Can You Be Hypnotized AGAINST Your Will?

hypnotizeCan a hypnotist make you to do something shocking, embarrassing or irreversible? Or, can you be hypnotized by someone against your will and awareness?

Imagine, watching yourself doing or saying things that you didn’t want to do or had no intention about. Lets go direct to the point.

In a general, it is you who decide to be hypnotized and enter into the trance state. In this case, nobody can hypnotize you if you don’t agree to be hypnotized. It is especially common for hypnotic treatment such as stop smoking, weight loss etc.

But you can also be hypnotized without your knowledge. It means that hypnotist makes you to do the things without your awareness (like in subliminal advertising, where you purchase the product). In this case, hypnotist hides his suggestions with covert hypnosis.

Some experts call this “indirect hypnotism”, because it doesn’t require any conscious effort from hypnosis subject. That is why some people use this to try to dominate the will of other persons.

Covert hypnosis helps to establish indirect connection to a person’s subconscious through speech patterns and movement (which is called “covert conditioning” or “covert anchoring”).

In covert hypnosis, the hypnosis subject is not aware of being hypnotized, so a hypnotist can make irresistible commands to the subject and make him to do anything he wants.

In a conclusion, a person can be hypnotized by a hypnotist without his will and knowledge, but certainly it is not an easy process and demands high hypnotic abilities and professionalism from the hypnotist.

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Orkhan Ibad

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6 thoughts on “Can You Be Hypnotized AGAINST Your Will?

  1. This is NLP, and its not a hidden secret.Sales people use neuro linguistic programing…it’s not a black art. Its just a way of manipulating language. On top of it if a person goes with their gut feeling a person is just a little too polished or imposing, they will not fall victim. Some people just like to fall for the dream or blame their actions on others. We live in a nation of victimization. Why take credit for doing something stupid, when we can point the finger?

  2. It mainly depends on the power of hypnotist to make someone victim or not. There are some people who are hypnotized very hard, but there is still a chance for the hypnotist to apply powerful hypnosis techniques on his (her) subject.

    By the way, as a category NLP is much more different than hypnosis.

  3. Yes, if you detect it, you have a chance to resist. But detecting covert hypnosis is very difficult (nearly impossible) until your partner is not hypnotist, too.

    Also, some people think they resist to hypnosis, but in fact, they are still manipulated and “lead” by another person without even knowing.

  4. Hey its me again so with covert hypnosis being virtualy undetecable wouldn`t be illegal, like brainwashing

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