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3 Main Ways to Learn Hypnosis

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Have you ever dreamed of being able to hypnotize anyone? Imagine, how would your life change if you could hypnotize girls, family members and anybody or even run your own stage hypnosis business?

Being a hypnotist is very profitable and enjoyable career path. Best of all, learning how to become a hypnotist can be a simple process and you can learn how to hypnotize people quite quickly.

But before you begin learning hypnosis you must consider aims and objectives and ask yourself why you want to become a hypnotist. You may want to become a professional hypnotist and run your clinical hypnosis business. You can learn performance arts and become a stage hypnotist. Or you just want to learn hypnosis to hypnotize others around you like most people do.

So before seeking for any hypnosis training programs you must decide what kind of hypnotist you want to be. After this, it is easy to choose the right hypnosis education and program for you.

There are 3 main ways you can learn hypnosis and hypnotize people. Here they are:

1. Get Hypnosis Home Study Course

Learning hypnosis through home study courses is less expensive than attending hypnotherapy school or finding a mentor. Also you do it at home and work with the schedule you make, so it is the best way for learning hypnosis.

I highly recommend to get the hypnosis home study courses below to start learning hypnosis:

The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis – Learn How to Hypnotize Anyone in a Normal Conversation!

Hypnosis Coach – World Renowned Hypnosis Training From Michael Masterson!

2. Hypnotherapy Training School

Attend respected, licensed hypnotherapy school. You can look for schools at the local area for your convenience. Be sure to investigate (ask former students, learn the background of the trainers) before you attend any school.

3. Find A Mentor

Finding a professional and experienced hypnotist-mentor is a great way of learning hypnosis. You should find a hypnotist who is willing to work with you 1-on-1.

Choose one of the ways above which appeals to you and start learning hypnosis today.

How to Hypnotize Yourself to Get Over Someone

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images5Little children learn the story of Sleeping Beauty, in which the evil queen steps before a mirror each morning. She says, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest lady of all?”

Memories of that childhood story can help the person who hopes that self-hypnosis can be used as a means for getting over a lost lover.

If you want to hypnotize yourself, in order to get over someone who has left you, try standing before a mirror. Concentrate on those aspects of your visage that you could use to attract a member of the opposite sex. By concentrating on your best features, you should find it easier to picture yourself as someone is can become the locus of control. In other words, by viewing your reflection you must convince yourself that other people will not determine your future.

Self-hypnosis for enhancing self-esteem

There are numerous CDs and self-hypnosis scripts and audio that can be used to enhance your self-esteem. When you are rejected or there is a breakup in a relationship, your self-esteem plummets and it is essential to not take all the blame on yourself. It takes two hands to clap, so it cannot be just your fault. Therefore, you must learn how to keep your mind busy with what is known as self-talk. That self-talk should be of a positive nature; it should not involve the making of self-put-downs.

Psychologists, those men and women who know a great deal about hypnosis, have discovered that when a person listens to the self-talk that is playing in his or her mind he or she can enter a state similar to self-hypnosis. He or she can be persuaded to think, feel and behave in a certain manner which helps you get into a self-hypnotic trance to get over someone.

Using reinforcement techniques

Often, when someone has been forced to accept the end of a relationship, he or she feels depressed. He or she may feel like no other person could ever replace the man or woman who has been lost. The thinking and acting that is associated with such feelings can be altered through self-hypnosis.

That hypnotic procedure can be used to convince the subconscious mind that the world has not “come to an end.” In fact, the person who has used self-talk properly should be able to start feeling confident about the future. He or she should begin to work towards re-shaping that future.

Often, that process needs to be reinforced. Such reinforcement can come in the form of a reward. In other words, the person who hopes to get over a lost lover should think-up ways for rewarding those behaviors that demonstrate an effort to move-away from any measure of depression and to view the future in a positive fashion.



Make Me a Woman or Feminization Hypnosis

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MixerToday, some surgeons hear this plea from a male patient: Make me a woman. There was a time when that request would have seemed outlandish, but that is no longer the case.

Today physicians understand that a man’s gender identity does not always match with the physiological aspects of his appearance. Too often, parents and relatives believe that a child’s behavior is wrong, if it fails to match with the physical traits that establish the child’s gender.

Strengthen the desire to be a woman

Fortunately, society no longer encourages the creation of sexual stereotypes. A classified page no longer lists male and female positions. Any job opening is considered one that should be made available to either a man or a woman. Today, a man encounters less pressure to act in a masculine fashion and a woman is not always forced to behave in a feminine fashion. Still, certain factors can have a profound influence on the subconscious region of the brain.

Over time, that influence may cause a person (typically a male) to feel uncomfortable. Hence, he may seek to break-free of the constraints that have forced him to adopt more masculine-type mannerisms. In the past, such men tended to become transsexuals. Today, however, a growing number of such men are undergoing sex change hypnosis to become a woman. The process of feminization ensures that your suppressed subconscious desire to be a woman is brought to the forefront and strengthen through hypnosis suggestions.

Hypnotherapy to become a woman

Hypnosis helps to complete the ‘make me a woman’ process easier. The process of feminization can only be completed by a trained hypnotherapist and it may involve not just one session, but numerous sessions over a few months might be needed. Feminization hypnosis process slowly changes the behavior, body language and voice of the transsexual, transvestite and cross-dresser to completely become feminine.

H purple flower IIIThe knowledge acquired through the process of feminization provided males with a way to become females. Each unhappy male who met with hypnotherapist learned what changes he had to make in his life, before undergoing the major sex-change hypnosis program. That male patient was instructed under hypnosis how he would need to dress and behave like a woman in every possible way.

Those steps were taken in an effort to strengthen the patient’s female-like thoughts. They provided the doctor with a means for discovering any patient who was not ready to change from a male into a female. Ideally, the person who undergoes feminization manages to reinforce, rather than cancel-out those attributes that tend to dominate in the patient’s subconscious mind.

How to Manipulate Women Psychology

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H pickup0An examination of male and female behaviors has shown that women tend to base their actions on their personal love psychology. Typically, any woman has a mind that encourages the adoption of those sorts of lady’s thoughts, regarding love and romance. If a man wants to attract a woman, then he must learn how to take advantage of the so-called women psychology.

Building trust and rapport

No man will have much luck with winning-over a specific female, if he insists on putting her on a pedestal. A man’s veneration of a woman manages to provide her with a larger level of power. Among those powers is the power to reject a man. That is why a wise fellow does not allow himself to place the lady he loves on a pedestal.

Rather than introducing the sort of remarks that add to a female’s powers, a smart man seeks to offer one or more dares. He dares her to become more desirable. He invites her to make the sorts of moves that should allow her to become more alluring.

Unlike the tactic named earlier, the one that involves making dares should be continued throughout any male-female relationship. Even a married man should not hesitate to mention how he would welcome some change that would make his wife a bit more attractive. In that way, the act of daring a woman differs from that of putting her on a pedestal.  If a man loves a rather shy and diffident female, and if he truly cares about her, then at some point he will want to be sure that she develops a larger level of self confidence.


Finally, a male can win-over a female faster, if that particular lady repeatedly associates her happy thoughts with the gentleman who is trying to win her over. That is the theory behind the trick that is known as fractionation seduction. Those men who are familiar with that tactic appreciate how the right words can cause a female to become more attracted to a member of the opposite sex.

The effect of those carefully-chosen words can be strengthened by using a few other tactics. That would include speaking in a deep voice, establishing direct eye contact and using the sort of body language that matches with your overall appearance. By adopting such behavior, a male should find it easier to have a hypnotic effect on a woman. He should manage to establish between the two of them an emotional rapport.

How to Hypnotize Yourself to Be Charismatic

by in How to Hypnotize

imagesPsychologists who have done extensive research on self-efficacy have uncovered the tricks that you might try, if you want to hypnotize yourself to be charismatic.  Such experts are ready to praise the establishment of a goal that serves as a significant first step. It should be followed by formation of a belief that the contemplated goal is achievable.

If you feel strongly that you can and indeed will become more charismatic, than your attempt at self-hypnosis is likely to prove successful. Ideally, your strong belief will allow you to put a larger amount of energy into your efforts. Moreover, if you feel quite optimistic, you should find it easier to deal with any possible hurdle or challenge.

Focus on yourself

Try looking at yourself in the mirror. Convince yourself that you are the locus of control. Abandon any idea that other individuals play a much larger role in deciding your future. Men and women who harbor such an idea tend to be rather pessimistic in nature. Such feelings are not going to help you to become more charismatic.

After you walk away from the mirror, you can reinforce the self-hypnotic acts that you have tried, while staring at your reflection. At this point, you must be ready to engage in frequent periods of self-talk. Psychologists have learned that self-talk can be used to alter the way that individuals think, feel and behave.

Enhance self-esteem

Your self-hypnotic acts will have a lasting effect, if you are willing to give yourself some “pep talks.”  Keep reminding yourself about other times when you have been successful. Work on convincing yourself that memories of your past successes serve as a good indication that you will succeed now, as you strive to develop a larger amount of charisma.

As you work hard on demonstrating a larger level of charisma, be sure to reward any major or minor success. Treat yourself in some fashion, once you have shown the ability to change your behavior. That treat will provide you with an incentive to try harder, and to enjoy further successes.

Give yourself constant reminders of what you stand to gain, by becoming more charismatic.  That action should prepare you for the possible, even probable relapse. That is an action that can aid achievement of a goal, following self-hypnosis. In this case, it can be used to sway a subconscious mind into discounting the effects of a single relapse, and of motivating a continual striving on your part, one that is directed towards an envisioned goal.

Self Hypnosis for Tension Headaches

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Tension headaches are perhasp the most common type of headache out there. Caused by tension in the body, the mind, or both, they can be very painful and, at best, very annoying.

Thankfully, with a short self-hypnosis session, you can relax away nearly all tension headaches you may experience. Remember that any type of sudden or extreme pain should be checked out by a doctor.

How to Begin

H candle
Remove yourself from the situation causing you anxiety, if possible. For many, this will mean stepping away from the computer and taking a short break from work or school. If you feel guilty about taking a break, remind yourself that you’re not very productive while in pain.

If possible, create a soothing environment using pleasant scents and sounds. Keep in mind, however, that strong scents can aggravate a headache in sensitive individuals. Get as comfortable as possible without falling asleep.

Headache Reduction Hypnosis

H parents0
Using your favorite self-hypnosis induction method, place yourself in trance. This is not the time to try out a new induction or even a new visualization – stick with methods you’ve used in the past and which bring you teh most peace. Inductions which have been designed for insomnia often prove very helpful when getting rid of tension headaches.

As soon as you reach the trance state, empty your mind. Look aroud and try to soak up the soothing, beautiful images surrounding you. As you do this, take six deep, cleansing breaths, expanding both your rib cage and abdomen. You may find it calming and centering to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. As you breathe, focus on the sensations and imagine that you are exhaling your stress while inhaling pure, perfect peace. Some practitioners enjoy seeing the exhaled tension and inhaled peace as colors. Begin using black for tension and pure white or blue for peace, but feel free to substitute any colors which feel right for you.

Once you’ve completed your breaths, take a quick scan of your body and identify precisely where the pain lies. In your head, is the pain in the front, sides or back? Is it in your neck and shoulders as well? Recognize each place where you identify tension.

Next, visualize a bright and healing ball of white light floating near you. This is a bubble of pure healing and peace. Visualize the bubble moving near, touching or moving through every area which is in pain.

As you visualize this, picture your muscles in each area. As the ball of light moves over each area, see it gently untangling these knots, straightening them out and leaving them relaxed, toned and completely pain-free. Some find that picturing knots, tangles or snarls being untangled and smoothed is more helpful. As always, go with the visualization which feels right for you.

Back to Now

When each and every affected musle has been healed and soothed, gently bring yourself back to alert awareness. As soon as you do, take six more deep breaths in the manner described, breathing out any leftover tension and breathing in healthy, relaxed energy.

If your headache doesn’t disappear immediately, you may go back and repeat your session as needed. Unlike medication, it’s impossible to overdo hypnosis! If you have a particularly stressful job, relationship or any type of chronic life situation, you may want to practice this exercise on a regular basis. Releasing pent-up tension before it turns into a painful headache not only helps you avoid pain, but it will lead to an increased feeling of overall well-being and peace.

Self Hypnosis for Healthy Weight Loss

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Wanting to lose weight is one of the most common issues addressed by hypnotherapists, as well as more traditional counselors. While the issue appears simple on the surface, there are often complex psychological reasons behind an individual’s overeating, sedentary lifestyle or poor food choices.

Thankfully, a great deal of these issues can be worked on at home, by yourself, using the power of self-hypnosis! Here you’ll find some general guidelines to identifying and then working through your unique obstacles to fitness.

Setting the Mood

H incense
As with any self-hypnosis session, begin by creating the most comfortable space you can, free of distractions and filled with soothing sensations, sounds and scents.

Identifying the Issues

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Using your favorite self-hypnosis induction technique, place yourself in trance. Once you’re there, simply ask your subconscious what is keeping you from your ideal healthy weight. This is not as simple as it sounds. You’ll probably find that, at least in the beginning, your conscious mind ‘jumps in’ with tons of rationalizations.

You may feel that you’re doomed to be overweight because of a family history. You might have no energy for exercise. You may even feel that you eat and exercise a healthy amount but still can’t keep the weight off.

Throughout this ‘conscious mind chatter,’ try to discern the messages your subconscious is sending you. The subconscious is like a computer – it can’t lie. It only repeats information it has been given.

If you truly and subconsciously believe something false regarding your weight, make a note of this and end your session. Write down each false belief as soon as you’re done, making any notes or observations you picked up along the way. Study these beliefs and determine ways to tackle them individually. False beliefs are often easily addressed through self-hypnotic suggestions and conscious affirmations. Write these down as well. Refer to the list in future sessions and keep your affirmations in a handy place where you will see it several times each day. Imagine that you falsely believe that you are ‘doomed’ to be overweight. Refute this false belief with an affirmation such as “I am in complete control of my health, appearance and weight.”

Future Sessions and Affrimations

H vegetables
Repeat your affirmations as often as possible. Whenever possible, do this in front of a mirror with a genuine smile on your face and conviction in your voice. Over time, these very true and positive statements will sink into your subconscious mind as fact. Remember to always word affirmations positively (avoid using words like ‘can’t,’ ‘won’t,’ ‘don’t,’ ‘not’ or ‘shouldn’t,’) and in the present tense (“I am healthy” instead of “I will be healthy”).

In future self-hypnosis sessions, utilize a combination of visualization and commands to retrain your subconscious mind. You may find the ‘floating bubble’ visualization very helpful, in which you wade through water toward several floating bubbles which represent different goals. In teh case of wight loss, these goals may be a certain number on the scale, a particular size of jeans or a fitness goal such as distance on a treadmill. Whatever your goals are, make them crisp, vivid and realistic.

When using commands, stick with the rules regarding affirmations. Instruct your subconscious using positive statements and the present tense.

Remember that healthy weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. Instead of dangerous crash diets or pills, self-hypnosis provides a gentle, natural and, in the long run, much more effective option. When you change the way you think, your body has no choice but to follow!

Calm an Anxious Friend with Hypnosis

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One of the most fascinating aspects of hypnosis is the power of the mind. While this power can be used in virtually unlimited ways, it’s always a great idea to translate your knowledge into something which furthers the greater good.

While being anxious certainly isn’t the end of hte world, it’s still nice ot know that we have the abiolity to calm others through the application of extremely quick and simple hypnosis techniques. Here, you’ll learn exactly what to do if a friend is anxious, worried or nervous and needs to calm down in a hurry.

What is Anxiety?

H covert0
In the simplest terms, anxiety is heightened nervousness. Anxiety can be the result of a psychological disorder, in which case an individual should seek professional help. Everyday anxiety, however, is a minor but potentially debilitating condition which often occurs before a big event. You may notice your friends becoming anxious before a big test, a performance or even when preparing to approach somebody for a date. Public speaking, some studies suggest, causes anxiety more than any other single event, with up to 60 percent of hte population affected. Anxiety can result in many physical symptoms including shaking, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, headaches and even chest pain (severe symptoms and chest pain of any kind should always be checked out by a doctor).

How Hypnosis Can Help

Traditional hypnotherapy can help immensely in cases on long-term or chronic anxiety. Acute and situational anxiety, however, can be quickly helped by some on-the-spot hypnosis. By commanding and distracting the subconscious, you can help alleviate your friends’ nervousness.

What to Do

A friend in the throes of panic or anxiety is fairly easy to spot. Since this condition is quite uncomfortable, they will most likely be very grateful for any help you can offer. Simply tell them that you can see they’re nervous and would like to help them calm down and feel confident.

Find a quiet place. If you’re out in public, you may want to slip into a restroom, into an unused area of the office, a storage area or virtually anywhere you can have a few undisturbed minutes of focused hypnosis.

Stand or sit facing your friend. Ask them to close their eyes and attempt to clear thier mind. This will be virtually impossible due to thier anxious state – tell them that it’s okay to let the anxious thoughts come, but that they are to let them drift by to the best of thier ability.

Very gently, place your hands on your friends’ temples. With your thumbs, begin to make slow, gentle circular motions. This touch technique is universally soothing and will set the wheels in motion for relaxation. Using a hypnotic rythym and a soft, soothing tone, speak continuously, telling them that everything is going to be okay. Keep up this movement and ‘relaxation chatter’ until you sense at least a small reduction in anxiety.

Once you do, ask your friend to open thier eyes and look directly into yours. Say “Imagine yourself completely relaxed, happy and confident during (whatever activity sparked thier anxiety). Picture it clearly in your mind. Now imagine yourself after completing (activity), still relaxed and amazed at how well everything went. Picture it clearly. You are (present tense is key) calmed, relaxed and at ease.”

You may, of course, re-work this mini-script in your own words. Keep the word ‘imagine,’ however, as this is a trigger word for the subconscious and crucial to the exercise.

Next, after your subject has fully visualized themselves completing the anxiety-provoking activity, instruct them to shut thier eyes again and take six full, deep breaths, expanding both thier chest and abdomen. This type of ‘belly breathing’ floods the body and mind with oxygen and releases pent-up tension. You should still be tracing circles on their temples with your thumbs.

Once they’ve completed thier breaths, discontinue your touch and instruct them to open their eyes. In the vast majority of cases, they’ll be delighted to feel the reduction in anxiety and the increase in relaxation and overall well-being!

How to Hypnotize Guide for Kids

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hyp2Generally, a youngster thinks about hypnotizing other kids, rather than adults in fact, that is the preferred behavior for a child/teenager. Therefore, this guide will focus on the tricks that can be used for hypnotizing a young boy or girl. The first trick is one that works well on a person of any age; it involves offering lots of praise.

The hypnotist must learn how to emphasize the strengths of the boy or girl that is going to become the target of the hypnotist’s special powers. That selected subject should be given plenty of credit for past accomplishments.

To be a hypnotist

Next, the hypnotist needs to act like a teacher. He or she must convince the selected subject that any failure is really a learning experience. It does not reflect on the character of the person who has suffered the failure.

Good hypnotists also know how to teach the practice of self-talk. Self-talk can be used to counter any harmful assumptions that might diminish the level of motivation experienced by the hypnotized child. This approach involves using pep talks, which run in the mind of the hypnotized individual. It works best when the self-talker understands how to issue constant mental reminders of what he or she has accomplished in the past.

A hypnotized child should be encouraged to visualize a time and place in which he or she has succeeded in living an ideal. The image created by that sort of daydream should boost the child’s self-confidence. A hypnotic procedure tends to prove more effective when it is performed on someone who has a marked level of self-confidence.

Time for reflection

Once a child has come-out of a hypnotic trance, he or she should be provided with an adequate amount of time for reflection. At that point, a hypnotist may want to emphasize the benefits the act that is known as self-evaluation. Of course, children must learn that during a self-evaluation, the actual judging of past acts should not be seen as reason for pronouncing a judgment on the boy or girl who carried-out such acts.

The act of evaluating your own behavior is meant to increase the level of your own self confidence. It should free you from dependence on the opinions of others.  Hypnotists who have learned how to hypnotize kids are careful to encourage a mental cancellation of any opinions that may have been directed towards the young subject, at an earlier time, and in a different situation.

How to Get Your Brother to Do What You Want

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hypUsually, a young man does not automatically follow a brother’s advice. However, that action reflects the behavior of someone who has been made aware of the fact that he is being offered a suggestion.

Yet, it is possible to offer a recommendation in a covert or secretive manner. Thus, knowledge of hypnotic techniques can be used by you, if you want to get your brother to do what you want.

Hypnotic prowess

Now that promise should not be viewed as a guarantee that the desired actions will be made soon after the start your brother has been exposed to your hypnotic powers. Even a trained hypnotist appreciates the need to be patient. Moreover, he or she understands that not everyone can be hypnotized with relative ease.

Skilled hypnotists know how to test a subject before attempting the plant a suggestion in that subject’s brain. A brother will be no more skillful that a trained hypnotist. He must observe the behavior of the young man that he wants to put in a trance.

The person who has entered a trance is under the control of his or her subconscious mind. He or she seems unaware of what is taking place in the surrounding environment. The person who is in such a state tends to respond well to a covert recommendation. Caring brothers do not take advantage of that fact. They do not try to get a loved one to perform a dangerous act. Rather, they seek to encourage the brother’s willingness to adopt a healthful behavior.

Pattern interruption

That can be done by using hypnotic techniques. The caring brother starts by speaking to his male sibling without emphasizing any words or phrases. That consistent tonality will make the listener more relaxed and more trusting. At that point, the brother/amateur hypnotist can try the technique that is known as pattern interrupt. He can behave in a way that is contrary to a certain pattern, one with which his family members are familiar. Such behavior may be able to put the surprised male sibling in a trance.

Once a trance has been induced in an adult, that person can be swayed by deepening techniques. That simply involves the making of instructions. Of course, such instructions must be done in a tone of voice that can reach the subconscious mind of the entranced individual. If that entranced person happens to be your brother, then you may be able to get him to do what you want.

Free Sissification Hypnosis

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images1By going online, an adult can discover the videos that offer some type of free sissification hypnosis. The makers of such video materials hope to target a certain group of men, namely those who are or may eventually become cross dressers. Generally, such individuals appear quite eager to test their femininity.

Gender identity

Hypnotists can reach out to and help cross dressers by learning more about gender identity. Gender identity should not be confused with the various physiological aspects of some person’s maleness or femaleness. The ability to act in a manner that has traditionally been identified with either males or females results from the exposure to certain psychological and sociological factors, as well as a person’s physiological traits.

There is no question about the fact that genes and hormones mold an individual’s sexual identity. Yet perceptions of gender develop in response to influences from the mind, from close relatives (especially parents) and from society. Those influences have a profound effect on the subconscious region of the brain. Hence, any such influence can be strengthened or diminished by using hypnotic techniques.

Transsexual and cross dressers benefit from feminization

MixerSome individuals suffer from what is known as a mismatch between their sexual appearance and their thoughts regarding gender-based looks and behavior. For example, some men harbor a secret desire to become women.

In the past, such men have frequently chosen to engage in an act that is known as cross dressing. However, today, a growing number of such males have elected to undergo a sex change operation.

Now the medical professionals who have learned how to perform such an operation realize that time spent under the knife cannot automatically prepare a man to behave like a woman. Hence, those males who have agreed to have such surgery must first pass through a stage of preparation. During that time, the transsexual dresses in women’s clothes and wears make-up. That transsexual individual is expected to behave like a true lady in every conceivable fashion, even when selecting a public lavatory.

That can make life difficult or at least a bit clumsy for all concerned. Moreover, some men who dream about becoming a female find it hard to convince their subconscious mind that such a transformation is possible. The same sort of confused and uncertain person needs help, in order to overcome a fair amount of anxiety. Fortunately, that same individual can find meaningful assistance of that sort by taking advantage of the availability of free sissification hypnosis.