or otherwise unacceptable. It’s just the way some people are ‘wired,’ and these people are notoriously hard to hypnotize, covertly or otherwise.

    I hope this clears things up for you.

  119. Hi Oriki…

    Hmm…this is rather difficult to write out and get the full effect, but I’ll give it my best shot. We’ll take the popular example of getting a complete stranger’s number in a bar.

    First, I would approach them in a non-threatening manner. Subtle, a bit subdued, but very friendly and open. I would chat about the usual topics, watching carefully for signs that they were opening up to me. These include leaning in, touch, pupil dilation and facial micro-expressions. I would make them laugh and laugh at their jokes (building rapport). Once I felt confident that they were open to the idea, I would say something like this. “So imagine you gave me your number and we had an awesome time hanging out together.” At this point their defenses will go up a bit, so I would switch to a story (seemingly) about myself. “This happens to me sometimes…where you feel (noticed the switched reference point) like you’ve met somebody you can really relax adn have a good time with. Then, looking back on this from the future, you realize that it was the start of something amazing (future/past reference, imlanting suggestions)!” I would then switch back to a completely mundane topic, such as sports, while keeping our ‘bubble’ active and continuing to assess their non-verbal communication. Later, such as when the bar closes or when they or I have to leave, I would simply say, “So, should I write your number down or do you want to put it in my phone?” This last statement catches them slightly off guard but not so much that they tense up. Secondly, the statement assumes that they WILL give me their number; the only question is how.

    I hope that was helpful in some way; it’s a very abbreviated example. So much of covert and conversational techniques are non-verbal; studying body language and facial expressions (both obvious and micro) is extremely important for the conversational hypnotist. Best of luck to you!

  120. Hello again, I understand now something a little bit more. I just read Scott’s post and I can say that alcohol helps in that kind of situations, you don’t need to be so much drunk, but just enoguh that you are going to do think that you was afraid to do when you haven’t drink. Why do you think that you see people running naked when they are drunk? That is because they are really drunk, if they waren’t then they would never do such a think.
    You could try with hypnosis, but you can do with alcohol this thing get done faster and when she agrees to go out with you then you have time to learn hypnosis, that is all whan I can say.

    Ok, let’s get back to my answer. I belive that I’ll go with traditional hypnosis first and then after a year or so (when I start to feel good about my performance) then I’ll go to covert hypnosis.

    Thanks anyway!

  121. Hello again Orik! Thank you for all the help you have given me! And I will ask you one last question as well :).THE ULTIMATE QUESTION XD :) can you hypnothese yourself to be good at hypnotizeing/ hypnosis?

  122. Hi Oriki…

    This is a tough area. While you can definitley hypnotize yourself to have increased confidence (a key to successful hypnosis), I don’t believe that tryign to specifically hypnotize yourself TO be good at hypnosis would work. There are simply too many factors involved. Instead, I would suggest studying and reading everything you can get your hands on regarding the subject. Give yourself a thorough self-education. Hypnosis can be a rather ‘quick fix’ for certain issues, but not when it comes to learning a skill. Best of luck on your journey!

  123. hello… i have a question… after shutting the critical mind off, how do you address your commands? like you just tell them what to do? or you just tell them in a polite way? example: you have a costumer and you now shutted his critical mind off now… you like tell them that now its a good time to buy this item? or you just command them in a firm way?

    i have another question though, while telling them to imagine this stuff, do you need to tell them to imagine this subject then make some commands that doesnt include in what you are imaging? like imagine them to be a star and when they got hypnotize, you just tell them to do this that doesnt even make them a star, like clap your hands?
    sorry if i have any mistakes, iam using a 3ds, really hard to type
    and sorry for the bad grammar…

  124. Hi Heart…

    How you phrase your commands depends a great deal on the level of rapport you have with your subject. In the case of a salesperson/customer scenario, you dont’ have very much time, so I would concentrate on strengthening your rapport-building skills first. Always keep in mind that you’re using a powerful tool, so please use it responsibly…in other words, please don’t influence people to buy things they don’t need or will regret.

    Using the example of a product, you might built rapport and then use the word ‘imagine’ regarding the product. For example, if you’re trying to sell a dress, you might ask your customer/subject to imagine how amazing they’ll look in the dress.

    As a salesperson, rapport and words like ‘imagine’ are going to be more useful than commands, simply because you’re working within a very limited time frame. Best of luck to you!

  125. So you were all saying about a sales person, what if u wanna do the covert hypnosis with your mum or dad, my mum and dad is strict, they might possibly not fall into the trance of “Imagine”? What if they didn’t switch off their crictical mind?

  126. Hi Emily…

    Your parents’ actions most likely stem from a desire to raise you well and keep you safe. As much as you may not like their methods, these deeply-held beliefs are very hard to change via hypnosis. This is, for an extreme example, why a person can’t be hypnotized to commit murder. In the long run, what you’re considering may make your relationship worse. They most likely won’t appreciate your attempts to change them, and may even become more strict as a result. Your best course of action may be simply sitting down and discussing your current rules. If you approach your parents as a responsible, calm young adult, they’ll be more likely to consider giving you a bit more freedom than if you approach them with ‘covert’ methods. Best of luck to you.

  127. Orik,
    Can you please help me understand how to hypnotize people. I really want to learn this because it seems to me as if it is a life skill but I do noy really understand what you’re saying. I really want to help my friend get over a breakup with her boyfriend (they had been going out for months) and I want to use hypnosis to help her get over it. Can you help me by giving me a list of resources that I can use without my parents finding out (I don’t know why but I am pretty sure they would flip if they found out. Oh, and by the way, I’m only thirteen years old.

  128. Hi Shay…

    I don’t want you to do anything you parents wouldn’t approve of. Try to let them see you just want to help your friend. While I can’t recommend a specific course or site, I would urge you to do a few searches and read up on basic induction techniques, as well as how to give commands to a subject in trance. Remember to focus more on building up your friend’s confidence; this will not only help her get over the breakup but also help her in her everyday life. Luck to you!

  129. heyy… im obsessed with darren brown.. i saw a programme where he used this technique to turn an atheist woman into someone who really believed in God.. i noticed he did this by making her feel a certain feeling which was great love by remembering her father who passed away.. he then did this tapping everytime he spoke about her dad (to subliminally make her make a connection with the tapping and the love for her father). after about 1 hour, he stood up and tapped again then left and told her to stand up when she was ready.. when she did she felt a massive presence and believed it was God (as she was in a church. This has inspired me to want to learn to hypnotise as this was very impressive. I would like to hypnotise my partner into telling the truth about everything i ask him as i need to find out weather he has cheated.. what is the best way i can do this? x

  130. Hi Jade…

    Sorry to hear of your worries. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend hypnosis for this situation. The brain closely guards its’ secrets…effectively making them another type of deeply held belief. Deeply held or ‘core’ beliefs are notoriously hard to change through hypnosis. The most likely scenario would involve your partner’s subconscious rebelling at the idea of revealing his secrets…if there are any…and simply waking up. Worse, after waking your partner would have a degree of distrust toward you because the subconscious would recall what it perceives as an attack.

    Instead, I would urge you to read up on body language, including facial expressions and micro-expressions. These physical clues can give incredible insight into what a person is really feeling and saying. There are many excellent books available at your local library on the subject, as well as some basic but worthwhile free online videos. Wishing you luck.

  131. i know i ask a lot of ?’s so sorry but does this form help in a relationship like getting a girl to ask u out cause there is this 1 girl i like and i want her to go out with me and for the 1st ?i think i figurec it out do like imagine ur at a party for them to go into a trance of imagination but i dont no if u tell them to do something or ask

  132. Hi Zach…

    Don’t worry about asking questions…it’s the only way any of us learn!

    The best way to use the word ‘imagine’ is casually. You could say something like “imagine we were at the dance together…” and fill in with something you want to happen or just something fun. Using the word imagine temporarily shuts off the brain’s ‘logic filter,’ so your subject will have an easier time imagining what you suggest as reality.

    As for how long it takes, there’s really no ‘rules’ here. Some people seem to be natural-born hypnotists, wehreas others go through years of practice before they feel successful. Conversational hypnosis is very closely related to communication skills of all kinds, so I would urge you to learn all you can about both non-verbal and verbal communication. There’s a lot of information out there, and all of it will help you in one way or another. Best of luck to you!

  133. thnkx i tried it on my friend like imagine u could have obsidian armor in this game and then i said u should let me see ur ipod but it didnt work i thnk i get were ur at wth the imagine like imagine we were in the game so u should give me ur ipod right sort uv like that the only thing that confuses me is how to get them to do wat u want like ask or tell or wat
    from zach

  134. I know several people who are autistic, when they do communicate with people they generally end up either offending people and losing out over it, or the end up being taken advantage of themselves because when it comes to communication they are on a lesser footing, I was wondering if covert hypnosis can help close the gap between their total lack of people skills and the people skills that other human beings just simply seem to expect?

  135. Hi Esp…

    Wow, that’s an excellent question…but way out of the realm of my knowledge. Off the top of my head, I would imagine that learning people skills would, of course, be advantageous. However, I don’t know that hypnosis would be the way to go about teaching those skills. I’m sorry I can’t offer something more specific here…my best advice would be to speak with professionals in both fields – those who work with autistic individuals and clinical hypnotherapists. Wishing you the very best of luck!

  136. hey, i hav a couple questions, when you ask them “imagine” questions do u hav any suggestions???? and how can you be sure wen they are completely in a trance??? 😛

    PlS aNsWeR QuIcKlY, Star

  137. Hi Star…

    Great questions! Your ‘imagine’ suggestions should be what you want your subject to do. For example, if you’re trying to get somebody to ask you out, you might say something such as “Imagine us at ??? together, having the time of our lives…” then immediately chnage the subject. The use of the word ‘imagine’ triggers a brief relaxation of the conscious mind, allowing your subject to fully picture you, together, wherever you’ve suggested. The more real our visualizations are, the more our subconscious sees them as reality and propels our actions toward those visualizations. Changing the subject avoids the suggested image being rejected by the conscious mind.

    Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to tell when a conversational subject is open to suggestion. This is why a strong, broad base knowledge of body language, facial expressions and micro-expressions is so important for a serious hypnotist. You can look for obvious signs, which include leaning their body toward yours, making extended eye contact, pupil dilation, light touching on the arm or hand (or anywhere, really) and crossing their legs toward you.

    Best of luck!

  138. hey orik how’s it going i tried it on my 2 friends as a small test one could not go through hypnotic trance and the other one partially did if i said imagine if we were this game then change would it work

  139. Hi Zach…

    Not sure I fully understand your question, but it sounds like you have the basics down pretty well! In general, whatever scenario you give a subject after ‘imagine’ is going to be absorbed by the subconscious, allowing your subject to fully imagine the scenario as if it were real. They won’t believe that they’ve actually done what you’ve suggested, but they’ll be more likely to agree to it in the future. Luck to you!

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